Guess Who Is Joining the Marine Corps?

Katy Perry, Marine?

Jarheads, you have a new recruit within your midst. Meet Private Katy Perry. She is all set to go through boot camp. In fact, she has already cut her hair, worked out to get into shape, and talked with the recruiter:

Katy Perry’s metamorphosis into character is rapid and dramatic, starting with hacking all her hair off in a gas station bathroom and tossing it into the toilet. She then binds her chest, trades her sundress for an androgynous drab hoodie, and accepts a backpack and fatigues from a Marine recruiter.

And that’s where the real fun starts. Perry reportedly trained with boot-camp instructors to ready herself for the video, which stars a cast of real Marines and puts the singer through real military exercises.

A recruiter gave her some fatigues? The backpack I understand, but not the fatigues. No recruiter gives out uniform items. Except in a Katy Perry video for Part Of Me. . .

6 thoughts on “Guess Who Is Joining the Marine Corps?”

  1. Why did she feel the need to cut her hair before going to recruit training? Wouldn’t they do it for her? Also, do the Marines still do bayonet training? I thought I saw somewhere that it was dropped from the program.

  2. I think it is noble for her to go and train with the Marines to make her video more realistic and not to just act a part. Good video, I don’t really listen to her music but my kids do, not bad. Hope her sales go through the roof from the controversy over this by the Liberals. Those people don’t know what has been sacrificed for their freedom of Speech.

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