Stealing Spoons

When the military man approaches, the world locks up its spoons and packs off its womankind. –George Bernard Shaw

Etibar Elchiyev poses with 50 metal spoons; Tbilisi, Georgia 

I wonder if Etibar was in the military:

Etibar Elchyev, a 39-year-old kick-boxing trainer, had originally planned to break the Guinness World Record for balancing spoons on one’s face – with 27 the current target to beat.

However after a change of plan he decided to break the world record for balancing them on his body instead – managing to secure 50 around his neck and chest.

And after he achieved this feat in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, Mr Elchyev said he was prepared to go even further in his record-breaking goals.

That’s a lotta spoons. . .

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