Black Toilet Paper, Simon Cowell’s Favorite?

Q: You want some black toilet paper?

A: Um, no thanks.

While reading the sunday paper, I came across a story on Simon Cowell and his success with American Idol, X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and America’s Got Talent. And the writer mentions that Simon “uses” black toilet paper. I have never seen it, nor does it sound particularly appealing. Link here leads to Renova black tp for those interested in making the switch. . .

2 thoughts on “Black Toilet Paper, Simon Cowell’s Favorite?”

  1. If it knocks off cling-on’s then it’s good. Us’ens in the South use three corn cobs. Two brown and one white. We wipe with a brown cob (most plentiful) then use the white cob (less plentiful) to see if we need to use the other brown one.

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