Vince Buckles Leaves Sons of Guns?

It is Tuesday and I am watching Sons of Guns. For the last three days, I have gotten handfuls of queries to this blog asking about Vince Buckles leaving the show.

Sons of Guns: Vince Buckles, Will Hayden, Steph Hayden, Kris Ford

So I google “Vince Buckles leaving Sons of Guns.” And I see on the Miki-mouse-a-pedia page that Vince has indeed left the show:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms settlement

Stephanie Hayden

During a routine inspection in 2009, Red Jacket could not account for ten registered guns. In a settlement, William Hayden and Stephanie Hayden surrendered their gun-making licenses and were allowed to choose a licensed individual to control Red Jacket.

Initially, that person was Vincent Buckles, but Buckles has left the company and now two others individuals control the company.

Wow, is that possible? I follow the footnote at the bottom of the page to (who else other than the gun experts themselves) TMZ:

Vince Buckles Leaves Sons of Guns

TMZ has learned Vincent Buckles has since left the company — and two other licensed people are currently in charge of the business.

Essentially nothing.

I have learned no new facts, other than that Will and Steph are no longer the gun-making license holders.

Is Kris Ford holding the license? Remember, he was supposed to be kicked out of the shop if he dated Steph. Well, he and the Steph-meister are hooking up and he still works there. (Yikes, this is rapidly turning into a junior high-schoolish blogpost.)

TMZ has a slide-show, right below the above post, of “strapped stars.” Does that mean movie stars who are strapped for cash? Is Nick Cage going to pop his eagley hairdo up in there? Nope, apparently it refers to movie stars with guns. One of them seems like quite a stretch:

Kristen Stewart with a gun, Twilight

Is that even a gun? I can’t tell. Okay, maybe a revolver. Stick to gossip there TMZ and I’ll stick to, um, er, whatever it is I do ’round here!

Update: Welcome curious readers. I am an active-duty naval officer. When enlisted, I was a linguist and this is the story of me serving as a test subject for the SEALs. Look around, make yourself at home!

Update II: Vince has a new business called Mesa Kinetic Research.

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  1. Just search the LA secretary of states commercial database, it shows where Vince was the registered agent, and where two others are now in control, there appears to initially have been a corporation, but now there is an LLC, there is also a red jacket international, LLC
    It’s all public record…do a little research, plug in th company name or the persons name…

  2. Vincent got the Raw end of this, whole DEAL !!!!!!! Wow ! hate 2 see this, Chris got the Credit and Vince Built the Gun ! and on top of that;
    Will’s got a New Best Buddy ! just think what WASN’T on TV ? Yikes, Worry about your Family Vince; Something else will come along better ! Godspeed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Wow, I woneder if your watching the same show. Vincent’s is not a team player, do you think Vincent was born with skill to fabercate guns ect… Nope, some one at some point had to take a chance on him and his talent like Will did with Kris.

  3. I hate to see Vince leave, but Will didn’t give him much choice. That idiot Kris is sleeping with his daughter. My guess is she “please daddy let little krissy build a big bad gun” and he caved. It seems the love for his daughter got in the way of business when he let Kris begin the build on the modified AK47 (which it wasnt). It was essentially a modified AR15. Why will in his right mind would let that idiot take on the biggest build in that companys history instead of Vince. Especially since Vince saved the company by using his Federal Firearms license to keep it operating! Like Will I am a Marine also (92-96) but I have no respect for the guy. This last episode (season finale) last night was the last time I could stomach this show. Vince spent all night repairing Kris mistakes and getting it ready for shipment and test fires it before handing itt off so he can lay down. Then when the rifle shows up to Vegas trashed, he blames it on Vince. I wish Vince all the luck with his new company and I hope Red Jacket FireArms doesn’t get that contract. But to anyone else that is thinking of bashing Kris on any articles or comments on facebook, she jumps right to his defense

  4. You could see it start to go down from when Will got pissy about Vince having to put his dog down. Will just seems to be so insensitive like he just didn’t give a care in the world. I think the trashed case, and the wrong parts were all because of culminating stress from Will’s poor people skills and management.

    While I do think Vince’s handling was not the best, Will could have at least seen it coming and done something about it before it blew up in his face!

  5. This show has become a soap opera of Steph and Kris, this show now sucks worse than American Chopper…

    1. i and many of my friends really enjoyed the show when it first debuted. Like i said before in several e-mails to red jacket. Kris ford is an over actor. he trys to put on a big show for the cameras and in my oppinion he is a kiss ass jerk who is helping to destroy a good show.

  6. How much crap does Vince have to take. Will’s god complex makes me sick, what an ungrateful ahole. When Kris gets caught screwing around on Stephy then THAT
    will be something to watch.

  7. This last episode was a tough pill to swallow. While Vince should have stayed and handled it better, you can’t help but to see this was a long time coming. I read about what happened when RJ lost their gun maker permits back in 2009. Vince and Joe, i believe, are the only ones right now with gun maker licenses. Im not versed in Guns, nor do i pretend to be, but i did see a bad moon rising, and you don’t need to about mistreatment of an individual to know it’s not heading in the right direction. Stephanie is a good judge of certain things, but persuading Will to have Chris do the AR build instead of Vince, was pretty damn irresponsible. Will’s decision was even more so irresponsible, as he let the ‘love and hope’ part get in the way of ‘sure and confident’… I wish that stephanie would not have intervened, but you can see even before this incident, things were getting very tense with Vince and RJ… Chris at best is below a journeyman. Vince and Joe are the only ones there that are really quallified gunsmiths. With Vince having way more experience than Joe. Although both are truly the back bone of that business. Will’s treatment of Vince would eventually lead this thing down hill. You can lose a finger, but you can’t lose your back bone, or you will never walk again… I like the show, but i know real gun enthusiast that watch the show, watch it because of people like Vince and Joe! Replacing Vince will be this companies crossroad! Will Will recognize the fact that he has been in denial of his treatment of Vince, and somehow find a way to reconcile???, or will he just blow it off, to have him revisit his mistake again and again. I have a business of my own, and fully understand that how you treat your help is what determines your success. Especially when that help is your ‘go to guy’! Food for thought… What shall it profit a man to gain the world, and yet lose his soul…. Will Hayden, if your reading this… there is still time! Vince is gold, and he’s really looking out for your best interest!

  8. You made a good choice Vince, get a loan on a pole building and some tooling, and give Joe a call.
    Vince sent him wrong gas buffer and ran over that case with his auto, Man is that Will stupid, the guy is mad as all hell off camera, dahh. Sides he has a better job. Can’t you read people, Vince said was going on a long vacation, Harley riding, etc, The other job told him he can. That’s what happened when you quit, remember? He said so to Joe in so many words like you did when you quit cause you had a better job. The jokes is on Will . Notice that other gun shop took the gun out to the clients without testing the buffer for full auto too. And you can see, those employee’s don’t know if their coming or going day to day. Nobody needs to work like that. Maybe the General is gonna deal directly with the source and bypass this inbreed crew.

  9. I have watched the show from the beginning. We have to keep in mind it is a show and is edited to be as dramatic as possible to hold your attention. There is a lot we don’t get to see or are lead to believe just through the editing. With that being said the show had indicated a building of tension with Will, Chris, and Vince. I have been a project lead on many things. As for the last two episodes I have to say this. Putting Chris as project lead on this “Most important project to date” is a bad idea. Not to mention a project lead does not go lone wolf and do it all himself, which is what the episodes portrayed. You pool your resources, formulate a plan, and execute it together so everyone is on the same page the whole way through. You don’t just rely on someone to bail you out if you can finish up. Aside from that if this project was so important Will should have been following up with Chris, knowing this was the first time he has lead a project like this. That is just being a poor manager and business owner. It could have been handled better on all sides but I can’t blame Vince for being upset and leaving. Again you can only go off of what you see. All I have to say is RJ needs to be careful. This show may back fire and not give them the exposure they want. It may end up turning into a drama and making them look like a joke.
    Good luck to all and I have it all works out.

  10. I love the show and I don’t blame Vince for leaving. He’s soon to be son in law will never meet the standards of Vince. Will needs to stick to his guns and fire he’s soon to be son in-law. This is just the beginning.

  11. Vince’s ego got in his way. Chris is not going to stay with Steph. I have seen this over and over in my career. Chris wanted the easy score but he does not have the talent to impress Will, never did. So Steph had to beg the chance for him and he blew it. Vince should have stood his ground. Will knew his quality and knew steph was manipulating him. Keep watching, Chris will be gone soon and Steph will be an angry , heart broken girl. Chris acts like a player and he is not going to settle on one for long.

  12. the only reason kris lead the last project because daddy’s little girl begged him. How in there right mind would put that kid in charge if your company was riding on it. I don’t blame vin for leaving.

  13. Ok…dumb ass Chris cannot get the gun to work properly…Vince blows up on Chris…Chris tattles on Vince…Will chews out Vince…Vince fixes Chris’ f-ups…test fires the weapon and it works properly and tells one of the workers to ship the weapon to Vegas. Now is the melodrama of the weapon arriving in a damaged box, yada, yada, yada. Then the weapon doesn’t fire properly because it is using the wrong type of firing mechanism and the “correct” part is miraculously found back home at the shop and shipped overnight and Chris saves the day…what? What a bunch of horse manure and some funny business going on.

    You knew that Vince had enough. Being totally ignored by Will when Ted Nugent visits and has the future son-in-law play and sing (badly) for Nugent and having to fix Chris’ f-ups shows favoritism for a mediocre gunsmith over a talented gunsmith who bailed out Will when he got in trouble with the feds. Will let daughter dearest con him to let Chris take on a project that he was in no way capable on handling.

    I don’t blame Vince…I would pack up and leave too. I know that sometimes you have to sack up for the team and Vince did that…he fixed the mistakes and made sure the weapon test fired properly. But in this case, in Will’s eyes, Chris can do no wrong and Vince is the bad guy.

    I had my doubts about wanting to waste my time even watching the new season coming up in February, but I now find myself wanting to see how the producers deal with all of the melodrama.and Vince’s departure and to see if Will comes to his senses…on this front, I highly doubt it. You have got to love reality tv!

  14. It amazes me that while reading several of your comments, I can’t seem to get past the fact that number 1… LEARN HOW TO SPELL!! of inbred people and how misunderstood people at Red Jacket Firearms are is fine for an opinion but when you can’t spell and you talk in circles, you are not getting any type of point across. Myself, it is a television show that is edited as well as staged in most cases. They do nothing that will change your life or impact you in any way. Get a life…watch the show or not… but please…please refrai.n (stop) trying to use dollar words from quarter mouths and just watch and see what might happen instead of making asinine comments that you know absolutely nothing about

  15. Will Hayden is a very ungrateful “leader”. He’s like the playground bully. When it’s going his way he has nothing but good stuff to say. I’ve worked for bosses like him. No respect for the people who actually make you look good.

  16. Guess what free speech gives us the right to comment on the show. If you dont like it you shouldn’t have aired a show that airs your drama. Now that said vince has every right to want to leave.

  17. No doubt, vince is a skilled gunsmith, he does however have a very short fuse; not quite the kind of characteristic that a person should have being around firearms, he should by all means work on that, as that in many cases can be a fatal flaw. I don’t think he feels as appreciated as he ought be, & after seeing the show, I get the feeling he’s right to some degree. When Will called Vince about the AR turning up looking as though it had been drop kicked across a couple of parking lots, I thought that was unfair, Vince even mentioned bubble wrap when requesting the gun to be sent out, I didn’t see any of that. I hope that Vince does go back to Red Jacket, just with less temper tantrums.

  18. While watching this episode, it definitely shows Will as a jerk, and for exactly what many people say, giving into Stephanie, blaming Vince, trusting Kris, etc. Of course, I also wonder how much is because the show’s producers wanted this drama.
    However, the showing of the producer in the one part discussing it with Will is something I’m surprised to see, since that rarely happens. The producers try to make the show about the business, not about them. I really felt that the producer tried to talk with Will about his mistakes and biases, but Will just refused to listen – which seems like Will. With Vince leaving, I would say there is more truth in the story than just television drama. I genuinely like Vince, seems real skilled, just tired of hearing Will’s building up of Kris as the fair-haired boy.
    Will’s never going to back down, so there is not even a small possibility of reconciliation.

  19. I wish Vince all the best and i think he was not treated as a equal Will always seemed to like that useless face pulling idiot who just happens to be jumping his daughter ones. Love to hear that Vince is doing well

  20. Ive been looking in to this for sometime now. Vince didnt knw the part dropped on the floor before taking over the project. The missing part came in a different packaging than what they showed him running out with. The last thing is that vince did open up a new shop and he is still a coowner of red jacket. Wiki just updated the page. One thing that I noticed when reading some of vinces facebook posts is that he said miller gave him equipment. These companies dont give things away for free unless you are going to be on a tv show. I think the show did all of this drama to add more spice to the show.

  21. Just noticed something that I didnt pick up on before. If you take a look at the gun when they take it apart the two times before the show talks about the buffer problem. But if you look at the gun they had the right buffer installed from the beginning the only time they change it was to add drama for the show.

  22. It’s a ‘reality’ TV show. That means that the only thing that’s real is what you see. What they say and do is scripted. 100%

  23. i enjoyed the show at first but its very obvious that is being run now as a television show instead of just following a gun company like it started as. according to them every gun build they do is the most innovating in the industry so on and so on.

    as far as this incident, the way i see it is now that kris is dating wills daighter, will is now taking kris under his wing. if this was really there biggest build ever than it would be silly to have basically a apprentice, a gun assembler be the lead instead of your gunsmith. when kris screws up the build its up to vince to fix it while kris is rewarded and allowed to go shoot some mortars while vince fixes his mistakes. why would you not have kris stay there and learn from vince, unless your goal was to humilate vince. than once again kris cant build the gun so once again he gets to fly out to vegas with the family while its up to kris to stay there all night and fix all of the screw ups by kris. vince stays fixes the gun which is more difficult considering will didnt have kris go over the issues with the build and have kris lay out all the parts for the gun and explain the issues. so he stays fixes the gun, test firs it puts it in the case and gives it to there shipping dept to have it sent out. why have a shipping dept if your not suppose to use them to ship. when the gun arrives damaged again the blame is on vince and not the lead on this build kris.

    ive seen a lot of comments on how vince should have stayed and not walked out on the build. for those who watched the show you can see thats not true. he did stay and build the gun, missing a appt with his wife in the process. he shipped out the gun and showed up the next day for work, to work on his other projects. only after he was berated for not shipping it himself did he walk out,w hich i think he was completely ok to do. you can say that he should have put in his two weeks. but to me thats a minor issue compared to everything else.

    and to make it worse kris is on there taking every opportunity to blame vince for the gun being dirty, and having issues. when it was his build that he left unfinished to go site seeing in vegas. if will wants to blame someone it should be the lead on the build and himself for choosing that person and not staying personally to make sure the build was completed correctly before heading off for his publicity shoot. seems to be following in the footsteps of paul sr which is a shame and hopefully thats just the way the show is portrying him. than for will to get choked up talking about how proud he is of kris for this build. FOR WHAT cleaning the gun that he was incapable of building himself, or for throwing vince under the bus for a mess he created. it was obvious to me anyway that will was trying to put vince in his place while trying to make his daughter happy by giving kris all the credit.

    hopefully this was a stunt for TV and thats not the real way this all went. i really enjoyed this show at first im just sick of the TV producers creating more drama for better ratings. i for get turned off when shows start that. hopefully american guns will stick to building guns and leave the drama away from it. but i have a feeling once the producers get there hands into it it will follow the same script.

  24. Kris was supposed to “Lead” the AR15 build. Not build the gun himself. Vince was told to be “Handy” and help when needed. Vince totally let them down by walking away when Kris asked for help. Thats no team player there. Also that a really crappy friend. I know we dont see what happens between the cameras and there is editing to consider, but given what the show tells us Vince threw a temper tantrum like a child. Also the AR15 had to be fixed after Vince supposedly “Saved the day”.

  25. I watched the end of this episode a couple times and found it rather comical that the “missing” piece was found under Kris’s work station, not Vince’s. As such, since Vince wasn’t included in any of the planning for the build, he probably had no idea that Kris had dropped the correct part.

    Geez. That stupid Vince! Why would you ship the gun with the only parts that were in the gun when it was dumped on you?

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