Shelby Stanga of Ax Men

I’ve always thought I would make a heck of a hillbilly. But I’s born in New York City (get ‘da rope) and really like blogging more than livin’ in the holler. Where there may/may not be wireless. So I will have to stay a mental hillbilly. Which gives me nothin’ on this guy, Shelby Stanga:

Shelby Stanga, Ax Men

Shelby Stanga might be a television personality, but you won’t find him living in luxury. The swamp logger prefers to sleep in a sleeping bag and hammock next to a boat launch on the Tangipahoa River.

Stanga has recently become a bit of a star thanks to the History Channel’s show Ax Men, which features him and four other logging companies around the country.
Stanga, as the show chronicles, pulls ancient sinker logs out of the Bedico Swamp in Tangipahoa Parish. Between 1850 and 1944, the swamp around Tangipahoa River and its creeks and bayous was milled extensively.

The old-growth trees, most of which are cypress, were felled and floated down the creek to Lake Pontchartrain and used in home construction in New Orleans.

Cheyenne Bardwell, Shelby Stanga’s Cousin on Ax Men (Facebook)

This last week, Shelby had his blond cousin Cheyenne Bardwell out helping him. He runs through helpers, whether they get injured or just get tired of the back-breaking work. His wife even came out on the swamp with him once. That was a hoot:

With new missions into parts of the swamp never seen before, Shelby will stop at nothing to save his sinking empire.

To help, he’s enlisting the help of the most colorful characters in the swamp: “Cajun leprechaun” Davie, Tracy “Hog Man” Hickman, cousin Kelly, swamp girl Cheyenne and even sometimes-estranged wife Donna Stanga. And, of course, his pal Piss Willy.

Ah, so Cheyenne is not his cousin, but a “swamp girl?” Roger that.

Watch the show for a good chuckle. Fast forward through the father and son river loggers. They only argue. And stop at Shelby. He is the real-deal. At least to this mental hillbilly. . .

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  1. I’ve never seen this show – probably never will. I’ll take your word for the good chuckle. Cheyenne could be his cousin and sister or maybe step-mother.

  2. I love shelby he aint scard of anything but lightning. I livr in mobile al. Would like to know if he is going to visit here soon.

  3. Love the show and all the people that are on it. We don’t miss watching Shelby and his sweet little dog Willy. You have to be tough as nails to do the kind of of work you do and you have a great time doing it looks like! hahaha… We come to New Orleans often as we can, the people there are so unique and so is the food. It is great to get a peek at what the countryside of Louisiana really is like. We roll in the floor laughing at all the antics that go on! Hope it lasts forever and I wish you had your own show, you definitely could pull it off Shelby. WE LOVE YOU!!

  4. Yo Shelby always new you were a nut, now yuo have proved it. Hope you got the stone ground TENN. GRITS and CORN and ‘CORN’! Bev and I love the show,
    I tell people I have been in a boat with you,back about 20yrs, ago with Charlie L. We were thinking about some business back then,Tennessee wood and swampwood. Later Ron Kerr Thorhill TN.

    1. Hey Ronnie, Look who I found trolling around. Donald and Melanie here. Long time no see. we see Shelby all the time. I get wood from him to make bowls and furniture. Jazz Fest in a couple of weeks. You comin down?

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