Go Visit the Stately McDaniel Manor!

Whenever a blogger starts a blogpost like this:

I’m not a gun collector or one of those shooters on the perpetual hunt for the “perfect” gun in any imaginable category.  I’ve carried the same Glock 26 almost daily for more than a decade and as a result, it feels like a part of me.  I also believe it’s wise—and certainly economical—to limit the number of different calibers I must stock and maintain for my firearms.

But recently, Mrs. Manor felt-quite literally–the need for a slightly smaller handgun.

And posts a picture like this:

Smith & Wesson .380 ACP Bodyguard pistol 

I know it is my duty as a red-blooded American to link him.

Please go by and howdy Mike over at the Stately McDaniel Manor. He has been around the blogosphere (Confederate Yankee and PJ Media), blogging on some rather important issues. And back when I was a baby blog (weeks ago), he threw some generous links my way.

The Stately McDaniel Manor is his new site. Excuses such as: I was not in the neighborhood will not be tolerated. You are always in the neighborhood on the internet, no?

4 thoughts on “Go Visit the Stately McDaniel Manor!”

  1. Although I have received shotguns, rifles, handguns and the latest gun called the Judge for different birthdays and anniversaries, I have never asked for one. Isn’t it nice that my hubby just knows what I want without my asking?

    I didn’t realize there was so much to write about concerning guns. Sorry, but I got that glazed look in my eye before I finished the link.

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