Feast, My Friends

As the title indicates, now is the time for feasting. Get out your best linen. Tie it ’round your neck. Undrawer your grandmother’s silver. Sharpen that once-a-year Thanksgiving knife. For today is yours. To gorge. There will be no pushing away from the table until you finish:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

3 thoughts on “Feast, My Friends”

  1. So I read “underdrawer” rather than “undrawer” thinking you meant some sort of “underwear,” and I wondered just what you wanted us to do with Grandmother’s silver.

  2. Some very interesting offerings this week, as usual..the beat goes on with vicious political gamesmanship and the media in it’s usual mode… and the game of ‘gotcha’…..Herman Cain isn’t biting and that’s good…I think the mainstream media has gotten so used to doing their search & destroy missions they believe everyone should fall down and worship…the tactics are obvious and childish..when adults don’t fall for it, they become upset…it’s hilarious to watch…let the games continue…let’s see how real adults behave…

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