A Lamborghini Aventador Catches on Fire

A Lamborghini Aventador does not come cheap. The list price is 400K and there is a wait around the block and miles up the street for one. (Well, maybe not that long, considering the price.)

Three pictures captured the events up in San Joaquin (on the 73 Freeway) yesterday when a Lambo caught on fire:

A Lamborghini Aventador at Newport Beach Lambo

 A matte black Lamborghini Aventador caught fire and burned down on the 73 Freeway near Los Angeles today.

During a test drive on Sunday, a Lamborghini Aventador worth $400,000 went up in flames in San Joaquin Hills in a spontaneous episode caught on video

According to witnesses the fire started near the left rear wheel, after the fire brigade extinguished the fire the completely burned down wreck has been transported to Lamborghini Newport Beach where the cause of the fire will be investigated. This matte black Lamborghini Aventador which was on a test drive with a potential customer when it ignited has the sad honor of being the first Lamborghini Aventador that burned down.

Behind the clown, a burnt Lamborghini Aventador, San Joaquin Hills

Sad story. Insurance will pay for it. Still, a burnt car. A Lambo. Sniff, sniff. . .

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  1. You should check out Wrecked Exotics (Dot) com… It sounds like a site for out of work strippers, but in reality its got a bunch of daily pics of high-end sports cars after they have been in wrecks. Its heart breaking!

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