China Shuts Down Bo Obama’s Website?

Bo Obama: Now why you gotta go do me like ‘dat?

When I think of China, I didn’t think they have the First Dog, Bo Obama, on their radar. That was my thought as of ten minutes ago. But reading this article, boy was I proved wrong. First the title:

China tells military to ignore rumors, shuts pro-Bo website

Okay Chinese military, please ignore the rumors. Because Bo Obama wishes you no harm. (The rumor circulating around DC dog runs is that Bo Obama’s website was done for free. It was strictly pro-Bo-no.)

Let’s get back to the facts, shall we:

China’s top military newspaper told troops on Friday to ignore online rumors and authorities shut a left-wing website that has decried the ousting of populist official Bo Xilai, as the ruling Communist Party fought jitters over a leadership transition.

1, 2, 3, 4, Just say no to dog doors. . .

The Liberation Army Daily did not mention outlandish rumors of a foiled coup in Beijing that spread on the Internet in past weeks, after the abrupt ousting of Bo, an ambitious contender for a spot in the new central leadership to be unveiled at a party congress later this year.

I really missed the boat on that one. First time ever. That I have missed the boat.

4 thoughts on “China Shuts Down Bo Obama’s Website?”

  1. Only if you’re assigned to the boat, Lou…but first you have a good dressing-down or something like that…k

  2. Lou: Yes, off to the brig you (I) go!
    Kris: Hey, I am not assigned to the boat. Good point! I am now leaving the brig.

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