Two Bites

This post has two stories, both on bites. First, let’s start with the doggie. His nibble was caught on national television and it required 70 stitiches:

The Colorado news anchor who was bitten by a rescued dog live on the air told the Denver Post in her first interview that the first thought she had after the dog bit her was, “I’m bleeding, and it had to be on television.”

Kyle Dyer, anchor for NBC News’ Denver affiliate KUSA, bitten by a dog

Kyle Dyer, a veteran morning news anchor for NBC News’ Denver affiliate KUSA, was reporting an uplifting story of a dog rescued from a frozen reservoir on Feb. 8.

When Dyer bent down to kiss the dog’s nose, the 85-pound Argentine Mastiff named Max turned his head and bit into Dyer’s face as his owner and rescuer watched in disbelief.

Yikes. I hope you heal up Kyle! The second bite involves a football player. Who’s on a hunger strike. So he is not biting. At all:

For the past eight days, Virginia safety Joseph Williams, a junior walk-on who has played in two games during his career, has been on a hunger strike “to protest the economic and social injustices perpetrated by the UVa administration against the vast majority of the University’s service-sector employees.”

Jospeh Williams, UVA Football, Hunger Striker

Hmm, really Joe? You have played in two games. Should you not be hunger striking for more game time? I admire your spirit and passion, but perhaps you should protest your barber. Two words: high, tight. As in: high and tight. . .

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