Did You Know That

The real 1% is in the military

A white lobster was trapped in the United Kingdom

Alton Brown goes to the shooting range

A mouse could be in the Marine Corps

You could buy envelopes mailed the day Tim Tebow was born

Driving in Missouri is a great eduction on America

Jesus got grabbed in the habeas grabis

A single neck injection could cure PTSD

Detective stories are essentially conservative

Hawaii Five-0 (2.0) is going to be boycotted

Boston still celebrates the Tea Party

Burning a bra is akin to wearing the burka

Dallas, the tv show with that question, is returning

George Hood (a Marine & NCIS/DEA Agent) set a Guinness world record by planking

George Hood, Marine, NCIS Agent, DEA Agent, Athlete

5 thoughts on “Did You Know That”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Speaking of the burqa…

    Canada has banned facial disguise during the oath of Canadian citizenship. That is a great step in the right direction. Much more here: [LINK]

  2. The George Hood 1 hour, 20 minute and 5 second plank is an astonishing accomplishment. I had sweat pop out on my brow just from watching the video at the link you gave.

    And speaking of links, thanks for the one you sent my way.

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