Showtime’s Homeland: Marine Traitors and Crazy CIA Officers

Showtime’s Homeland: The Nation Sees a Hero, She Sees a Threat, (what a crock o’)

Here we go again.

Take a deep breath and brace for shock. Then click on this loser link of a television series. I must thank/growl at Canada’ 2nd Corporal America’s 1st Sergeant for goading me into action by tipping me off to it.

(Observations on Marines: they are generally a peaceful bunch, given to the introspective nibbling of delicate arugula fronds, while sipping mint juleps with extended pinky fingers. So when they get antsy, I take notice.)

Full disclosure: I had heard of the Showtime series, but after initial contact, I ignored it. It made little impression on me other than seeming unrealistic. You tell me what you think of the synopsis:

The series centers on Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who returns home eight years after going missing in Iraq, and Carrie Anderson, a driven (and possibly unstable) CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America.

Showtime’s Homeland, Damian Lewis, Really? 

Okay, got it. A Marine is possibly a traitor (for Al Qaeda, as it turns out) and the CIA officer is possibly unstable. Likely? Sure, happens all the time.

Van Buren

Get a load of Damian Lewis, playing Sergeant Brody. His sideburns look like a Sailor’s (three months removed from his last barber shop fly-by.) I haven’t seen burns like that since our eighth President, Martin Van side-Buren.

And did the casting agent really have to give the nod to Damian Lewis? He played the heroic Major Dick Winters in the classic mini-series, Band of Brothers. There are few portrayals that captured the leadership and humanity of a wartime soldier quite in the same way.

Claire Danes assumes the role of the CIA officer who is struggling with mental issues. Her challenge: she is bi-polar. Pardon me for my confusion, but is bi-polar the same as bi-coastal? As in, they commute between NY and LA, except in this case, the poles: the Arctic and Antarctica?

Claire Danes, Bi-polar & CIA 

Another deep breath. (Try to chill out that pulsing forehead vein.) Let’s read an alternative review:

If you’ve been missing “24” lately, you’re in luck. It may not have any Jack Bauers or Chloes or ticking clocks, but Showtime’s new drama “Homeland” is as close as we’re going to get.

Homeland, starring the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning Claire Danes, as well as the incredibly underrated Damian Lewis in a political thriller that plays thoroughly on pretenses of 9/11, the Iraq war, wiretapping, terrorism, and everything else that has Americans freaked out in general these days.

Showtime’s Homeland- Morena Baccarin (Anna from V) and Damian Lewis, Only One Stripe on his Alphas?

The plot is as simple as you could possibly get with something like this. Nicholas Brody (Lewis) is found alive during a raid of a terrorist camp in Iraq, after having gone missing in 2003, long after he was presumed dead. He receives a hero’s welcome upon his arrival in the US, the source of obvious joy among many Americans. But one CIA analyst, Carrie Mathison (Danes), isn’t exactly convinced that Brody is such a hero.

Homeland, DCUs and No Marine Digis?

Everything else that has Americans freaked out in general these days?!? Okay, got it. We are afraid of our own shadow.

Like 24? Sure, exactly the same as Kiefer’s series. . .

I am no pro on Marine uniforms, but get a load of the traitorous Sergeant’s service stripe (on the forearm of his Alphas, the olive dress uniform.) If he was captured in 2003 and it is 8 years later, should he not have more service stripes than the one he has?

Assuming he was a 2 year Marine when he went to Iraq (and it was his first deployment), he would have 10 years plus in the Corps. Or is he just wearing his old uniform in the photos? That is an Iraqi Campaign Medal, right? So the image had to be shot when he returned. I don’t have Showtime and even if I did, I would not watch this piece of shi’ite to check.

Marine Dessert Digi, Good for eating crème brûlée

Also, in the picture above, our Benedict Arnold Marine is wearing the Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU.) You will also notice that Claire Danes is in the montage (in other photos) with the Sergeant and the old uniform. It is obviously a current picture (and not a flashback to 2003.) Why is he not in the Marine Desert Digis? (Or my preferred label: the Marine Dessert Digis. Leathernecks slurp their creme crème brûlées in them.)

The usual grain of salt: I am not a Marine, so perhaps I jacked-up the teufel hunden grooming and uniform regs in my convoluted observations. One thing I did not fumble is the crème brûlée and the bi-coastal/bi-polar connection.

The Showtime Channel, You Betta Brace You’self

Showtime’s motto is Brace Yourself. With this one, you betta.

Okay America’s 1st Sergeant, no more sending me these links, no more pushing my buttons. Blood pressure, calming. Forehead and neck veins, relaxing.

22 thoughts on “Showtime’s Homeland: Marine Traitors and Crazy CIA Officers”

  1. Why did they have to choose Damian Lewis…I loved him as Major Winters. Claire Danes as a CIA agent…that is laughable.

  2. Lauren: I know. Let’s hope this dies a quick death.
    As1stS: The true threat to society is Navy bloggers blogging about Marines!

    1. Everyone knows your perception of Marines is nearly as skewed as Hollywood’s. Mint juleps indeed. You may skoff at the digital cammies now but I understand Sailors will be sporting a similar pattern shortly. Already seeing it worn badly around these parts by Naval personell with creme brulee greedily clutched in each fist.

      1. “Everyone knows your perception of Marines is nearly as skewed as Hollywood’s.”

        Phew! And I thought no one knew me. . .

  3. Shades of ‘The Manchurian Candidate’?? I bear no allegiance to the scrutiny of Marine accouterments since I am only familiar with Air Force and Navy attire, historically speaking, but I agree with you about the hair…as you have implied, this may just be the public’s yearning for a ’24’ replacement…what’s coming out of Hollywood lately on both the big screen & little is both ludicrous and laughable…Hollywood’s view, narrative and attitude about the military is skewed and not worth taking into account..I always marvel at how ridiculous their attempts are at understanding our nation’s finest..k

  4. I watched about 20 minutes of the first episode…and turned it off. THERE IS NO WAY A US MILITARY Person would do something like that with modern training. If they had made up a story about the Korean war, where stuff like that happened….well maybe. But the whole thing is so retarded…my time is too valuable to waste. Which is a shame, I loved that guy in Band of Brothers. For a Limey to pull off an American is good acting.

  5. Kris: The Manchurian Candidate, good analogy.
    Dan: I am glad someone watched the thing and agrees. I would hate to have it be great and my initial observations be totally off base. As for BoB, yes! Now that was a mini-series.

  6. I watched the first. Decided maybe my first impression was wrong so I’d give the second a shot. Seems I forgot something a long, long time ago: First impressions are usually correct.

    I think the writer(s) are trying to re-make/update “The Manchurian Candidate.” Frank Sinatra.


    1. It walked like a duck, but I did not hear it a-kwawkin’.

      You Sir, are a great American for taking one for the team and seeing if our initial observations were correct. . .

          1. Small wonder, dear lady. For we’re dashing. We’re discerning. Able to read La carte des vins and work our way from le plat principal to un digestif . Always showing appreciation of, and tending to the wishes/needs of, femme beau à ravir.

            (cue background music, pianissimo: “Off we go…”)

            Often considered to be rapscallions, but never dull and always fun.

            I’ll stop now. Lest you think me braggadocio. ; )

  7. Not even wasting my time… And some of the REAL Marines are not real happy with the portrayal either… Trust me, they are NOT happy!

  8. There’s nothing to be happy about or satisfied with to tell the truth..Hollywood never portrays the military in any light other than negative and hasn’t for at least the last sixty years…since the end of WWII…and we end up with those sterling examples we’ve recently been confronted with in real life…the Major Hasan’s, the Bradley Manning’s and other less than perfect traitorous jackasses that are out there…putting another terrible and unfavorable light on people with actual psychological problems.. and not the majority of service members from all branches who toil in anonymity and are nothing but honorable…I guess I’ve said my piece…our service people are honorable but that’s not how Hollywood views them…and unless & until that changes, we will never see any respect given them and certainly not from a political class who is arrogant & contemptuous in their dealings and treatment of all the services. ..

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