Sofia Vergara Hosts SNL

Sofia Viagra (um, I mean Vergara) hosted Saturday Night Live this last weekend. And during her opening monologue, she said something that kinda ruffled my feathers:

I never dreamed I would be hosting Saturday Night Live. I came here from Columbia. . .

I always heard immigrants had a hard life when they came to America.

Really? Immigrants must see something attractive in the US or why would they come over? How tough was their life in their home country? Easy? Then why travel to our fair shores?

3 thoughts on “Sofia Vergara Hosts SNL”

  1. Sometimes SNL can be funny, especially when they overlook their own political agenda…if even for a moment…for instance..when Obama first came to be in the Oval Office, they had some hilarious stuff about his little confab with the Chinese ambassador and the money China lent us…it was a news conference setting with a translator…it was really funny…but stuff like this got shut down almost immediately….and they have in past done some hilarious stuff with Bill Clinton and his troubles with Monica Lewinsky…but truth to tell, I suspect it was more in admiration that he could get away with bald-faced lies and they were only cheerleading…on watching SNL, the opening monologue is usually the only thing worth seeing anymore…for the most part, you’re correct, it’s usually just garbage…and not worth looking at….k

  2. Scott: Ha ha, I just saw it on the Yahoo page, hence the link!
    Kris: I remember thinking that were funny in the late 80s, early 90s.

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