Fred Thompson, Rest In Peace

Reading news could be a disease, it takes balance. One can certainly overdo it. Spending hours pouring through Drudge, CNN, Breitbart, or this blog (heh heh.)

But with Navy work, I have a limited window to check the internet. So when I saw Fred Thompson had died, I naturally thought of the Law and Order actor.

Fred Thompson, not Oregon State Football player

And I felt somewhat sad. He had a small, but devoted following known as FredHeads, not to be confused with fans of Cal Football coach Jeff Tedford, known as TedHeads. Or the real heads, the Deadheads.

Any death is a sad affair, but this Fred Thompson was actually an OSU Beaver, as I discovered later. A football player from Oregon State.

Fred Thompson, OSU Football Player

Oregon State football player Fred Thompson collapsed while playing basketball Wednesday evening at the Dixon Recreation Center on campus and was pronounced dead after being taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis.

RIP Fred. I never saw you play, but Cal fans always feared the Beavers. Y’all play some good football up there. . .

3 thoughts on “Fred Thompson, Rest In Peace”

  1. Wow, I was shocked when I started reading, Fred Thompson. As you say, the death of anyone is a sad affair. I was a supporter of Fred Thompson, the politician. He could have been president if he had shown any fire in the belly, but alas he did not.

  2. I was gonna say, tain’t so…say it ain’t so…I love Fred Thompson, the balding one from Law & Order fame….great guy…and besides I would have seen it somewhere…just imagine, he’d have been on the TCM retrospective, if it had been him at the end of the year…k

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