Honey, I Bought a Blob

Can you imagine what would happen if you came back from the car dealership with something like this:

TransFX Fastlane

It is a kit car. You supply the innards:

Now here’s a Fiero bodykit that’s worthwhile. TransFX, a California-based custom car maker responsible for several GM concepts as well as lots and lots of Batman’s cars, boats, and planes, built four of these bodies for a Universal Studios project. Designed to be mounted on a stretched Fiero chassis, only a single roadgoing version exists, and the Volo Auto Museum will sell that to you for $65,000.

You could spend less than one third that price and pick up this body shell, allowing you to then dream up your own undercarriage. We think it’d be good with a Porsche Boxster plugged in underneath. What you get for $14,000 is a very cool futuristic bodyshell on casters.

Of course, I can’t help but to feel like the blue blob is somehow related to this car, after he ate a ton of blueberries:

Mmmm, blueberries. . .

Good dog.

4 thoughts on “Honey, I Bought a Blob”

  1. That second photo looks like a German version of ‘Slobbery Dog’…well, I know which one I’d opt for…k

  2. My husband and son looked into building a locost car – kind of kit car. We even went to a locost car show, which had some pretty interesting cars. I’m not sure I’d like the blue blob.

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