German Sailors Support Occupy Wall Street?

Okay, pop-quiz. Find three things clearly wrong with the caption of this picture:

German Sailors place flowers in support of Occupy Wall Street (Slide 32 of 122)

Start with the German thingee, observe the Sailor part, and then end with the word support. Extra credit for noticing the flowers. Sailors should not touch flowers whilst in uniform. Per DODINST 1338.1M: Flower handling in uniform is strictly an Air Force activity. No other service shall infringe upon the Air Force’s distinct whoricultural realm and responsibility. 

Please note the above does not remark on the Occupy movement, which is political in nature. And thus verboten for military. As a show of displeasure with Hans und Franz here, I am boycotting Der Wienerschnitzel. No more krauty dogs for me. Ja wohl, der kommissar!

Lastly, trim up your sideburns there, Franz. You may support the 99%ers, but you shouldn’t ape ’em.

Okay, one last run through the slides. To see if there are any morsels left. Wait, you gotta be kidding me. Taste this:

Delicious, Corporate Occupy Wall Street Cake (Slide 35 of 122)

You’da thunk the pie would be homemade, like a nice carrot cake. After all, the movement is against corporations, is it not? Me, I’ve macked lotsa cake in my time and that slab absolutely screams corporate. Also, why no dollar signs in Wall $treet? C’mon Brosephs, you’all are slipping.

Blood pressure rising. Eyes starting to narrow. Some veterans decided to protest a couple of months ago. In uniform. Not sure how this picture did not make the rounds:

Occupy Protest: 2nd Class Petty Officer and Army Specialist (Slide 1 of 122)

Take out the karaty diamond earring there, Petty Officer.

Shave your goat if you are going to wear your old uniform, Specialist.

I am not Army, but is that an airborne patch and a Screaming Eagle on your left shoulder? Take those off too. Better men than you and I died for that storied unit. And you only dishonor ’em.

Damn, I need some cake now. Got any?

28 thoughts on “German Sailors Support Occupy Wall Street?”

  1. One other thing I noticed that was wrong with the hippie’s sign…”…extend unemployment…” Doesn’t a person have to have worked to collect unemployment? Did the hippie mean “..extend welfare to the lazy #$%%% who don’t want to work.”
    As for the $#@$%% guys wearing the uniforms, I’ll hold my comments for now…

    1. What the sign “extend unemployment” means is “I won’t work till I run out of other people’s stuff”, then expect that I’ll complain about it and game an employment lawsuit asap.
      Hey, OWS, bathe, shave, get off the streets, find a job, and STFU.

  2. I just thought of something…some European military are unionized…I don’t know about the German sailor community or any other part of it’s military, but the Danes are…they can wear hair nets to protect their coifs…so I guess it’s not to far a stretch for these German dudes to be supportive of the Occupiers considering where their own respective governments have gone into ‘soft’ Socialism…they probably don’t even have the beginnings of a clue…what a bunch of jokers….I don’t know…in the past i’ve worked with Canadian and British military types…I’m not that familiar with their uniform regs, but I remain surprised that Americans unless these guys are completely out of the military and are pulling a fast one by wearing their old uniforms…smack them up side the head for their disregard and disrespect…idiots..k

  3. CI: Yes, I uttered the same words. %$#&$%!
    Kris: The Canadians and Brits I have worked with have been great.
    MSgt B: Glad I did not offend you. But I will work harder next time.

  4. The Germans are a strange bunch…they cook people, and I think the cake is Devil food. Also, the Navy guy is confused, he thought he was marching for DADT. The Army guy? He’s just trying to find his unit…if he knew what it was. At least the hippie vets behind them had the decency not to disgrace their uniform by wearing it.

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