Don’t Ask

I am in a meeting with two high-ranking civilians and a Master Chief. Yes, I outrank the Master Chief, but at more than 25 in, I listen to every word she says.

Master Chief: This Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell thing is going to be easy.
Me: I heard the courts are back to enforcing it, no?
Master Chief: Doesn’t make a difference, this generation, these kids, they all don’t care. Tri-sexual, anything’s good.
Me: Tri-sexual? I am the youngest person in the room and I am not good with tri-sexual, whatever that is. . .

One thought on “Don’t Ask”

  1. Your master chief is full of it. I was sitting in the sauna at North Fort Lewis today (fully clothed, of course) and some young troops kept up a non-stop beatdown of all things gay and lesbian.

    The greatest trick the left ever pulled was making everyone think their agenda is inevitable.

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