Bandits at 2 o’clock!

Leader, bandits at 2 o’clock!
Roger; it’s only 1:30 now—what’ll I do ‘til then?
–The Bill Waterson comic character Calvin, of ‘Cavin and Hobbes.’

5 thoughts on “Bandits at 2 o’clock!”

  1. I didn’t realize the bridge had been built as early as ’69. I went thru the P-2 RAG there in ’67 and rode the “Nickel Snatcher” many times, not always 100% sober on the way back. ‘Course, we didn’t have breathalyzers back then.

    I had to clean up my act when I bought a ’68 Healy Sprite and started driving on libs.

    1. It was usualy a long bike walk to the barracks after the return ferry ride. What was the name of the bar at the SD ferry landing with all the Navy ship/sqd Zippo lighters? Hundreds of them.

  2. Maggie: Good idea!
    NavyDavy: The nickel snatcher, neat pic.
    Flugelman: I like those Healys. Cool looking. But too small.
    NavyDavy: I dunno, maybe some of the old salts around here might. . .

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