The Ghetto of Naw-Falk

The year is 2008 and I am driving from Maryland to Norfolk. I have a class that I am taking at the Little Creek Amphib Base (NAB) and it is late at night. I program into my nav unit the street name of the Bachelor’s Quarters and I end up in the middle of the hood. I am totally lost. In an unsafe part of town. The street name I programmed was on-base and my nav unit (a Magellan) may not have carried it. And it sent me to another street across town with an identical name.

If I only had this app:

Microsoft has been granted a patent for its “avoid ghetto” feature for GPS devices.

A GPS device is used to find shortcuts and avoid traffic, but Microsoft’s patent states that a route can be plotted for pedestrians to avoid an “unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is subject to harsh temperatures.”

I woulda been fine. . .

7 thoughts on “The Ghetto of Naw-Falk”

  1. So this means you’re not really here….just a disembodied spirit…the Ghost of Navy One….hahaha..k

  2. OK, I hate to do this, but you reminded me of the new Army LT we got years ago…he could use the green GPS thingy, but couldn’t read a map….blog to follow.

  3. Should’ve let me know you were in town. How long?
    Have your people call my people, and we’ll do lunch.

    Little Creek Amphib? Don’t try clubbing the seals, the ones around there tend to club back.

    (Seriously Dude. Drop me a line if you get some free time.)

  4. Kris: I did write 2008 at the start of the piece, but I corrected it to make it clearer. Yes, it is in present tense, but it happened in 2008.
    CI Roller: Ha ha, JOs and nav devices. We are legendary.
    MSgt: As I said to Kris, this happened a couple of years ago. But Norfolk is a Navy town and I imagine I will find my way over there some time. I’ll let you know and we’ll grab a cup of coffee. Navy coffee. . .
    Ol’Fo: Note to self, be careful should I ever visit NOB. Thanks!

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