Facts Concerning the Vatcher of Veasels!

Ah facts, we have them.

Little known oddity on the seminal blogging collective known as the Watcher of Weasels: small hamlets throughout Germany and Austria eagerly await their weekly release of blogging fondue.

At the precise moment the Watcher presses publish on his blogging software, a mighty call bellows forth throughout each burg: Ya everyone! The Vatcher of Veasels is Ooooouuuut! (Release der hooooouuuunds!)

And with that Visigothic gutterence, each burgher, not to be confused with the cheese variety, plods home to cyberly pull down and read every article, blog story posted. Men kick off their Birkenstocks, unclip their lederhosen; women do something mysterious with their dirndls (of which, this blogger does not know.) Even normally yappy weiner-dogs have been known to sit statue-like still for the occasion.

Cologne, Germany (accurately billed as one of the finest smelling towns west of the Rhein) doubled their internet demand during the first 2.75 hours of the Vatcher release this week! When reached for comment, Algore® was not amused. Yet such are the pratfalls and tolls genius exacts upon society.

Without further ado, fraus and frauleins, herrens and herons, may I present (cue: bugle call, Viking war horn) this week’s Vatcher of Veasels!

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

A hearty, Tyrollean danke schön goes out the Vatchers for my honorable mention. My faithful pup, Rudi “the Dachshund” Schwarzenegger, especially enjoyed the selections this week! That little bratwurst has certainly earned some extra Jäger-Schnitzel for good behavior. . .Ya ya, anybody got a guten recipe?

3 thoughts on “Facts Concerning the Vatcher of Veasels!”

  1. ‘Herrens and herons’…what’s that? I know…being witty, quick on your feet…running in circles… Herren und damen..(you know, ladies & gentlemen) I have read some of these…the one about Rosa DeLauro surprised me six months to a year ago, but not now…the left (i.e. communists, socialists) are very open at this point in time…the people in New Haven and the surrounding area always vote for Rosa…she’s CT congressional district 1…I’ve met her and she noticed when I purposefully drew back…she did the same…I have no particular dislike or like for her…policies she supports that remains something else…and of course, Yale University is in her district…someday, I will attempt to understand why academics are so in love with Marxism, communism and socialism…it boggles the mind…I guess for those who continue to reside and remain within that ivory tower mentality, who never actually live a life, this sort of control appeals to them…but they are really children when it’s stripped away…good job; you still made the list..good for you…k

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