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For years I have been in love with a 1911

You’re doing WHAT with my taxes?

The Navy is afraid it’s going to get its butt kicked

Vietnam Veterans Day, Saturday March 31st

The Real Iron Mike (Hand Salute: Sean. Thanks!)

The new Double 1911 from Arsenal Firearms

If you remember when only sailors had tattoos, you are an old fart

The Milwaukee tools powder actuated tack driver

Doctor, 61, joins Navy to honor son

The rookies call you “Sir” or “ma’am” after you’ve told them 50 times to stop

San Diego Tea Party “leader” arrested (Hand Salute: Kris. Thanks!)

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and the teachers

The miracle of the USS Franklin

Light-saber open carry

Forget being charitable in New York City

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  1. Thanks for linking the dorky post I had up because I couln’t think of anything meaningful to write – such a nice surprise!

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