Chief Tweets About Missing Sheep

Navy Chiefs, they are amazing. They even have taken to tweeting when they lose their sheep. Wait? What the. . .

“There is a brown and white sheep which has gone missing with a nylon rope around its neck and it belongs to Mwangi’s father,” the Chief tweeted recently in the Swahili language. The sheep was soon recovered.

Oops, wrong Chief. This was a Kenyan Chief, Chief Francis Kariuki.

Tweeting Navy Chief Francis Kariuki. Oops, Tweeting Kenyan Chief Francis Kariuki.

These Kenyan Chiefs don’t refer to themselves as the Goat Locker, but the Sheep Locker:

US Navy Chiefs, Goat Locker

 The Sheep Locker. Now that is one baaaaaad joke. Sorry, Chiefs. . .

6 thoughts on “Chief Tweets About Missing Sheep”

  1. OK, you got me. I was hooked, my mental sea story book was flipping wildly trying to match up to lost sheep. And I came up empty. Maybe I would have done better looking for lost farm animals.

    I recall a port visit in Bonaire where this song:

    became the theme despite the command’s direction we observe local wildlife restrictions.

    I will say I was not the drunken fool careening across the landscape.

  2. For the record the “Donkey” Great Big Sea is referring to is a tool used to load logs onto barges. In the olden days of steam ships that was how you loaded a ship.

    And for any Sailor who is not a fan of GBS… shame on you. They are awesome.

  3. The Chief’s I served with would not look like the Chief Goat on the Goat Locker picture. The Chief’s quartets would be more like the Paunchy Palace.

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