Linkin’ Blogs

Self-discipline versus drive

Squids invade San Diego, and not the Navy type

Getting gassed in Bujumbura

Punks can grow up

Skin color, the never-ending story

Island near ‘da Bronx sells for 160K

Deaf investors are as dumb as the next person

Men twice as likely as women to live with their parents

Stolen 1957 BMW mini

Russia’s frigid embrace

Fencing, not the chain link variety, and the Naval Academy

The word on the street: Euphoria

The nobility of the Ig Nobels

Occupy Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge

4 thoughts on “Linkin’ Blogs”

    1. Thank you for the interesting post. You probably thought you were not saying much of importance in your comment on your children, but the thought of being self-discplined versus being driven has been on my mind since I read that.

  1. The essay on the ig Nobel Prizes struck me as both ironic, satiric and so true…the true Nobel Prizes are a joke of the former honor that they at one time embodied and meant to be meaningful…and they are no longer of any value whatsoever, particularly the Peace Prize. Sadly true…k

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