Uniform Mistakes

Knuckles go out to:                              

1. The female Seaman Recruit whose black underwear was clearly visible through her summer whites. In the split second that I spied it, I did not react quickly enough to tell her. Plus, we were in a large group. Plus, I was really embarrassed for her. Plus, I was embarrassed for me.

2. The Ensign who wore his garrison cap on backwards. I did run and tell him. I too, was an Ensign at the time. Ensigns: we got each other’s back. And not much else.

3. The male Seaman Apprentice who wore Service Dress Blue pants with a utility shirt to command quarters. It had that stylish, faddish New York thing about it. But if the Navy followed fads, we would all be rockin’ parachute pants and mohawks. Or was it skinny jeans? One reason I love the Navy: I am told what to wear and when to wear it. It certainly takes the guesswork out of the morning, now doesn’t it?