New York City Snow Storm Scatters Flakes on Wall Street

New York City in Winter: A Cold Lion

New York City weather can be nasty nasty. I know, I worked as a bike messenger through one tough winter.

Take Riverside Drive, 11th or 12th Avenue, any of those streets that hug the Hudson River. The wind is vicious down there, it simply whistles off the water. And there are few buildings to block it.

I learned my lesson the hard way. It was December and I was riding south, midtownish. A gust of wind tickled my side and then pushed. Me. A good ten feet diagonally. As if I was a wind-surfer.

I skidded across a long metal grating and down along the edge of a curbed sidewalk. Shaken, I got off my bike, my heart beating in my ears. Somehow, I locked up my steed and sat in the lobby of an unknown building. No one said anything to me. New York is funny like that.

So when I read this, I think- those Occupy Wall Street clowns (the 99%ers) are in for a rude awakening:

It’s a record!

New York City broke it’s top snow mark with 1.3 inches at 2:11 p.m., the National Weather Service told the Advance.

The old record was 0.8 inches and was set in 1925.

The Weather Service just upgraded its forecast and is now predicting that 8-9 inches of snow will fall here by the time the storm winds down overnight.

Russell Brand, obnoxious British clown

More than 11,690 customers are without power, half of them in the Tottenville (Staten Island) area, according to Con Edison’s Storm Central website.

“We have a new record already,” said meteorologist Joey Picca.”We knew the moisture would be there, but the switch-over was sooner.”

Earlier in the week, annoying comedian Russell Brand even stopped by for a look-see.

Mr. Brand is better known on the these shores as Mr. Katy Perry. (I wonder if he purchased any of those special Occupy Wall Street t-shirts?) He had this to say of the protestors:

“The sense of cohesion and civic duty in the square, which many call Liberty Square, its former title, was something I found appealing. Protesters took the time to educate me on the matters that had brought them to the square.”

The first flakes:

Occupy Wall Street Snow Storm, Zuccotti Park

The above picture is from the NY Post. My favorite quote from the article:

“I got my blanket, I got my sleeping bag and I got my girl,” said 25-year-old protestor Rene, who came from Occupy Miami to Occupy Wall Street, “so it’s not hard to stay warm.”

Somewhere, somehow, George Gershwin is turning in his grave. . .

Update: I received a nasty comment which I am not approving for publication, but rather posting partially here. I cut out the insulting sections of it, aimed at another commenter. Dissension I understand; heck it is patriotic, right? But I leave my blog for stretches of the day and I can’t police squabbles. The part I can post:

“Spoiled Brats” and “Entitlement” ≠ “Sleeping on City Concrete in Snow”

Personally, I am not in agreement. This is how I see it:

“Spoiled Brats” and “Entitlement” = “Snoozing in sleeping bags on mattress pads in tents, with bathrooms around the corner. Not to mention the donated food or the shady $500,000 in the evil bank. Or the lack of a job. And the demand of free student loans. Or whatever it is that this movement demands.”

Or, how about this:

“Spoiled Brats” and “Entitlement” ≠ “Al Anbar, Argonne, any battle the US military has fought. . .”

Update II: Ah, nothing like the OWS folks to bring out a little unity. I also received the below comment, again aimed at another commenter. As per usual, I will not approve it, but post it here for your guffawing pleasure:

Your ignorance is astounding.

Here is the funny thing, the above commenter was only on the site for two minutes before posting the above screed. (I happen to be on-line at the same time, thus the successful sleuthing.) Usually it takes me a full ten minutes to be able to determine someone is astoundingly ignorant. Perhaps this genius has special powers?

33 thoughts on “New York City Snow Storm Scatters Flakes on Wall Street”

  1. I didn’t necessarily believe the first snowstorm of 2011 would be in October..I was expecting the thermometer to dip below freezing sometime soon to provide the impetus for these spoiled brats on Wall Street to depart..and with any sustained lower temperatures, they eventually will…they’re too spoiled in their own entitlement mentality to continue in this ridiculous display of childish pique…this brings up the underlying nastiness this movement has inspired across the country, not to mention the anti-Semitic underpinnings. It’s just a waiting game…k

  2. Tilda: No kidding, bring it on!
    Kris: A waiting game and they are camped in the waiting room.
    Lou: “First fakes” works too. . .

  3. “Protesters took the time to educate me on the matters that had brought them to the square.” – Russell Brand

    Oh, yeah–like he listened when the Tea Party folks wanted to educate him on the matters that brought them out………./sarc

    His comment is silly anyway since it presumes he could actually be educated. Education requires that an individual have the capacity for comprehension, understanding and reasoning.

  4. I don’t subscribe to imaginary fancies, but it sure is fun to see to see these idiots at “I-Was-Kicked-Out-Of-Occupy-My-Folk’s-Place-So-Can-I-Occupy-With-You-Guys?” have to deal with Mother Nature’s scolding. It reminds me of when Al Gore’s Global Warming summit was moved because of snow. Sometimes I wonder if Mother Nature hates liberals. :)

  5. A valid conjecture, Tom B. and considering the negativity of such an enterprise, I believe they get everything that Mother Nature has in store for them..with no sense of humor and for many of us, a justifiable schadenfreude, I always enjoy, appreciate and laugh about because I know God certainly shares that sense of humor with the rest of us.. ..k

  6. Sharon: Good point.
    Tom: Ha ha: “I-Was-Kicked-Out-Of-Occupy-My-Folk’s-Place-So-Can-I-Occupy-With-You-Guys?”
    Ol ‘Fo: Hygiene? What’s that?
    Lauren: Great article. Robin is spot-on. Feel free to post any links you see fit. . .

  7. Keeping everyone on an ‘even keel’, huh, Navy One? Ah, for the ideals of Zorastrianism: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds…keep everything on a higher plane…k

      1. “Well, I did drive a Mazda once, which may explain the Zorastrianism. . .”

        I thought Mazdas had Wankels. (or wankers or something)

  8. This is the first time I’ve been to this blog and I have to say…I LOVE IT!!! I look forward to reading more! Thanks!

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