A Navy SEAL Arrested in New York City on a Gun Charge?

Shaun Day’s 9mm?

Uh oh, my old city’s done it again! We arrested a man for improper gun carriage (carry-age?) And he claimed to be a SEAL:

The NYPD committed a Virginia man claiming to be a Navy SEAL to a psych ward, and later found out that he was in fact a Navy SEAL.

It makes us wonder: how many times does the NYPD get the “I’m in an elite military unit, you can’t arrest me,” excuse?

According to the Post’s sources, 29-year-old Shaun Day, on a two-week leave, was stopped for running a red light at Second Ave. and East 26th street on Thursday. After police found a 9mm semiautomatic handgun and ammunition in his pickup truck, they arrested him for gun possession.

I know exactly where that is. I have ridden my bike right through that very same intersection. (For all you New Yawk police-persons, I was not packing heat. Other than my long john underwears. What? It was winter. My knees get cold.)

In other SEAL news, the singer SEAL is divorcing is non-walrus-like wife for some unknown reason. One of her friends asked her: Hey Heidi, why so Klum? She answered: because I am getting divorced, idiot!

Navy SEAL divorces Heidi Klum?

It was a rough day to be a SEAL. . .