Thanks Neptunus Lex

Ah, the post I did not want to write. I’m sure you have heard the sad news about Neptunus Lex. He was a blog friend of mine. A man and naval officer who had no reason to be nice to some newb blogger. But he was. I emailed him a link right when I started and introduced myself. He replied:

Nice post.

And you're under my blogroll under "Bloggers in Arms".

Enjoy this little thing of ours. 

Make sure it doesn't swallow your life ;-)

Captain Carroll LeFon, God bless you. It is honor to have known you. To have shared the uniform and the blogosphere. God bless your family during this trying time. Your wisdom lives on, in the thousands of officers you guided. . .

8 thoughts on “Thanks Neptunus Lex”

  1. He now has his permanent wings of gold (or white) and can now fly to his hearts content. The only good things is, he went out with a plane strapped to his ass. What more can a pilot ask for.

  2. I feel as if I know so few people out here on the highway….and rather wish I could have introduced myself to this fine officer and gentleman…a sad day and week indeed when so many good people go home to God…and I cannot meet them until I go myself…well, something positive to look forward to…k

  3. This hits hard. He made this old blackshoe feel at home on a brownshoe blog.

  4. It does hit hard. It is amazing the friends and people you come to know and love in the blog world. Neptunus Lex was one of the best.

  5. I got an email not unlike that from him when I started my blog years ago. He was always the consummate gentleman. I only wish I’d written/commented more often. Working to rectify that.

    Love your blog, BTW. Read it every day.

  6. Kris: He was just a great guy.
    Chief: I’ve worn both shoes and Lex was nothing but friendly.
    Lou: As far as mil-bloggers go, he was superlative.
    Jeopardy: That is great. What a great Shipmate, eh? Thanks for the compliment.

  7. I started reading Lex’s blog this past August and was always impressed with his writing. It’s funny because I found this blog through linkage at Lex’s site.
    It’s sad that he’s not with us anymore….it’s been a tough week in the blogosphere.


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