Kissing in the Navy

I would be remiss if I did not post on the USS Oak Hill. The Amphib just returned from 80 days underway. And two Sailors won the right for the first kiss. Essentially Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta entered a raffle by buying $50 worth of tickets. And when she won, she received first dibs on kissing her partner pier-side. One catch: her significant other is a female Fire Controlman, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell.

I am active-duty and I won’t comment other than to say: big deal. A more established mil-blogger saidWell, good for them. Now back to work.

And the Skipper:

David Bauer, the commanding officer of the USS Oak Hill, said that Gaeta and Snell’s kiss would largely be a non-event and the crew’s reaction upon learning who was selected to have the first kiss was positive.

“It’s going to happen and the crew’s going to enjoy it. We’re going to move on and it won’t overshadow the great things that this crew has accomplished over the past three months,” Bauer said.

6 thoughts on “Kissing in the Navy”

  1. I like the more traditional kiss, but to each his/her own…when such an issue is made of it, it seems to take on more importance than it actually deserves….this is the left speaking and they have acquired by stealth more importance than they really deserve too…there will be a reckoning…k

  2. I left active duty in 2009 and saw this coming down the pike. The only question I had about it was how did berthing change aboard ships? I have never questioned the ability or patriotism of homosexuals. But if the military is no longer heterosexual (as it pretended it was during Don’t ask, Don’t tell), is berthing no longer segregated by sexual proclivity? If so then we should no longer consider sex when we assign racks.

    I was very clearly told “that would not be an issue Chief.” It was made clear to me that I was treading into unsafe ground and since I left active duty before the change I let it go. But I don’t know how they plan to implement it fairly. I hope we don’t have the same problems they had after Truman racially integrated the military.

  3. Pub said: The Navy, the same branch that threw away the evidence of bin Laden being killed by giving him a “proper burial.” The Navy is a piece of crap. Why is the Navy pushing a political agenda?

    My response: Really, you come to a Sailor’s blog and you badmouth the Navy? Neither decision was exclusively “Navy.” I’d suggest you look at the civilian leadership before you sling around the insults. Punk.

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