Kristen Bell, Sloth Lover?

I’ve gone on deployments with some guys who were sloths. They were lazy; they did not keep their space clean, you know. But we have ways in the Navy of assisting them to learn. It’s called a Chief and the best ones keep a sledge hammer hidden in their personality somewhere. Lurking.

Apparently, Kristen Bell, the Hollywood actress, has got a thing for them, for sloths. But her crush is on the animal. Hard to believe, but true:

Kristen Bell, an actress best known for playing the title character on “Veronica Mars,” really loves sloths. “I’ve been obsessed with sloths for as long as I can remember. They must be my spirit animal or something,” Bell recently told the Insider.

Kristen Bell and a sloth named Bimba.

But now, thanks to an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” we know that when faced with the prospect of seeing a sloth, Bell freaks out.

Bell told DeGeneres her fiance Dax Shepard promised her an awesome present for her 31st birthday. On the big day, which took place back in July, Bell said, “I immediately was overcome and thought, ‘There’s a sloth near. There is a sloth here. It’s close. It’s gonna happen.”

Wow. Good job Dax Shepard, brother of German. Way to hook your wife up with a sloth.

Go to the link to see the video. And don’t forget, those reading this with more testosterone pulsing through your body than estrogen, be a sloth for your wife or girlfriend. I mean, rent a sloth. Two hours at 100 bucks (California Sloth Rental) an hour should do the trick. Valentine’s Day, it is looming. Nothing says I love you more than a. . .

Kristen Bell’s previous boyfriends: Roger, Ted, Bob, and John. All nice guys, but slow.

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  1. Lordy, but that girl is some serious high maintenance. It is a good thing she is so beautiful. And Ellen is just a little on the mean side, but very funny.

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