Let’s Tawk Crazy

You ask an absolute stranger to wake you up with phone call

You want to save an African tribe with the oldest genes in the world

You finally learn the origin of “Talk Like a Pirate Day

You are in love with the US women’s soccer goalie, so you rap to her

You take something sacred, prayer, and you wield it like a political tool

You are part of the media and you consider yourself authentic

You mark 9/11 by burning the US flag at the US embassy

You are a blogger and a reader points out that your site is worth $8,484

You are a burglar and you piss off a gun blogger’s friends

You spend more than 300 million dollars to save 6 milliseconds  

Your name is January and you name your baby: Xander Dane

You are a politician and you apologize for America

11 thoughts on “Let’s Tawk Crazy”

  1. And this is just a smidgen of the existing insanity of our politically correct and multicultural diverse universe….go figure!! Ah! To engage in reality…wouldn’t it be nice.

  2. Praying.In.The.Street. How holy is that?
    The predictable left wing press has to chime in and label any critics of street prayer as “far right.” Common sense has gone out the door and has been replaced by multiculturalism. Good luck with that, France.

    1. Ah, yes but Lauren, the French civil authorities are supposedly enforcing the ban on street prayer..I wonder how long it will take their gendarmes to start firing weapons at these people…I’ve seen Muslims in the United States do the same thing…didn’t it happen recently in New York? Here is a link for that: http://www.hoax-slayer.com/muslim-fridays-new-york.shtml..the blurb on the top says they only do it once a year at a parade…for me that’s once too much…

      1. Yes, the French are banning street prayer and opting for secularism in public areas so no one is offended.
        Argh, NYC? What if Christians or Jews did the same thing? There would be hell to pay.

        1. Absolutely…and there are some who actually have filed lawsuits in this, as you probably know, against any religious talk (that would be Judeo-Christian expression of religious belief) in the public square…ah..but if you speak out against something like this, you’re an Islamophobe…a made up word to describe people who actually want those of us in the West and our culture dead…great, huh?

  3. Me either, Lauren, but apparently it’s been here under the cover of darkness for quite some time..so the only thing we can do is to stand against it & fight with everything that is in us..and all the other insanities as well…we cannot allow them to get away with it…these are bullies who will resort to violence and we need to resist and not cower or be afraid…I see a similarity in union thugs…same kind of attitude and behavior…unacceptable….

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