No Standards Means We’re Poor

S & P's

Standard and Poor’s: Because of loss of the first, we are turning
into the second.

“That’s why this piece is the most dangerous story in the news today.”

Sailors: eat muffins with these in them at your own risk.

Responsibility: You are doing it wrong.

NY vs SF-Types (Not San Francisco-ens.)

Of Bomb Counts and Chickens. (And Brits.)

Coasties: We love you too.

2 thoughts on “No Standards Means We’re Poor”

  1. Hello Navy.
    The problem with sitemeter is that your spam meter likely is blocking it. I had the same problem when I added AdBlock to my site. There are two solutions.
    One, reinstall the HTML code for your sitemeter counter. If you don’t have it, tech support at sitemeter will supply it if you e-mail them.

    Two, disable your spam meter on your page only if it has that facility. This will allow sitemeter to display,but will still keep the spam out. I’m using blogger ( which has an inbuilt spam blocker) and the latest version of Firefox, which offers AdBlock as an add on and prevents all those nasty popups. I recommend both Firefox and AdBlock highly.

    I hope this helps. BTW, you’re on my blogroll over at Joshuapundit. GSTGW.

    Rob Miller

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