American Idol in San Diego on the Navy’s USS Midway

As a Navy guy, I have had the honor and privilege of serving in many retirements. I’ve MC’d ’em, been a flag boy, award boy, retirement officer. . . you name it.

The last retirement I served in was aboard the USS Midway. We were in Service Dress Blues (SBDs.) And the retirement was set for 10 or 11 o’clock. (1000 or 1100 for you Navy salts.) Imagine a gray flight deck and us in SDBs. Hot, yes. I was the awards boy, passing the guest of honor, an Admiral, the retiring Captain’s awards, plaques, and letters. And then the Admiral presented them.

We sweated our way through it. When I heard that American Idol was filming on the Midway, the same aircraft carrier moored downtown, I wondered if it was going to be as hot. I checked the date when it had been shot (October), so I doubt it. You contestants really lucked out.

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest on the USS Midway, American Idol and the Navy

Apparently, the Navy episode is airing Sunday, right after the 49ers whup up the Giants:

This week’s return of America’s favorite singing competition will bring a new twist: A special primetime episode will air after Sunday’s NFC Championship game (San Francisco 49ers vs. the New York Giants) on Fox-TV.

The “Idol” episode (featuring auditions from the USS Midway air craft carrier in San Diego) is expected to air from 10-11 p.m. . .

According to media reports, an estimated 9,000 hopefuls auditioned at Petco Park last July, then some were invited back to sing in front of “Idol” judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler in October on the USS Midway.

Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Randy Jackson with another aircraft carrier (the USS Ronald Reagan, CVN-76) in the background

8 thoughts on “American Idol in San Diego on the Navy’s USS Midway”

  1. Are you having a bad day CI Roller Dude…or you just don’t care about American Idol???k

  2. Been on her a few times, in Long Beach when she was commissioned and in SD on a couple of visits. I have wondered what it would have been like to go to sea on one of those big canoes. I like AM a little, but prefer the last few weeks to the whole damn thing.

  3. Wow! It’s getting to the point where just about anybody can get on these fine ships. (Yes, I’m being snotty, as I’m not a fan of any of those people. It’s the curmudgeon’s prerogative.)

  4. KM, When I watch almost anything on TV, I use a DVR…if there’s slow spots or I don’t like something (like the stupid stuff) I fast forward it to the good parts. Like on “Top Shot” I fast forward through the drama queen stuff and just watch the shooting.
    Now in regards to music, I can’t sing or dance, but I enjoy a good song….just hate dramaqueen stuff.

  5. Wow, is it just me or does anyone else find it disrespectful to hold an A.I. audition on a Navy aircraft carrier. Fox has been showing previews of the show and it just turns my stomach.

  6. SaW said:

    This is F’ing despicable. I served on the Midway CVN-41, when we were pushing UH-1 Hueys off the deck into the drink to land evacuee’s from Saigon. We lost numerous Pilots off the ship in my time.

    To allow this absurd TV show, designed to numb the minds of the idiots who watch it, “Sheeple”, to use this grand vessel (even though the Veit. War was to feed the Military-Ind complex) is like slapping every Marine and Sailor who proudly served aboard her directly in the face.

    The people of this country are going to get what they deserve. Thankfully, I will be in my bunker, I will grieve for them but I won’t miss their loss. Good riddance to these idiots.

    My reply:

    I understand your viewpoint. Thank you for your service. . .

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