Captain Robert Trimble – WWII Hero

260519E800000578-0-image-a-5_1424795311812The WWII American B-24 pilot who turned spy, saved 1,000 US POWs from certain death at Soviet hands and won medal after medal – but never said a word about his wartime heroismAn American bomber pilot has been unveiled as a secret hero of World War II after he saved more than 1,000 Allied POWs from certain death.26051A5800000578-2967750-Mourned_Lee_Trimble_says_his_father_should_be_remembered_as_a_tr-a-8_1424890307385

Captain Robert Trimble became a spy to smuggle soldiers and civilians out under the noses of the Soviet forces on the Eastern Front in Europe. He fooled guards, stashed $10,000 in his coat to bribe officials as he became a ‘magnet for the lost souls of foreign nations’ left behind in the war. Trimble’s most daring rescue was of 400 French women who he got to safety by arranging for an entire train to meet them at night in the woods. 2618E31800000578-2967750-image-m-19_1425058172476

Captain Robert Trimble became one of the greatest spies of World War II, saving American POWs from certain death in Soviet camps. Despite winning the highest US and French honors he never told anyone of his exploits, which are now detailed in a new book after his death written by his son.

What a great man, who truly deserves to be remembered for his compassion and heroism. I’ve ordered my copy, and I look forward to a good read. BZ Captain Robert Trimble.      Yours Aye.

Degradation – Dehumanisation – Survival.

One thing I have learned through life’s bumpy ride is to accept and analyse what nature throws down, and then work around it. We are an adaptable species regardless of our background and upbringing – arguably some would find it more difficult to survive than others – but inevitably the struggle would happen as degradation leads to dehumanisation, which is all part of our built-in self survival process that activates when we are thrown into a hostile or alien environment. Service personnel are among the most adaptable at such, which even includes the Air Force!  Buck Pennington would have bitten on that, as he often did in his unique humorous way ;-) $_12

‘Dear readers; please allow a moment of narcissism as I blow my own brass bugle.’ As an experienced survival instructor I am able to adapt pretty quickly to any environment – my skills were tested this morning when I visited ‘Ye Olde Tea Shoppe’ that sadly is no more…

In its place there now resides a new ‘Carlos Fandango type – Coffee House’ that offers Palm Civet pooped “Luwak beans” as an eye-catching marketing ploy. Just one lip smacking blend from a mind-boggling list starting with “Affogato” through to “Galao” on to “Kopi Tubruk” finishing with “Yuanyang.” The list was an eclectic mix of nonsensical sounding coffee’s gathered from every corner of the world. For customers of an ‘irregular’ disposition they even serve “Kaffee Fertig” a strong coffee with Swiss prune schnapps. Dear old Aunt Maude would have an attack of the vapours at the very thought!  Tea-Varities-e1360246360928

‘Enya’ the hot little barista bid me welcome in her foreign tongue (hot – because the heating was on full blast, and welcoming – because the place was empty!)  Enya continued – spouting forth the ‘Coffea’ plant potions on offer… I politely stopped her oral assault and requested; “A pot of Yorkshire tea please” that obviously fell on well-trained selective hearing. She artfully changed vocal gear mid-sentence and spouted further nonsense relating to fiendishly sounding tea based poultices. From “Balin Gongfu” through to “Pu-erh” finishing with “Tulsi?” and many, many, devilish variants in-between…

T bag 1Pausing to to ventilate her lungs between oxygen and carbon dioxide – I quickly seized the moment and pointed my finger at her: Do you sell Yorkshire tea? Obviously my ploy caught her totally unawares, as she hesitated: “Erm… no!” I reached into my inner jacket pocket and retrieved my self folding Samsonite coin holder that holds a small airtight bag containing 6 Yorkshire Gold tea bags. “Well I’d like a teapot of boiling water, and please drop two of these little beauties into the pot first.” Her training kicked in as fast as the oxygen being drawn into her lungs: “I’ll have to charge you full price for a pot of house tea.” ~ “That’s fine, at least I know what I’m drinking, and it is my preferred blend.italian-almond-tart-4 

The ‘Coffee House’ will not survive long around such an old established market town, as Yorkshire folk do not take kindly to change – I was the one and only customer present in the time it took to browse my morning paper. Unbeknownst at the time, the original ‘Tea Shoppe’ had co-located within the old bakers shop just along the high street, which I discovered when I toddled off to buy two fresh loaves. Obviously I had to sit and quaff another cuppa-char, as I had to wash the freshly baked almond tart down with something. The place was packed to the gunwales with old and bold loyal ‘regulars’ (without a drop of ‘Kaffee Fertig’ in sight)…      Yours Aye. 

‘Jihadi John’ is Mohammed Emwazi (walking dead.)

article-2970521-261F930000000578-609_308x400Asim Qureshi, research director at lobby group ‘CAGE’, described ‘Jihadi John’ (the world’s most wanted man) as ‘extremely kind, extremely gentle and the most humble young person that I ever knew’. At a press conference today Mr Qureshi was close to tears as he said Emwazi, who is linked to a string of executions of ISIS prisoners, ‘was such a beautiful man’ who was radicalised because the security services harassed him.images

The Jihadi John apologists: Islamic campaigner who today defended ISIS executioner as a ‘beautiful, kind young man’ was filmed calling for jihad outside U.S Embassy   Mohammed Emwazi, you can take off your scary hood mate as we know who you are – on top of which, you wouldn’t want any fibres being vacuum drawn into your ‘soon to be’ head wound, as they can cause nasty secondary infections… ;-)

Personally; I am all for closing down Guantanamo Bay and transferring the inmates lounging within to Gruinard Island just off the North West coast of Scotland. In fact I would make Gruinard Island a staging post for any Islamic militant who wishes to depart the United Kingdom for any mediaeval land of their choice…. Those in favour of both recommendations – raise your right hand and say ‘aye!’      Yours – Aye!

Paratrooper L/Cpl J. Leakey. Victoria Cross

261C9D1800000578-0-image-a-13_1424942146704Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey, is the first living British soldier to be awarded the VC, the highest military decoration for valour, in ten years and only the second since 1969. Three times he sprinted across an open field in a hail of Taliban bullets in Afghanistan to save an injured USMC Captain and grab a machine gun to fire on the enemy, turning a crucial battle in 2013. In an extraordinary moment at the ceremony where he received his VC yesterday, General Sir Nick Carter, the head of the Army, congratulated him with a handshake only to pull him in for an emotional hug. The 27-year-old also became the second person in his family to be awarded the medal – his second cousin Sergeant Nigel Gray Leakey, bottom right, was given the honour 70 years ago during the Second World War.


Well done bonnie lad, and richly deserved…      Yours Aye.

Hillarity Clinton hoarder extraordinaire…

I’m overweight, and I hoard things: Hillary Clinton goes human in lead up to 2016 while showcasing herself as a mom and grandma. Hillary Clinton, who has in past had trouble talking about her wealth and life experiences, is intensifying an effort to humanize herself to likely voters.260EB2FF00000578-2968768-image-a-6_1424882817305 

Clinton has increasingly made mention of her roles as both a mother and grandmother in remarks, framing her public policies in the context of the hardships she dealt with while raising only child Chelsea and the hopes and fears she has about the world her granddaughter Charlotte will inhabit. 

During a Tuesday speech in Silicon Valley, her first in the U.S. this year, Clinton indulged in self-deprecating humour. She casually joked about being overweight at the conference targeting women and teased that she might have a hoarding problem.

Hillarity’s hoarding item has been identified as ‘truth.’ Bah!      Yours Aye. Harrumph!

Iran attacks replica ‘US Carrier.’ Haw!

Iran makes a huge show of blowing up a ‘US aircraft carrier’ in explosive TV spectacle. Iranian officials had more than a dozen speedboats attack a replica of a US aircraft carrier today and featured the large-scale naval drill on a state TV broadcast.2615496E00000578-2968108-In_addition_to_the_carrier_attack_the_drill_included_the_Guard_s-a-5_1424884399561The nationally televised show of force by the country’s elite Revolutionary Guard occurred near the strategically vital entrance of the Persian Gulf. The ‘Great Prophet 9′ drill was held near the Strait of Hormuz, through which about a fifth of the world’s oil passes through.

Who’d have thought it – Iranians with a sense of humour? Or should it be classed as delusional grandeur? I’d willingly pay for a waterside seat to watch them try against the real McCoy…      Yours Aye.

Mugabe “Hitler of Africa”

19971024-blair_2189488cI can’t imagine that anyone in his right mind would actually want to go to the 91st birthday party of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, which takes place this Saturday.     By Boris Johnson writing for the The Telegraph

It promises to be an event of truly spectacular moral ugliness. While his people are starving, the ancient despot will convoke 20,000 cronies at a kind of golf club-cum-safari lodge near the Victoria Falls. In scenes reminiscent of the more disgusting and luxurious behaviour of the emperor Commodus, he will cause various exotic beasts to be slaughtered for the feast.robert_mugabe

Five impalas will be roasted, two sables, two buffaloes – and then, to the ululations of his drunken Zanu-PF supporters, there will be a series of culinary climaxes, each more revolting than the last. A local farmer has procured two elephants, and after these rare and majestic creatures have been butchered for the delectation of the semi-deified Mugabe, there will be one more type of meat to come – an animal that you might think was semi-sacred, whose killing should be taboo, a creature that people would never normally dream of eating. Yes, a lion, the king of the animal kingdom, will lay down its life before the meat-maddened mob and have the honour of surrendering its mortal flesh to the palsied gullet of the man who still calls himself the “Hitler of Africa”

Happy birthday, Mr Mugabe, with special love from Labour – Tony Blair’s despicable betrayal of a vital 1979 agreement has allowed this tyrant to flourish

I read this piece very early on Sunday morning – needless to say it knocked the pleasure out of my full english breakfast… Please let there be a living hell for ‘Barstewards’ like Mugabe, and others of his ilk, which includes political opportunists like the grand socialist Tony B’Liar who has made his fortune through the abject misery of others…       Yours Aye.

C J Pearson tells it as it is…

Georgia 12-year-old springs to Giuliani’s defense and becomes an internet hit as he brands Obama ‘unwilling to protect America’ Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani may have come under fire for saying that President Barack Obama does not love America, but he has at least one 12-year-old backer in Georgia

Middle school student CJ Pearson made a YouTube video in which he said that the Commander-in-Chief had a ‘downright hate for the American values our country holds’. Well young man – you may well be a future political star in the making. No doubt you will have the White House PR teams running around in circles, they will be scouring your background for dirt – 12-years-old or not – they will dig until their hands blister.  BZ CJ…   Yours Aye.

Bull in a china shop skills

Using my ‘bull in a china shop’ gardening skills’ – I spent most of Saturday topping off high hedgerows and trimming down their sides, all in preparation for my feathered friends to start nesting. Fortunately it was a beautiful bright spring day; unfortunately throughout the evolution I inhaled dust clouds and fine debris through the process, which left me chock-a-block this morning. Nothing that a few hot toddies couldn’t sort out this cold evening. Having viewed the following picture, I may have got the Bushmills Whiskey mix wrong – or not as the case may be…        Click to enlarge for the full effect.the_architect_erik_johansson_1

It’s the work of Erik Johansson;“A photographer and ‘retoucher’ from Sweden who uses photography as a way of collecting material to realise ideas in his mind.”  Dear Gawd; I think my stabilisers have gone slightly skew-whiff, as I appear to be listing to port! Speaking of which, I’ve just thought of the prefect night-cap that is also a decongestant ‘cough, wheeze, and splutter’ purely for medicinal reasons of course…      Yours Aye.

Manbags – Bah & Harrumph!

Men splash out £42 MORE on designer manbags than women do on handbags…!manbags2011-men It will come as a shock to any woman who’s ever splashed out on the latest designer handbag, but men actually spend more on their ‘man-bags’. 

A study found men shell out £106 for a bag on average – £42 more than women, who spend around £64. Man-bags are most popular among younger age groups.  Overall 1 in 10 men carry a man-bag most days – rising to a fifth in under-25s

I need to buy an anti-splash screen for my keyboard, as I nearly chugged a mouthful of tea over it when this article caught my eye. Bloody man-bags indeed – more like ruddy ‘boy-bags!’ “There would be much weeping and gnashing of teeth if ever I was gifted one” When needs must I use my trusty Samsonite hard-shell attaché case – tough enough to stop a rhinoceros charge! Yours Aye.

Lead scout – dog tired…

Stood to‘Lead scout’ had a long day chasing after crows, rabbits, pheasants, as well as patrolling the surrounding fields.

Five minutes to a bright winter sunset, and ‘casually’ stood to!Going Stood down – and going…

Going 2








Sleep comes easy to those who work their tail off… Especially when they zig-zag two miles for each one I walk – today was a long walk.       Yours Aye.

The sputtering-wheezing-misfiring POTUS

Having watched the ‘Emperor’ POTUS waffle speak earlier, I was minded of a diesel engine Landrover whose tank had been topped up with petrol – such sputtering, wheezing, and misfiring as the mighty V8 engine struggles to impress. Obama bumbler in chief

Such was the case whilst watching the POTUS deliver his script writers speech as part of the ‘White House Summit to Counter Violent Islamic Extremism.’ Where once again he rejects the idea that ISIS represents Islam.

The POTUS has proven beyond all doubt that he is not a leader, nor a great (confident) orator. The former Chicago community activist still believes fundamentally in the power of human networks and civic society; “countering violent extremism begins with political, civic, and religious leaders rejecting sectarian strife.25CE1F7B00000578-2960293-image-a-15_1424365923639  

Barry old chum, a word to the wise – ‘ISIS is ISLAM’ And if you’re going to present someone else’s fantasy speech, at least try to pretend you understand the meat of the subject contained within it. Rehearse the same over and over until you gain sufficient confidence to at least bluff your way through it. If you require inspiration to bolster your confidence then simply remember; you are the Commander In Chief of America’s Armed Forces – the mightiest fighting force in the world.        Yours Aye.

‘Ali’s snack-bar’ clown training…

It was no doubt intended to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, but the Islamic State’s latest video appears far more playground than battleground. ISIS today released more footage from its terror training camps, showing its recruits disguised as bushes, cracking tiles over their heads and performing clumsy roly-polies. The video bears all the hallmarks of the slickly edited propaganda material regularly pumped out by the terror group’s media arm to dramatic effect.     Ho-Hum – as I stifle a yawn…

Footage shows next generation of fighters at terror camp in Iraq or Syria – Hilarity ensues..!

Makes me wonder why 9 months ‘basic’ was required at the RM Commando Training Centre?      Yours Aye.      ISIS-ISIL – Cowardly scum by any other name.

Cell phone or Hell phone?

Constantly checking your mobile? Then you could be depressed, study claims.25CC0F8200000578-2958430-People_who_can_t_put_down_their_mobile_phones_illustrated_with_a-a-14_142426099126325CC0F9400000578-2958430-Scientists_from_Baylor_University_in_Waco_Texas_said_that_indivi-a-13_1424260985411

Scientists from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, said that individuals who relentlessly check their phone (stock images shown) may be trying to improve how they feel emotionally. Study found people attached to their phones are more prone to moodiness

My iPhone goes into my pocket first thing in the morning, and only sees daylight if it rings. The fewer the calls, the more content I become; I’m oozing contentment as I pixelate before you.       Yours Aye.

American sniper – the cure to a problem

257750D200000578-2956689-image-a-62_1424179304423American Sniper condemned for encouraging violence against Muslims… by Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Iran’s supreme leader has criticized the film ‘American Sniper,’ saying the movie about a U.S. soldier fighting in Iraq encourages violence against Muslims, a state-run newspaper has claimed. 

The comments by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei come amid renewed criticism of the West by the leader as his country negotiates with world powers over its contested nuclear program.

Ali you bumbling buffoon, a few choice words for your dainty shell-like ears; “American sniper wasn’t the problem, he was the cure for your rotten mediaeval disease!” Yours Aye. ‘Repeat prescriptions for extremists are available upon request!’

Saudi Cleric makes an arse of himself

Saudi Cleric becomes online laughing-stock after telling students the sun rotates around the Earth as otherwise planes would not be able to fly… ? A Saudi cleric has publicly claimed that the Earth is a static object which is orbited by the sun, adding that centuries of evidence to the contrary is little more than fabrication.

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari is believed to have been speaking at a university lecture in the United Arab Emirates when a student asked him whether the Earth rotates or is stationary.
The Islamic scholar quickly replies ‘stationary and does not move’, before launching into a long-winded and confusing explanation that appears to the suggest that if the Earth was moving, airliners would never be able to reach their destination.

Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari claimed Earth is stationary and the Sun rotates…a-survey-in-1988-found-that-13-percent-of-people-think-the-moon-is-really-made-out-of-cheese

And the moon is made out of goat cheese!  I may have to train Nipper in the ‘Heimlich Manoeuvre,’ as I almost choked on my toasted cheese and tomato sandwich when I viewed the video clip. It was touch and go for a while, and I really thought I was done for…      Yours Aye.     Old NFO – you’ve got some explaining to do mate… ;-)