Paired: Lindsay Lohan and Jeremy Wade

Longfin Eel, Actor Extraordinaire Jeremy Wade, River Monsters

Dirty Laundry

Conan the Franciscan

Grin and Bear It

Genius Uncles: Milton (twice) and Heinlein

Literary Literally

Whiskey Tango Fiat

Deaf and Blind

Illogical Aliens

You’re Gonna Burn, You’re Gonna Learn

Lindsay Lohan, Eel Extraordinaire

 Salute to Brest, Salute to the Best

New York Strip, Gaza Strip

Bears and Lions

Not a Mellow Jihadi

Guam Clueless, Guam Dentist

Auto Motivators

Hungry Like the Wolf

To the Hobbits of Tripoli

6 thoughts on “Paired: Lindsay Lohan and Jeremy Wade

  1. Re Milton

    Why not link to the fellow who originally hosted the clip? Not that I don’t appreciate the publicity, but I figure he deserves some bows as well.

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