What’s in a Name?

Because of the unexpected downturnunexpected recessionunexpected depression, Duran Duran has changed their name to Duran, now worth $0.50.

MC Draco Malfoy. First Pablo Dylan. Now this. Next up: Bieber on A-Team as Señor T?

Men are from Bruno Mars, Women are from Venus.

Pesto and Sherlock Holmes. Is Basil Rathbone afoot?

Cougar behaving badly. Not this one, this one.

Gone are the days of feathered butt parts, combs in the back pocket, two tickets to paradise. Edward Money is now free.

I have always thought the Boer War to be a rather tedious affair. And now the Brits are less men than then.

3 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Geez, that Malfoy link took me here:

    Horrible music.

    And speaking of Venus, you might have linked to this:

    Cheesy? A little. The girl in the middle should not wear jeans with a butt that wide.

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