Good Navy Chow

There has been an awful lot of barking from the national politics front regarding dogs. Both sides have sniped at each other:

Politicos, pundits and the presidential-campaign watching public spent the past week pondering which is worse, a presidential candidate (Romney) who put his dog in a kennel strapped to the roof of his car for a 12-hour drive or a president (Obama) who ate dog meat as a child living in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, guess what the Navy has been up to? ‘Das right! Us chow hounds be eatin’:

Good Navy Chow, World War Two Poster

Mmmm, I see tomato soup, pecan pie, an apple, two slices of ship-baked bread. Mmmm.

15 thoughts on “Good Navy Chow”

  1. Brings back pleasant memories of Navy chow hall weekend breakfasts; sure looks like a dachshund, doesn’t it??? k

  2. back in the early 90’s, I stayed at a Navy base …somewhere’s on So Cal…and ate in the mess hall ….it was 100 times better than most Army mess halls.

  3. There is no reason a Chow Hall on a base should have substandard food. Now on a ship at sea…we eat good, but I prefer the Waffle House. And it has been years and years since I have been forced to eat SOS.

  4. Kris: Yes, I do think the Petty Officer is a dachshund.
    CI: I agree. I prefer Navy chow too.
    CP: Ah, SOS. Never quite knew all the ingredients in that stuff. . .
    Lou: Awwww, okay. SOS is not for everyone.

  5. The Commissaryman & Steward ratings were combined while I was serving on a tin can in the Med, back in the early ’70s. We went from stale bread and PB&J sandwiches to actual hot meals overnight.

    The mess hall on Adak served so much good food that I asked my mom NOT to make anything fancy while I was home on leave; practically begged her for a hamburger.

  6. I had an uncle who was a cook (not sure what the Navy term is) with the Navy, his specialty was pies, cakes, etc. Yum Yum

  7. I saw on the upcoming menu that we were going to have liver.
    (I was a SeaBee with Filipino MS’s- anyone see where this is going?)
    When the day got there- and I lOOoove fried liver and onions–

    They had liver adobo (think liver Goulash) … and I ended up with a steak in the EM club.

  8. Rev: I love a good burger too.
    Debbie: That reminds of Deuce Bigelow. (Cakes and Pies!)
    CI: Hmm, seems like folks are in the know! I like the stuff.
    Kurt: Adobo, I absolutely love. We had it once at OCS and I could not believe it.

  9. Back in the 50s, NAS Millington chow hall had a sign, “Take all you want but eat all you take.”

    SOS there was like a spaghetti sauce (tomato based with ground beef), not the milk gravy chipped beef I had in AF Basic.

    Two of the best meals in the Navy and the USAF: Midrats and Midnight Chow. Only bettered by the cooked-to-order steak you got after donating a pint of blood.

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