Top 10 Worst Uniforms

Over at AOL Jobs, they are highlighting the worst work uniforms. No surprise on the predicable choices, such as the distinctive postal worker jungle-shorts:

Postal Worker Uniform

Obviously, jobs that enjoy a great uniform are not included. Such as the killer-whale handler at SeaWorld. Or the McDonald’s drive-through guy, dressed in Marine Corps Red and Yellow. (Welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order?) One more uniform that should probably make the cool list:

He Is Keeping the World Safe for Democracy, WWI Poster

(Postal carriers, please don’t go,well, postal on me for mention of the list.)

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Uniforms”

  1. That is an old sailor. He has a ‘right arm’ rating…A petty officers of the Line (Seaman Branch) included deck ratings of boatswains mate, signalman and quartermaster, and ordnance ratings of turret captain, gunners mate, fire controlman, mineman and torpedoman. Now all the ratings and rank are worn on the left arm. But check out this site, It’s a fun, short read.

  2. I think when the Army went to the ACU’s, it was “uniform by vote”. They took several ideas, then screwed it up. It always looks like a sack of crap, (no way to iron or press them) there’s 10 pounds of velcro—so everything sticks you you–except when you put something in the cargo pockets-then the velcro fails.
    The last time I road in a C-130, we were all sitting close…and our velcro on the shoulders caused us all to stick to each other. What a mess.

  3. CP: Great link, thanks. I am going to link it later.
    CIR: Ha ha, very interesting with the velcro.
    ND: Sal does hit it on the head. . .

  4. Since when do you need cammies on a boat?
    As a SeaBee. we had the OD greens, and cammies (as the years progressed).
    The original (and personal -if you end up overbaord–but the DeeCee people don’t worry about that) reason for the sailor suit was survival in the water.
    Bellbottoms were easier to make a flotation device if you didn’t have to wrestle with your desert boots.
    The flap on back was to help you get the shirt off to use as a flotation device…but now-a-days, you have plenty of time before you sink…somehow.

    i was a SeaBee, but my boot camp told me “why” we wore what we did, and it made sense.
    Today. it’s more PC BS than looking out for sailors welfare.

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