Dogs and Man

I have written before of dogs and the Navy. How it is challenging to have one as a pet while being active-duty. Still, when I read this:

So the Lizard ran and ignored the clearly legal order to stop so Angus took off in a cloud of dust, black fur and glee, chasing the malefactor. Around and around the cactus, sage brush and dropped bicycle they ran. The lizard fleeing for his life from the Imminent Jaws Of Drooling Death and dodging the Lumbering Human Of Inadvertent Squishing. The chase lasted for seconds as each tried to outwit and outrun the other.

I get a little whimsical. They are great, dogs. Why can’t we put a couple on every ship?

3 thoughts on “Dogs and Man”

  1. Great story! I would train my Dane for a marathon, but the one time we let her run with us (while we rode bikes) the pads of her paws became so raw on the pavement that they came off. She now stays home and is in charge of ranch security.

  2. Hey, I’m famous! Thanks for the love NavyOne. Squids and Doggies, living together. It’s the Apocalypse!!

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