Snake grows poisonous head…

Nick Griffin ousted as British National Party leader …and replaced by ex-teacher who once chased some young pupils and slashed their bicycle tyres. article-2700546-06E49D9E000005DC-455_634x412

Nick Griffin (pictured right) has been ousted as leader of the British National Party after 15 years, and replaced by a disgraced former teacher. Griffin – who received a suspended sentence for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred in 1998 – was a Euro-MP but lost his seat in May and recently declared himself bankrupt. He was forced out at a meeting of his party’s national executive. As well as losing his Euro seat, the BNP have lost all but two of their local councillors this year. The far-right party have replaced him with former teacher Adam Walker (below) who received a suspended sentence and a driving ban last year after chasing three boys aged between ten and 12 in his car, before slashing their bike tyres with a knife in 2011. Walker, from Spennymoor, County Durham, claimed they had provoked him.article-2700546-02BD5D3800000578-242_306x423 

He was later banned from teaching for life by former education secretary Michael Gove. Last year, as a BNP organiser, he described Britain as a ‘multicultural s***hole’. He claimed that British people were being ‘ethnically cleansed’ by excessive immigration and claimed that Lee Rigby-style executions would ‘become the norm’. A party spokesman said yesterday: ‘Recently appointed deputy chairman, Adam Walker, has accepted the role of acting chairman of the British National Party after Nick Griffin stepped aside at a meeting of the BNP national executive held on 19th July.’

Nick Griffin ousted as British National Party leader; replaced by ex-teacher Adam Walker

 The cowardly bumbling buffoon Nick Griffin led the BNP circus as it’s clown in chief for 15 years, throughout which, the organisation was hated and despised mainly due to Griffin’s ineffective leadership. The ultra far right neo-facist party has entered the political arena once again, by appointing Adam Walker as the snake’s head. Sadly the ‘easily led, ill educated brigade’ will now be influenced by its new leader. This isn’t the type of political party we need over here in the UK.      Yours Aye.

Breathing life into black & white

WWI photographs painstakingly brought to life from sepia, black and white, to colour. We’re used to seeing pictures of the First World War in faded brown sepia – dull, muddy, black-and-white photographs that seem to epitomise the drab khaki landscape of shell-blasted sludge that was the trenches in which they were taken. But, 100 years on, the wonders of 21st-century technology now allow us to see these amazing pictures of the conflict in breathtaking full colour, giving us a much keener sense of what it was actually like to be there. Iron monsters: Developed in secret by the Admiralty under Winston Churchill, tanks, or ‘land-ships’ as they were originally known, first saw action on the Somme in September 1916. This one, named Iron Duke, is clanking through the city of Arras to spearhead the British offensive there in April 1917. They were hellishly hot for their crews & liable to break down, but tanks helped end the deadlock of the trenches in 19181405797413423_Image_galleryImage_The_Arras_offensive_a_BriBritish photographic technician Frank Augrandjean travelled back in time to colour this selection of images from the Imperial War Museum’s archive – specially selected to bring home the full horror of the conflict. Before disaster struck: Women workers stack live shells destined for the trenches at the huge munitions factory at Chilwell in Nottinghamshire in 1917. A few months later, on 1 July, 1918, 250 workers were killed when eight tons of TNT explosive at the factory blew up. Only 32 bodies could be positively identified ‘Chilwell’ WOMEN IN WWI Reproduced breathtaking colour dramatic photographs of WWI

Our yesterday, was their today.      Yours Aye.

72 Virgins, or is it a myth?

Do male muslim suicide bombers actually believe that they will get 72 virgins or is this just western propaganda to make them look stupid? Is it really a myth? Just listen to a few failed ‘captured’ suicide bombers, they know far better…virgins in paradiseVirgins waiting in paradise, so what are you waiting for; strap a vest on and come on up!

A completely different view for the female muslim’s, and their reward after leaving this mortal coil to live above in paradise somewhere in the heavens…heaven for girlsAfter such a s****y life on earth, paradise for muslim females, or is it! 

Just give me a lush green field and a few dogs to look after, with a never-ending supply of Yorkshire Tea… ;-)   Yours Aye.

Canadian Darwin award nominee…

Canadian model hopes random word face tattoos will make him the most famous man in the world (as opposed to just the dumbest). Most people feel pretty risqué having one or two tattoos, but one man has taken body art to an entirely new level.article-2696081-1FB909F700000578-983_638x656 Vin Los, 24 from Montreal has covered his face, neck and torso with dozens of tattooed words. Far from the elaborate artistic designs most tattoo fans covet, Vin has basic words, inked in different sizes, spread haphazardly across his face and body. Canadian model hopes random word face tattoos will make him the most famous man in the world

A just and true nomination; ‘Vin Los’ stands out head and shoulders above past nominees. Why-O-Why-O-Why?      Yours Aye.

Obama, out of touch with reality!

‘It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy’: Obama goes AWOL again with just 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash feared to have killed Americans before his jokey 16-minute transport speech.article-2696366-1FBABA5C00000578-116_634x425

President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 295 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, as he began an often jokey 16-minute speech about the need to expand America’s transportation infrastructure. There are no confirmed American dead, an earlier Reuters report claimed that it was feared that as many as 23 U.S. citizens had perished. Obama declared in Wilmington, Delaware that ‘it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy,’ but not before enthusiastically declaring that ‘it is wonderful to be back in Delaware.’article-2696366-1FBAA5AD00000578-403_634x408

‘Before I begin, obviously the world is watching reports of a downed passenger jet near the Russia-Ukraine border. And it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy. Right now we’re working to determine whether there were American citizens on board. That is our first priority.’ ‘And I’ve directed my national security team to stay in close contact with the Ukrainian government. The United States will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why. And as a country, our thoughts and prayers are with all the families and passengers, wherever they call home.

Obama then quickly returned to his prepared remarks. ‘I want to thank Jeremie for that introduction’ he said. ‘Give Jeremie a big round of applause.’ ‘It is great to be in the state that gave us Joe Biden. We’ve got actually some better-looking Bidens with us here today. We’ve got Beau and his wife, Hallie, are here. Give them a big round of applause. We love them.’ ‘It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy’: Obama goes AWOL again with just 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash feared to have killed Americans before his jokey 16-minute transport speech.

I have no real comment to make, as I find this man utterly despicable.      Yours Aye.

MH17: A gross act of terrorism

‘That was a blast – look at the smoke’: Sick boast of the laughing rebels as they ‘saw MH17 hit by missile’ – hours after leader boasted: ‘We warned you – do not fly in our sky’ Laughing rebels filmed the plane as it crashed, gleefully bragging ‘That was a blast – look at the smoke!’ while a fireball rose from the debris. One of the voices is believed to be militia commander Igor Strelkov, who then penned a triumphant war cry on Twitter, saying: ‘We warned you – do not fly in “our sky”.’article-2696389-1FBAB60500000578-612_308x474

A sickening mobile phone video posted online shows a pall of black smoke billowing over the crash site as three rebels provide an excited commentary. The extraordinary footage – apparently filmed by the shooters themselves – charts the terrible final moments of the doomed airliner.

Shortly after the passenger plane was downed, Strelkov – seen smirking in propaganda photos – tweeted a boastful message claiming responsibility. At the time, he apparently believed he had shot down an Antonov-26 military plane of the Ukrainian Air Force, saying it landed near a mine named Progress.

 His chilling message read: ‘In the area Torez we just hit down An-26, it’s lying somewhere in the mine “Progress”. ‘We warned you – do not fly in “our sky”. And here is the video confirmation of the “bird dropping”. ‘Bird fell near the mine, the residential sector was not disturbed. Civilians are not injured.’ Later as the horror became clear, the tweet was deleted. Far from civilians being unharmed, accounts began to emerge of bodies falling out of the stricken plane over the village of Rassypnaya. Residents said charred and naked bodies lay in the streets. Strelkov, who minutes earlier had been boasting about his ‘military’ success, seems to have gone to ground once he realised his catastrophic mistake.article-2696161-1FBA45F300000578-196_964x405‘That was a blast – look at the smoke’: Sick boast of the laughing rebels as they ‘saw MH17 hit by their missile’

295 innocent lives gone in moments of madness, an act of terrorism. It looks like master player Vladimir Putin just lost control of the chess board. Take a good look at ‘Igor Girkin’ aka ‘Igor Strelkov’ (top pic) who is well-known  for his clandestine roles in Russia’s dirty wars. Dead men tell no tales, and some thing tells me that ‘Igor’ is now a walking dead man!          Yours Aye.article-2696847-1FC21B1900000578-647_964x677UP DATE Friday 18 July 2014: Is this the smoking gun? Footage emerges of BUK missile launcher being smuggled back to Russia and missing TWO rockets

Behind every blade of grass…

The Swash Express Clothing Care System uses a scented solution and a heater to remove odours and light wrinkles from clothes. It can cut your dry cleaning costs and preserve your clothes from the wear and tear of washing. Swash Express Clothing Care SystemSwash

I reckon I can get through life without being ‘Swashed’ on a daily basis, and save a small fortune in doing so. However; if ever they invented a canine friendly version that removes the horrendous scent of fox ‘doo-doo’ from a certain canine who rolls in it when ever he gets the chance, then put me down for one ASAP! Especially when he knows what he has done, after being washed down once this day! Behind every blade of grass ;-) Yours Aye.Behind every blade of grass!

Aló Presidente…

article-2693145-1FA9F03500000578-187_638x469New emergency alert system will give Obama the power to flip a switch and address the entire nation at once. 

The Obama administration ‘quietly’ announced on Tuesday that it intends to change the way Americans learn about natural disasters and other major emergencies during radio and TV broadcasts, giving the president the ability to flip a switch and address the entire nation at once.0901-OBAMA-SPEECH_full_600

The Emergency Alert System, the latest version of a program first established in 1951, blasts out emergency messages in the event of local weather emergencies, but can also be used to warn Americans about terror attacks and major natural disasters. 

Every broadcaster in the country is required to participate in the EAS. Messages travel along a closed, private network, piggybacking from station to station. It can take up to 10 minutes for every radio, TV, cable and satellite provider to blare its alert.       ‘Big Brother is talking to you!’ 130124645301_w_eg5639

The slippery slope, and the socialists/communists favourite weapon of choice; propaganda!

We too have the left-wing socialist BBC (British Bull-s**t Corporation,) whose role in wartime, or time of crisis, is to spread propaganda to enlighten the general public and allay their fears. Aló Presidente (right) famously used his original one hour slot to spout ‘nonsense niff-naff and trivia’ for the good of himself and the people of socialist Venezuela. But, hey! Barry and his circus can be trusted, they would ‘never’ abuse such an emergency system for political gain… ;-) Desperate times, desperate measures, desperate men!           Yours Aye.

‘costa china clayppachino’

article-2692760-1BF2746000000578-139_634x908Can drinking CLAY help you lose weight? Crazy new health trend sweeps Hollywood … and Zoe Kravitz (right) and Elle Macpherson are said to be fans. 

From the 5:2 diet to oil pulling (swishing unrefined coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes), with each week that passes, there’s a new celebrity health craze sweeping Tinseltown. The latest barmy way to shift pounds in Hollywood? Drinking clay.article-2692760-1FA86F1B00000578-268_306x423 

According to Grazia magazine, Zoe Kravitz, Shailene Woodley and even health guru Elle Macpherson have been drinking the volcanic stuff. The latest barmy way to shift pounds in Hollywood!

Jeezus wept, have these people got rocks for brains? What next;  a ‘costa china clayppachino’ made from clay scraped from an ox ‘s hoof as it leaves the paddy field! Who lays awake all night thinking up these stupid ideas…      Yours Aye.

Two faced or what?

Two Heads againThe Thing With Two Heads! 1972 film ‘Starring’ Roosevelt Grier & Ray Milland. ‘A rich but racist man is dying and hatches an elaborate scheme for transplanting his head onto another man’s body. His health deteriorates rapidly, and doctors are forced to transplant his head onto the only available candidate: a black man from death row.’ The Thing With Two Heads; Trailer. Rated PG. 1972Two headsI am so glad this film popped up on LiveLeak, it brought so many memories flooding back. Quick Dit: Mid 80′s era. 40 CDO RM deployed to Otterburn Ranges for a fortnight’s live firing package. Each evening after supper there would be a clatter-clatter (reel to reel) film shown in the main dining hall. Every one was ready and seated to watch Gallipoli The lights dimmed; a cheer went out; and there before our eyes in full Technicolor appeared ‘The Thing With Two Heads?’ Some clown had switched the films and ripped us off!    Second Parachute Regiment as it happened, who were now watching Gallipoli instead, as they had placed an expressive note inside one of the cans admitting guilt… Barstewards!


The cheers turned to groans, as the innocent volunteer ‘projectionist’ fell under a hail of beer tins. With nothing else to do (days of pre-digital) the majority of us remained seated and watched stupefied as the ‘epic’ rolled on, and on. I have never heard so much raucous laughter in all of my life… The film was so painfully awful to watch, yet hilarious at the same time due to its clichés and story line. For those amongst you who may well have missed this classic – fear not!

“Ladies & Gentlemen, as well as children accompanied by a responsible adult; I present to you the film in full.” The Thing With Two Heads                    Yours Aye.

Utter Incompassionate Barstewards

Pentagon to pink slip thousands of soldiers including some still serving in Afghanistan as part of spending cuts. Thousands of U.S. military, many still serving in the deadly war zones of Afghanistan, will be laid off as the Pentagon enforces mandatory spending cuts.iNIgBO_KQxn4Fox News reports that roughly 2,600 captains and other officers will receive ‘pink slip’ letters with even more expected to be let go after that. The controversial move is part of a larger plan to reduce the number of U.S. soldiers from 520,000 to 450,000, said Defense Department officials. The decision to lay off soldiers in active combat has been called not only bad for morale but outright dangerous. ‘It puts the soldier, the soldier’s family and the men under his command at risk,’ said retired Major Gen. Robert Scales, who is now a Fox News contributor. ‘Young officers look at each other and wonder who is next. Pentagon to pink slip thousands of soldiers

I have a good mate who received his ‘ticket’ for civvie street whilst serving in Afghanistan, which was totally unexpected, and then he had to crack on as though nothing had happened. Had he not been made of firmer stuff it could well of ruined him; having just taken on a mortgage with a newborn on the way what must have gone through his mind?Border-Wall

Well dear American friends, here is the solution to the problem with the border that Obama  has failed to fix. The good soldiers who have been pink ticketed could very well take on the role, a semi-military border force requiring hot experienced personnel will resolve the nightmare. So some one tell the top brass to stop giving away the mighty military vehicles to the country’s police forces, there could soon be a real force to be reckoned with, and they know how to use the machines correctly!                                                   Yours Aye.     Every pink ticket recipient is a nail in Obama’s coffin.

Hit the beach…

Thousands pack onto the beach in Chinese city of Qingdao as temperatures soar into the mid 35′ C range (95′ F) It’s no big thing for 100,000 or even more people to pack onto the main beach of Qingdao in China’s Shandong Province during a summer weekend but it was extra crowded this weekend as temperatures soared above 30-degrees C.article-0-1F9B02B000000578-437_964x641Along with being famed for its beer, Qingdao is proud of its beaches, especially its most popular and clean stretch of sand the Number One Bathing Beach. While the Number Two beach costs 2 Chinese Yuan (about 20 pence), Number One’s popularity is boosted by how close it is to the city centre and the fact it’s free of charge.article-0-1F9B02A800000578-968_964x641 No big thing for 100,000 or even more people to pack onto the main beach of Qingdao in China’s Shandong Province

This would be my absolute worst nightmare, without even thinking of the Chinese ‘hawking and spitting’ pollution that goes every where the Chinese muster! Look carefully, have you found Wally 沃利  yet?       Yours Aye.       ‘That is water they are standing in – right?’  ;-)

Germany. World Cup Champions 2014

Germany are World Cup Football Champions after dramatic 1-0 victory over Argentina when they finally score deep into extra time in Brazil. Germany’s Mario Gotze scored with a brilliant finish to win the World Cup for Germany tonight, as his team beat Argentina 1-0 in the hotly contested final.article-2690667-1F9F9CD200000578-543_964x393Germany’s Mario Gotze scored with a brilliant finish to win the World Cup for Germany tonight, as his team beat Argentina 1-0 in the hotly contested final.  The Bayern Munich star coolly slotted home to score in the 113th minute, after his team had been battled long into extra time in their bid to take home the famous trophy for the fourth time – the first time as a unified nation. Midfielder Gotze, 22, came on as a substitute to net the winner, controlling the ball with his chest before volleying it into the Argentine goal, making the Germans the first European team to win the title in South America. Germany are World Cup Football Champions after dramatic 1-0 victory over Argentina

As I have mentioned before; my preference is not for the sport of the round football, it is for the game of rugby (played by hooligans, watched by gentlemen!)Sour faced president However; under the circumstances I would like to congratulate Germany on a magnificent goal, and a true hearty well done to the German side overall.

Your action has blocked the insufferable, odious, sour faced Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerin from crowing from upon high. The platform opportunity from which she would have mentioned the Falkland Islands once again. If you want the islands, try and take them, I guarantee it will result in a two nil victory… Yours Aye.

תישאר ישראל החזקה Remain strong Israel

article-2688533-1F93DCEF00000578-919_964x603 Israeli leader Netanyahu vows to ignore international pressure to cease military campaign in Gaza as Palestinian death toll rises above 100.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that he would press forward with his country’s military offensive In the Gaza Strip, telling reporters that there was ‘still more to go’ in the conflict that has already claimed more than 100 lives. He defended the attacks by Israeli forces in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, saying that they are part of a determined effort to halt rocket fire by Palestinian militants. His comments come amid growing pressure from a number of international leaders to cease the military campaign – which has seen Israel attack more than 1,000 targets since Tuesday. Early morning Israeli air strike on Rafah in the southern end of the Gaza strip this morning.article-2688533-1F90F00700000578-715_964x697Israeli leader Netanyahu vows to ignore international pressure to cease military campaign

The solution is some what simple in a broad brush way; the Palestinian group HAMAS stops launching rockets and terrorist ground attacks into Israel! The day will come when Israel sweeps through Gaza with a fine tooth comb, or they could simply bomb HAMAS back into the same era their poisonous mediaeval beliefs come from.          Yours Aye.  תישאר ישראל החזקה

Viking broadsword guaranteed bad luck

Broadword2.JPGIs this England’s unluckiest sword? Viking broadsword was on the losing side of four of history’s greatest battles… and now it could be yours for just £120,000.      Click pic to enlarge

An unlucky sword used by the losers of the Battles of Stamford Bridge, Hastings, Bannockburn and Boroughbridge over a period of 250 years is expected to reach £120,000 at auction. It is believed that the 11th century broadsword was originally carried to Britain by Viking raiders when it was captured, only to be lost a few weeks later at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. In 1314, the sword was carried to Scotland at the Battle of Bannockburn, where the owner was forced to retreat having witnessed his nephew axed to death.

However, the cursed sword’s bad luck continued at the Battle of Boroughbridge in 1322, when the unfortunate owner was speared in the anus and killed. Now, the weapon is going to be auctioned by Christie’s auction house in London. Is this England’s unluckiest sword? 

Jeeze, I don’t need to part with ‘£120.000 – $205.000′ to bring forth bad luck, I can make my own for free… ;-) Aye.

IDF ‘knock on the roof’

‘Knock on the roof,’ this is how it’s done! Video filmed at Bureij, Gaza, shows small mortar round hitting roof of building to warn inhabitants of imminent attack. Prior to striking a building in the Gaza Strip, the IDF warns its inhabitants using a procedure called “Knock on the roof,” in which forces fire a small mortar at the target to indicate the imminent attack and signal those inside to flee before hitting it with full force. knock knockIn this instance the mortar was fired on the home of Hamas rocket unit head ‘Ayman Siam’ at the Bureij refugee camp; a short while afterwards the missile that almost destroyed the structure, shows how the ‘knock on the roof’ procedure works. ‘Knock knock!’ ~ “Who’s there?” ~ ‘Ivan!’ “Ivan who?” ~  ‘I’ve an in coming missile for Ayman Siam!’ 

I doubt it would be a mortar round hitting the target as accurately as that, as Bureij is one and a half miles from the Israeli border with this particular building sat within a lower profile of those surrounding it. I’ve known some good ‘Mortar Fire Controllers’ in my time, and they would struggle with such a fire mission in a built up area (unless this round was laser guided via a drone) that said, the Israeli Defence Force does lead the field in such technology. More than likely a small inert rocket with a black impact chalk head, fired from the same drone that delivered its big brother shortly after! Either way, being the head man of the HAMAS rocket unit certainly attracts some well deserved attention!  B.Z. IDF     Yours Aye.