Hope Is Not a Plan

Hope is not a plan –Winston Churchill*

VCS-7 pilots are briefed before flying a gunfire spotting mission over the Normandy beach heads, circa June-July 1944. The squadron had temporarily switched from its SOC floatplanes to British “Spitfire” fighters for this operation.
Those present are (from left to right):
Wing Commander Robert J. Hardiman, RAF, Commanding Allied Spotter Pilots;
Ensign Robert J. Adams, USNR;
Major Noel East, British Army Intelligence;
Lieutenant Harris Hammersmith, Jr., USNR; and
Captain John Ruscoe, Royal Artillery, Gunnery Liaison Officer.
Photo was received by the Naval Photographic Science Laboratory on 17 February 1945.

* The attribution is unknown, although I like Winston Churchill the best.

2 thoughts on “Hope Is Not a Plan”

  1. I liked W.C’s saying that I changed a little for one of our deployments: “Never before in the history of mankind, have so few done so much, while so many sat on their ass and did nothing…and still got paid.”

  2. Ain’t it the truth…you see all of what’s transpiring is just media spin and lies…in everything…God, I hate liars….k

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