Is It Possible

That a bayonet can double as a flash drive?

That one of the top blogs in Mexico is antinarc?

That Miss Iceland turned in one of the FBI’s Most Wanted after befriending a cat?

That Amish men are now running in gangs?

That the Arab Fall is really the Arab fail?

That you want to attend the Wall Street protests?

That a naval officer is being cut from the New England Patriots for deploying?

That UK’s top religious figure, a man with obvious political leanings, now decries politics?

That Seve Jobs’ real father was a Syrian Muslim man named Abdulfattah John Jandali?

That movies are now being filmed with iPhones?

That Al Qaeda is questioning the legality of us killing terrorists?

That there is another kind of protest happening, one about guitars?

That a well-known blogger can write a taut thriller about Iran, the country of his birth?

That a SEAL is peddling weapons from Iraq and Afghanistan?

That Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids?