Occupy Wall Street T-Shirts

It is complete. The anti-corporate folks are going corporate. From an email I just received:

Show your support of the 99% of Americans who are fed up with wall street and the kids that are doing something about it, wear what your feeling! Check out the low priced 99%er t-shirt at. . .

Wear what your (sic) feeling! Or is this a scam? A corporate tool getting rich on the elbow grease and back sweat of the 99%ers? What’s next, a fake Lamborghini Countach?

The Occupy Wall Street Protest, Greasy Elbows and Sweaty Backs

Note: I did not include the link from the email because it had a slight fishy look to it. As in, click on the link, look around, and get some malware. In short: click, click, boom*!

* A link to the song Click, Click, Boom by the hard rock band Saliva. Whose name appears quite apt for the 99%ers, no? (Standard disclaimer: do not press Mr. Clicky unless you desire music to work out to or you need some motivatin’. . .)

Occupy Wall Street update here.

13 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street T-Shirts”

  1. On NPR this morning the NYPD cops were saying a group of anarchists had taken over the group that they had to arrest last night. I’m pretty sure this “movement” has moved out of the normal guy getting screwed to the FRINGE GROUPS using it for a VOICE.

    Now that I think of it, it’s just like how Washington is run so I guess it is okay.

  2. Oh my gosh! Are two Okies allowed to comment on the same post? I had to look twice a that protest sign to see if it said “Give simply” or “Live simply.” As for the T-shirts sale, well, someone has to pay for the protestors to live simply.

  3. I’ve been listening to some of these people for the last three weeks on the Sean Hannity radio program, for example..they are the most incoherent bunch of no-nothings I have ever attempted to listen to..I’ve seen written demands numbering anywhere from two to thirteen..calling them morons is being too kind…is this the sort of thing they teach in the university setting today? And not to be outdone, we have the organizers, like our Community-Organizer-in-Chief, gazing at his navel, who orchestrated and supports all of this stuff with the Democrats in tow..this alone will be his and the Democrat party’s undoing…and finally the union thugs…what a group…the blind leading those who are even blinder than they are…it’s great, isn’t it?…idiocy, stupidity and potential violence on parade…and my guess is they’ll be going home to Mom & Dad when the first freeze hits and just before it starts snowing…bets, anyone?

  4. Maybe it’s that innate capitalist instinct — the need to commercialize everything — that is our bulwark against true revolution. This differs from a bulwark against adolescent temper tantrums. The only bulwark against those tantrums is a culture that actually requires young people to grow up.

  5. Okierover and Lou: Now don’t go into BOOMER SOONER chants!
    Scott: Neat little site you have there, you decadent capitalist!
    Kris: I heard some of those too and they were blithering idiots.
    Book: We must require them to grow up. Or not. But if they refuse to grow up, I refuse to listen them. . .
    Dan: True, so true.
    Ol’ FO: What a bunch of tools.

  6. I couldn’t resist. I added an anti-capitalist section to the Ministry of Propaganda. I was sure to use plenty of exclamation points in the product descriptions. Leftists! Love! Exclamation points!

    Hopefully the kids will be too high to understand the other sections.

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