Happy 119th, You Old Navy Chiefs!

The Navy Chief is 119 years old today. You know, I work with a couple of them, and they really don’t show their age:

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)(SS/SW) Rick D. West released the following Chief Petty Officer birthday message to the fleet March 28.

“My fellow Chief Petty Officers,

On April 1st, our entire mess will pause to celebrate 119 years of the United States Chief Petty Officer, our honored mess traditions and heritage, and look to our future.

But we’re not just celebrating another year of chiefs serving the Navy; we’re celebrating everything it means to be the chief.

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Rick West congratulates Chief Mass Communication Specialist Tiffini Jones Vanderwyst after the pinning ceremony for the Navy’s newest chief petty officers held at the Washington Navy Yard.

Our anchors are the symbol of a culture and a way of life. Since 1893, Chiefs have been charged with the responsibility of ensuring our Sailors are the best in the world, ready to carry out our Navy’s mission when our nation calls. . .

I am on travel with a bunch of active-duty folks and some retired naval officers. The subject turned to Chiefs (as it sometimes does) and how much we like the salty types who do not coddle Sailors.

5 thoughts on “Happy 119th, You Old Navy Chiefs!”

  1. Proudest day of my life was when I made the hat.
    Happy Birthday to my shipmates.

  2. In my experience, the Chief’s were much better leaders and trainers than 1st Class POs. 2nd and 3rd class PO’s were okay and I learned much from them too. But all the headaches came from the 1st. HBD, CPOs!

  3. “and how much we like the salty types who do not coddle Sailors.”

    Curdled a few, mayhaps, but never coddled.

    Thanks for the good birthday wishes. Put “The Hat” on 35 years ago and enjoyed every minute of it, even miss it sometimes.

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