Fabiola Rossi, Wife of Francesco Schettino?

Wives: lean in, I got a question for you all.

Your husband was directly responsible for one of the worst maritime disasters in recent history. The tragedy was avoidable and would have resulted in far less loss of human life if your lousy husband had only stayed on the bridge of his ship, and directed the aftermath, rather than fleeing the scene.

One last fact, before I ask my question. Your faithful hubby was dining with a eye-lashy lassie, Domnica Cemortan. The night of his little boo-boo.

My question: are you angry at him? The answer is apparently no:

The wife of the captain accused of grounding the Costa Concordia cruise ship said in an interview published Tuesday she was outraged over the way her husband had been portrayed by the media.

Captain Francesco Schettino has been blamed for causing the January 13 disaster in which at least 16 people died when the liner carrying 4,200 passengers ran aground off the coast of Italy and capsized.

“My husband is at the center of an unprecedented media storm,” his wife, Fabiola Rossi, told French magazine Paris Match. “I cannot think of any other naval or air tragedy in which the responsible party was treated with such violence … This is a man hunt, people are looking for a scapegoat, a monster.”

Fabiola, dahling. Standing by your man is admirable. Fading into the woodwork is smarter. Your husband eff’d (fancou’d in Italiano) up royally. And by royally, I am not referring to something noble. Anything else to add, Fabiola Rossi?

Asked if she was angry about his treatment, she said “wouldn’t you be?”

He is “someone determined, firm and lucid. He is able to analyze situations, to understand and manage them. At home he is organized and meticulous, and otherwise he is a friendly and funny person who earns people’s esteem,” Rossi added.

Ms. Rossi, go hide somewhere. The families do not want to hear your histrionics. Your husband is one of the great boobs of the 21st century.

5 thoughts on “Fabiola Rossi, Wife of Francesco Schettino?”

  1. Michael said:

    A fairly bland and trivial blog, but you do seem to specialise in taking gratuitous swings or digs at people who don’t need it. Francesco Schettino’s wife? Really? Why?

    My reply:

    This was a tragedy of gigantic proportions. But it could have been prevented or certainly minimized. The wife comes across as shrieking and out-of-touch. Her husband was at fault in the deaths of many people. And she is concerned about his rep?

    As for the first part, I looked up your name and email address. There are two folks in the medical profession with nearly your identical info. Did you come over here from the dentist article? The one on the doctor who used paper clips to fill root canals? Or is that a gratuitous swing?

  2. Yeah,well as the illustrious Mr. Churchill said “when you don’t know what to do,do nothing”.Couldn’t she shut up?I wouldn’t expect her to say “my husband is a testa di cazzo”,but she could keep to herself.

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