Chork It Over!

The Chork-part fork, part chopsticks, all business

The combination between a fork and a spoon is a spork. And with this new invention, we now have a a combo fork and chopstick called the chork:

The Chork is cost-effective for restaurant owners and engaging for everyone from chopstick aficionados to virtual newbies. Unlike anything currently on the market, the Chork is an innovative and unique product that will certainly stand the test of time.

Will restaurants use ’em? I can’t wait for Benihana to have the chork at the table. Brown Innovation Group, Incorporated (B.I.G. Inc) may have a good invention on their hands.

6 thoughts on “Chork It Over!”

  1. Back in the ‘old days’, penmanship was taught in schools – Catholic schools retained far longer than most public schools; one of the exercises, to hold a pen properly, consisted of another pen or pencil, laying on the middle joint of the thumb, and held between the index & middle fingers – the writing implement was held atop, to get the proper angle of writing into ‘muscle memory’ ……………………………. I learned to use chopsticks in my late 30’s {my Dad had tried when I was much younger, but I’ve always been something of a klutz 😉 }, and it was remembering the horizontal pen that helped me get the hang of chopsticks – still not great with rice, but I do pretty well with all other goodies ……………………………… 😉

    Semper Fi’

  2. I think a spoon version would be more handy. I’m a ninja with chopsticks (wait, what?), but I cant for the life of me figure out how to eat my egg drop soup with them damn sticks.

  3. Spoons have always been available for soup…even in the Far East…except there, most soup bowls resemble the cups used to hold tea, but bigger…so you can sip and drink as you would tea…and there are no handles because if it’s too hot to hold, it’s too hot to consume…goes for both tea and soup…if there’s anything solid left, use chopsticks…I’ve always had a problem with chopsticks being a southpaw…but at least I have tried and even managed to become rather capable at it…k

  4. DM: I love using chopsticks, penmanship not so much. My cursive is a mess.
    Guns: Ninja? Where?
    Kris: I don’t sip as much as slurp.
    CI Roller: I sure hope so!

  5. In the US and other civilized countries we teach our little kids to eat with real small spoons. So what do the Chinese and Japanese use on small kids…toothpicks?

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