Becoming a Female Marine

Over at Yahoo Answers, a young female interested in joining the Marines asks this question:

Everything I need to know about being a female Marine?

I hear that female Marines are discriminated and such. Is it difficult being a female at Marine boot camp? How often are hey allowed to go to the head? What are the only things I need to bring to boot camp? Do I need to bring underwear and bras? Please describe what it’s like for females at Parris Island!

Two answers are up and neither is very complimentary. (Don’t join or go Air Force!)

16 thoughts on “Becoming a Female Marine”

  1. If she ask questions like that on line, perhaps she should stay away from the military and go to cosmetology school. She should just go and take what ever is thrown at her…and wear the skivvies they give her.

  2. I couldn’t resist Navy One; I had to answer this question…check it out…I blasted her which I probably shouldn’t have, but I also had some choice words for the forum…the questions are completely beyond the pale…when you think you haven’t heard anything stupider, someone comes up with something else that rocks your…k

  3. Having zero military experience, perhaps I’m speaking out of turn. But it would seem to me that if you really want to join the USMC, then you don’t care what the conditions are like or what you have to go through–you’ll damn well do whatever it takes. If you have reservations, perhaps another branch is more your speed.

    Just sayin.’

  4. Hey! I am a female marine and would be more than happy to answer any/all of your questions. I remember being in your shoes and I had many of the same questions (which are by no means dumb). I will tell that your physical condition is more important than what you bring. It will only make your life easier, the better shape you are in. I’d recommend running, exercises to strengthen your core and push ups/pull ups. We can discuss offline/in private in further detail if you wish. Just contact me at and make sure to put female Marine in the subject line so i don’t overlook it.

  5. @Diamond Mair– Hey there! I was a bit confused by your post. If you get a moment, can you rephrase? Thank you! :-)

      1. @DM- i’ll be happy to clarify. You mentioned you offered your cents “over there.” Where is the “over there” that you were referring to?

        @NavyOne- I appreciate the feedback! :-) I have never responded to a forum of any type before so perhaps there is more to this or maybe some forum etiquette than I understand. I appreciate your as I learn and figure this all out.Additionally, I am open to any other feedback you’d like to offer.

        1. USMC Diva: If you want, you can click on the link and respond the young future Devil Dog (if she toughs it out.) Or not. No other feedback from this end!

  6. Wraith: True. You try your hardest and the chips fall where they may.
    USMC Diva: If you were so moved, you can click on the link in the post and answer for the young lady.
    DM: Great!

    1. Nothing like getting animated, is there Navy One??..USMC Diva probably was more than qualified to respond to the young lady who is thinking about joining the Marines…I joined the military (both AF & USN) to learn electronics and quite honestly, there are stupid questions when you get right down to it…when you have a career under your belt you finally understand that ultimate point…and I know they always told us you could never ask a stupid question, but actually there are…especially when you ask the same ones over and over again..if you don’t remember the answers, that’s a contributing factor to ignorance…I guess I’ll have to see what she said…k

  7. When I went service shopping I knew I was too lazy for the Marines.
    The AF only wanted to talk about the individual dorms in basic and I couldn’t get them to tell me about trades.
    The Army only wanted to get me to sign into combat arms—for the automatic bonus.

    So I went to the Navy recruiter and said I want to be a SeaBee Builder. He said -sorry were backed up for six months- take this pre-ASVAP test and we’ll see what we can offer you. I took it and he said CE has billets open in about a month. I said ‘where do I sign?’

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