Navy Petty Officer on eHow?

I’ve already goofed on eHow, a joke of a website, for their Assault RIfles of the Navy SEALs. Get a load of the “Petty Officer” below:

Navy “Petty Officer?”

Seriously? I won’t even start, but y’all can. Damn eHow, at least put in the old college try!

3 thoughts on “Navy Petty Officer on eHow?”

    1. Yes, but the website is not meant to be jokey. It is meant to be taken seriously. I think it is a joke, in a bad way. It is insulting. Look at that belt!

  1. I actually thought you had to be kidding on this one, I mean – you are a kidder sometimes. : ) You are right, eHow does attempt to come across as actual legitimate information and content. This looks like it was taken from an “Airplane” type of movie, but it is actually not even funny enough for that.

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