A Bugatti Veyron: A Fast Porcelain Toilet?

Generally, the word porcelain brings to mind toilets. Or, if you’re a male, a urinal. (Ladies, urinals are magical devices, best pictured, rather than described.) Porcelain has never been paired with a Bugatti sportscar, until now:

The 253mph car, a Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc, with a porcelain body, arrived at the Plaza Athenee Hotel

It must require nerves of steel to drive a £1.6million one-off porcelain supercar through Paris’ notoriously congested streets, let alone parallel park it.

The super-wealthy owner of this astonishing Veyron L’Or Blanc – or White Gold – must have breathed a sigh of relief when it arrived at the hotel unscathed.

This unique edition of the 253mph, 1,000bhp car – created in conjunction with a firm that usually makes tea pots – had never been seen on the road in Europe.

Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc. or White Gold

The £1.6 million L’or Blanc edition of the Veyron Super Sport model was built by Bugatti with help from a German ceramics company better known for making high-end tea sets.

As well as its swirly porcelain white and blue paint work, its exterior features filler caps, badges and wheel caps made from specially constructed from the material.

Bugatti’s design experts came with the psychedelic blue and white paintjob as a tribute to the ‘Stelvio Pass’, a legendary stretch of road in Italy.

The owner of the porcelain car is Saudi Arabian. Hope he drives his portable toilet safely.

5 thoughts on “A Bugatti Veyron: A Fast Porcelain Toilet?”

  1. If you can get past (or hold of) the sticker price, the Veyron’s top speed isn’t attainable. They fix it so you can’t get there because 10 minutes after you do the tires self-destruct.

    1. Top gear has had the Veyron to top speed several times, and yes the tires are rated for something like 15 min at top speed, but in runs out of gas before the tires blow.

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