Assault Rifles of the Navy SEALs

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I saw their article on Assault Rifles of the Navy SEALs and they list the M-4 A1 and the M-16 A4. Other, more complete, lists contain the many variants the SEALs use. My problem is not with eHow’s brief article. It is with the picture they post. Of the AK-47:

eHow: Assault Rifles of the Navy SEALs

Without doubt, SEALs have used these in-country. But the article does not discuss the foreign AK.  And the eHow site comes across as uninformed. . .

4 thoughts on “Assault Rifles of the Navy SEALs”

  1. Did you ever see that ad in the back of some magazines a few years ago about the Navy SEAL watch? the ad claimed the watch was used by the SEALS.
    When I had a real SEAL working with one of my teams in |||||||| I asked him about that watch. He told me he’d never seen one.
    Then I ran into a salesmen for that watch company. He was telling me how great the watchs was…then I asked: “Isin’t that the watch you guys claimed the SEALS used? Well, I asked one and he said he never saw one.”

    The salesmen was at a loss for words.
    I think alot of companies try to sell things claiming some special forces group uses their products…when they never did.

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