George Galloway walks into a fist

Respect MP George Galloway hit repeatedly around head by attacker who ‘called him Hitler’ as firebrand politician posed for pictures on street in Notting Hill, London.article-2738230-20E9569D00000578-935_308x433

Outspoken MP George Galloway has left hospital with severe bruising after he was punched repeatedly in the face and body as he was called ‘Hitler’ in a west London street attack, says spokesman. The ‘Respect Party’ MP for Bradford West was posing for pictures in Notting Hill when he was ‘leapt on’ and assaulted last night – by a man yelling comments about the Holocaust.

Galloway has been receiving death threats and hate mail after calling for Bradford to be ‘declared an Israel-free zone’ three weeks ago, according to his spokesman. MP George Galloway hit repeatedly around the head and body by attacker in London

When this was first reported, it was stated that he suffered a broken jaw, which would have required a an iron girder from the Sheffield steel rolling mills to wire it shut; unfortunately it appears not to be the case. Sadly Galloway loves to ‘bump his gums’ spouting forth bile and hatred, such an attack will prove to be counter productive in the long run. Champagne socialist Galloway is best dealt with by being starved of publicity, it is hoped that one day soon that nature will starve him of oxygen…      Yours Aye.

Half starved Nipper ‘Stood-Too’


More armed police to patrol the UK’s streets as threat level is raised to its highest for years, and Prime Minister warns that we are in the fanatics’ sights

The Prime Minister’s remarks came after the official threat level was raised from substantial to severe – the second highest – amid growing fears over extremists returning from Iraq and Syria. Mr Cameron (pictured inset speaking in Downing Street today) said ISIS now posed a ‘greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before’. The PM said terrorism was ‘the most important issue facing this country today’.

He also announced that new laws will be passed to make it easier to remove extremists’ passports if there are concerns they will travel to the Middle East to join ISIS. The Prime Minister’s remarks came after the Home Secretary Theresa May stressed that there is no information to suggest an attack is imminent, but warned: ‘We face a real and serious threat in the UK from international terrorism.’ More armed police to patrol streets as threat level is raised to its highest for years and Prime Minister warns that we are in the fanatics’ sights


ISIS in Mexico? Feds DENY watchdog group’s claim that the terror group is operating in Juarez and plans ‘imminent’ car-bomb attacks on US targets

Judicial Watch’s US government sources say the terror group is a stone’s throw away from El Paso, Texas as the White House dither’s on anti-ISIS strategy. Feds DENY watchdog group’s claim that the terror group is operating in Juarez and plans ‘imminent’ car-bomb attacks on US targets

The threat has been with us on both sides of the pond for years, all the while each government has fallen asleep on the job – bored to tears trying to defend the un-defendable in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, I have finished the maze of traps and fire trenches around my humble abode. I have also duct taped a commando dagger to Nipper’s head, and half-starved him so he is ready to take on the first black clad extremist who dares to enter my perimeter. May their God have plenty of vestal virgins on stand-by…      Yours Aye.

A traitorous barsteward…

article-2737905-20E6FC3D00000578-61_306x423US Navy Warrant officer who spied for Soviet Union with his son and brother in ‘most devastating leak in US military history’ dies in prison. A former American sailor convicted during the Cold War of leading a family spy ring for the Soviet Union has died in a prison hospital in North Carolina. ‘Retired’ Navy Warrant Officer John A. Walker Jr. died Thursday at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman Chris Burke said. The cause of death was not immediately released. He was 77.

Walker was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty in 1985 to passing secrets to the Soviets while he was a shipboard communications officer.The security breach was then considered among the largest and most devastating leaks of military secrets in the nation’s history.article-2737942-20E7364200000578-111_306x423 

A cryptologist, Walker used his high-level security clearance to provide Navy codes, ship locations, and other sensitive data in exchange for cash. After his 1976 retirement, Walker recruited his son, his brother and a friend to keep providing the Soviets fresh information. All were convicted. Walker’s spying career began in 1967, when he was based at the massive U.S. Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia.

Walker went to the Soviet Embassy in Washington and volunteered to hand over secret coded material on a regular basis, according to court documents.

The death penalty would have saved the tax payer an awful lot of money; there will be no tears shed over this side of the pond at this traitors demise…        Yours Aye.

Obviously made In CHINA

New £400m railway station turns into enormous waterfall after heavy rain leaks through thousands of holes in the roof.  The reputation of China’s new £400million Shijiazhuang Railway Station has been washed away by thousands of leaks during a rainstorm that turned the inside of the building into a giant waterfall.Rainstorm creates 'indoor waterfall' at Shijiazhuang Railway Station, Hebei province, China - 28 Aug 20141409316942156_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_byTorrential rain hit Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province, on Thursday night, but its railway station, which is served by China’s high-speed trains, was not up to the job of sheltering passengers. Water passed through the ceiling of the station, built-in 2012, soaking passengers waiting inside. ‘Water’ way to run a railway: New £400m Chinese railway station turns into enormous waterfall through leaky roof.

If I was one of the engineers responsible I would duck & run, as heads will surely roll… ;-) Yours Aye.

The aromatics of grilled bacon

1409183744078_wps_8_Cameo_Crispi_mugshot_VERNWoman named Crispi who set ex-boyfriend’s house on fire with bacon to stand trial on arson charges. 

Cameo Crispi, a 32 year-old mother from Uintah County, Utah, was arrested on March 14 after her ex boyfriend contacted police to say that she had been harassing him and he wanted her to stop — and leave his home. She had repeatedly called and texted her former flame, who was not home at the time, while at his residence, where she left the bacon over a lit burner.



Cameo Crispi in her mug shot (pictured above) and on Facebook (pictured left) has been charged with setting her ex’s home on fire by leaving a pound of bacon on the stove and scattering hot coals on the floor Woman named Crispi set ex boyfriends  house on fire with bacon

Only a woman with a cruel ‘streak’ could do such a thing – ‘a whole pound of bacon!’ For ‘Gawds’ sake lock her up and throw away the key for committing the ultimate crime… ;-)   Yours Aye.

Move along-nothing to see here…

1409181988452_wps_2_Mac_Cartoon_280814_jpgIndustrial strength whitewash (pictured) as used by the South Yorkshire Police, as well as Rotherham Council, and additional authorities in South Yorkshire. Industrial strength air fresheners are soon to be placed around the area to offset the stench of corruption, and the rotten sulphurous smell of failure.      Yours Aye.

Mac of the Daily Mail on… ‘the Rotherham child abuse scandal’ PUBLISHED: 00:27, 28 August 2014

Keep Calm & Roll With It

Roll with the times: U.S. company takes the cardboard strengthening roll OUT of toilet paper for first time in a century in move to cut down on waste. 1409126948532_wps_1_Tubeless_toilet_roll_ScotIt has been almost 125 years since a cardboard tube was first inserted into a roll of toilet paper. But now engineers at an American company have decided to remove it and replace the tube with – nothing, in an attempt to cut down on waste. Kimberly-Clark Corp. says the simple step could eliminate a large chunk of 17 billion cardboard tubes thrown away each year – enough to fill the Empire State Building twice.

U.S. company takes the cardboard strengthening roll OUT of toilet paper roll…images I made my first pair of binoculars from two cardboard rolls as a 4-year-old. The end is nigh.               Yours Ayeroll with it

‘You gotta roll with it, you gotta take your time’ You Tube…   ;-)

United Kingdom of Great Britain

I’m in a no-nonsense mood today – the sort of mood that oozes ‘step aside’ or go down.          Hence the following muse placed before you…1731747750My first and final post on Scotland voting for Independence without politics involved, and none of the why’s, and where for’s, over the ‘for and against’ choice. However, I will state this; I want to see Scotland vote no, and stay and play her part within the United Kingdom of Great Britain. There is talk that If Scotland votes for independence the blue Cross of St Andrew will be removed from the Union Flag. Scotland’s one and only national flag will obviously then become the Saltire of which they will fly with pride.

flagsShould Scotland leave I would urge those faceless civil servants idling – sat on their fat arses somewhere in the depths of Whitehall to retain the blue cross within the Union Flag as it also represents the dark blue waters that surrounds the shoreline of our sceptred Isle. I have sworn allegiance to it, and bled for it, and lost countless friends who made the ultimate sacrifice on its behalf, several of whom were wrapped and buried within its fabric. 

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,–
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.     

As scribed by William Shakespeare: 1597.      Yours Aye.

Betrayed by Politically Correct cowards

Betrayed by the Politically Correct cowards: Damning report reveals 1,400 girls were abused by sex gangs because social workers and police feared racism claims so they did nothing. They are worse than the Pakistani gang scum, and they too should be exposed.1409061737113_wps_8_Screen_grabs_of_report_be

* Report found 1,400 children abused between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham.
* The figure is likely to be a conservative estimate of the true scale.
* Victims terrorised with guns and doused in petrol and threatened with fire.
* More than a third of the cases were already know to agencies. 
* Author of the report condemned ‘blatant’ failings by council’s leadership.
* Action blocked by political correctness as staff ‘feared appearing racist.’
*Majority of victims described the perpetrators as ‘Asian’ men. 
* Leader of Rotherham Council has stepped down with immediate effect. 
* No council employees will receive disciplinary action, leaders state.1409064517488_Image_galleryImage_File_picture_shows_Adil_H1409064518713_wps_8_File_picture_shows_Razwan1409064528769_Image_galleryImage_File_picture_shows_Umar_R1409064540213_Image_galleryImage_File_picture_shows_Zafran1409064541282_wps_9_File_picture_shows_Mohsin

At least 1,400 girls were left to be abused by Pakistani Asian men because the authorities were too scared to admit there was a race issue, a report said yesterday. Over a 16-year period, children as young as 11 were sexually exploited by gangs of men most of them of Pakistani origin (gang of five above.) But police and council officials suppressed evidence of the crimes because they feared being labelled racist.article-2735169-20D55DEC00000578-126_634x759article-2735169-20D55DE400000578-511_634x337 Betrayed by the Politically Correct cowards: Damning report reveals 1,400 girls abused by Pakistani Asian gangs…

There should now be a dedicated witch hunt throughout the South Yorkshire Police Service, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) the Local Authority, as well as the Social Services responsible for their care. Those found guilty should then be exposed and sacked, with those taking early retirement losing their pension. They should all then face prosecution; every single individual who failed in their duty deserves no clemency what so ever, regardless of age, race, or religion. And I will guarantee you this, there will have been Pakistani Asians working within the above mentioned authorities who acted favourably to their own kind. Rotten stinking corrupt scum – one and all.      Yours Aye.

UP DATE; and the gnashing of teeth continues…article-0-20D7F1FD00000578-417_634x493

‘Cover up’: Pakistani councillors at Rotherham Council ‘acted as barriers’ in the face of attempts to expose the scandal which saw 1,400 children sexually abused by Asian gangs 

Did some Pakistani councillors in Rotherham block attempts to tackle child abuse? Council officer’s controversial claim in scandal report which found ‘little attempt’ to investigate the role of race in pedophile activity

‘Pull up a sandbag and swing the lamp’

I met up with an old ‘oppo’ of mine over the weekend, for what I thought was going to be a ‘pull up a sandbag and swing the lamp’ affair over a gallon of Guinness. Serving alongside ‘Mac’ was always an experience as he was the observant silent type, uttering one line pearls of wisdom with such perfect timing that he often reduced a section of Marines into dying flies. Absolutely dependable and as solid as a rock, until mixed with alcohol, after which the genie was released out of the Whiskey bottle. In his defence it must be said that he was a bloody good Marine who only allowed the cork to be popped & stoppered over weekends and leave periods.S-412-0029-70-000    The genies bottle (aka – ‘low flyer.’)

‘Mac’ originally hailed from the wilds of the Scottish Borders, and after spending 12 years in the Corps he took himself straight off to Europe to seek further adventure (general dogs body in a travelling circus, taxi driver around Marseilles, CP operative in and around Monaco – Morocco – Italy – Africa. General casanova in and around France working as a barman, before opening and running a partially successful bar/bistro in Paris, of which he sold on to finance his travel around the Greek island group known as the Cyclades. That finally led onto his last evolution, and discovery whilst working with local fishermen who trawled nets from a large whaler by hand.) ‘Mac’ found ‘Jesus’ in the form of christianity, he became a christian for the first time in his life, and his crazy world of adventure ceased on a beach one morning on the Island of Syros (a long story perhaps for another day.) Sadly our ‘catch-up’ was not the social catch-up I was expecting…images

Saturday at 12:00hrs in a bar in York; drinking tea and listening to a bible thumping christian spouting ‘the word’ from his leather-bound holy book is tantamount to light torture. At one point I was all for pushing the soft leather-covered book into an orifice where the sun doesn’t shine, which had the desired effect as the conversation slowly ended. As did our catch-up. His journey was taking him onto Edinburgh, where he was going to attend a 4 week christian symposium “Don’t suppose you would like to follow on and attend too?” said Mac in a half-hearted way. My Anglo saxon reply was more positive and to the nth degree. Such is life with its twists and turns and I am truly happy for Mac and his discovery, I just hope that one day soon he realises that his choice and forceful approach almost verges on the fanatical – that could end up requiring the skills of a proctologist.images-1

I recall a conversation I once had with ‘Taff’ the Padre in 42 Cdo, as we quaffed more than a few tins at the Unit BBQ, of which he stated out of the blue “Do you know, it is my opinion that born again christians are far worse than reformed smokers, who incessantly complain about the smell of cigarette smoke” What it meant at the time was beyond me, as ‘Taff’ the Padre had long since kicked his nicotine habit, and he never, ever, pushed his chosen trade into a conversation. More the reason why he was greatly respected, each to their own choice of worship, and in their own way…    Yours Aye.

Un-politically bloody correct!

The most riotously un-PC travel guides ever! The informed, detailed, authoritative and unguardedly rude Baedeker’s.  An Englishman on holiday in Spain a century ago found a country with little to recommend it. Waking up on the first morning and consulting his guide-book, he would have read the following description: ‘Spain is a bleak and often arid land, with few traces of picturesqueness.’  Heh-Heh; Some things never change…!1408921700822_wps_7_Edwardian_tourists_ridingThe towns, the guide continues, are wreathed in tobacco smoke and the cafes are ‘very deficient in comfort and cleanliness’. The guide further warns that the service from waiters, chambermaids and porters is generally very slack and that the traveller should always count his change. In the Spanish countryside there is great danger of highway robbery, while in the cities the police will arrest anyone they can lay their hands on. The railway carriages and omnibuses are so filthy that a clothes brush, a duster and some insect powder should always be at hand. As for the national sport of bull fighting, it is ‘the most unsportsmanlike and cowardly spectacle’ a civilised man will ever see.Baedekers

This is the account of Spain given in the 1914 Baedeker Guide. These small, red books, bound in leather, were the first recourse for an Englishman abroad in the late 19th and early 20th century. The tone of the Baedeker guides is informed, detailed, authoritative — and riotously, unguardedly rude. “The Spanish are indolent, the Greeks filthy, the Italians dishonest and the ‘Orientals’ as stupid as children.” 

“In Syria, you are advised to ward off stray dogs with an umbrella and in Egypt it is acceptable to hit a cab driver with your walking stick.” Germany, of course, is beyond reproach. But what of Great Britain? “As for the British themselves,” Baedeker observes “that the country is a place of parsons, puppy dogs and peculiar people”images  

The Baedeker’s guides reflect an imperial attitude that would be unthinkable today. For a century, Baedeker’s — founded in 1832 by German publisher Karl Baedeker — was the indispensable guide to Europe, the Middle East and beyond.  The most riotously un-PC travel guides ever! The informed, detailed, authoritative and unguardedly rude Baedeker’s

Oh for a time machine to return to the age of pre-digital, pre-policitcal correctness, and pre-health & safety.            Yours Aye.

Gotcha – yer hideous barsteward…

The descent of ‘Jihadi John’: Facebook photos show transformation from a rapper on streets of Maida Vale to prime suspect in brutal beheading of journalist James Foley.article-2733228-20C3699300000578-455_636x382Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary was a rising star who performed under the name ‘L Jinny’ before leaving his parents’ leafy £1million home in Maida Vale, London, to fight in Syria. Now an album of pictures has emerged showing his slide into radicalism. Early shots show him wearing western labels such as Adidas hoodies as he raps in the studio (top left), while another shot shows him squaring up to riot police. Later images show the former lyricist in military fatigues and a mask wielding a machine gun, an AK-47 and an M16 assault rifle. The descent of ‘Jihadi John’ the prime suspect in brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley.

I am all for conducting Israeli justice on those who act in such a way, by bulldozing his, or his family’s home into the ground. An extreme measure, conducted under extreme circumstances, against extremists; no more pussy footing around.      Yours Aye.

“The murdering barsteward is definitely a British Muslim, and judging by his punctuated slang accent, as well as a few colloquialism’s, I would say it places him from one of the inner Borough’s of London, and not from a working class background – more middle class. One thing is for certain; even though his face is covered, his height as well as body frame with bow legs, combined with his slow measured speech, and his exposed eyes with half-dropped eyelids, has revealed who he really is.”

PS: Maida Vale is an inner London borough that is but 3.5 miles from Westminster, and the House of Commons…

And Gawd bless you too!

School suspends teen who said ‘bless you’ to another student who sneezed.article-2730454-20ACE38300000578-678_636x382A teacher at Dyer County High School in Tennessee banned the phrase and other ‘godly speaking’ (list of banned words pictured bottom left) from the classroom. After student Kendra Turner, 17 (right), uttered the phrase she was sent to the principal’s office where she spent the rest of the day in in-school suspension.article-2730454-20ACD64000000578-798_306x423 She says she doesn’t want the teacher to get in trouble for the suspension, but wants to spread the word that it’s ok to ‘defend God’. Other students at the school rallied in Turner’s support by wearing handmade ‘bless you’ shirts. Teen suspended from school for saying “Bless-you” to a fellow student who sneezed.

I suppose if Kendra Turner whispered  “Alhamdulillah,” (“Praise be to God”) to her sneezing friend she would have gotten away with it, as the term would have been more acceptable! Just as the word is uttered to a fellow sneezer in the Arabic world…      Yours Aye.

Cry ‘Havoc!’ And let slip the dogs of war

The fanatic who beheaded an American journalist has been named as one of a gang of British jihadi’s known as ‘The Beatles’ tasked with looking after the Islamic State’s Western hostages. article-2730336-20AC896E00000578-969_636x382Now considered one of the world’s most wanted men a massive manhunt has been launched. A former hostage said the masked Islamic State maniac (pictured) was a Londoner he had known as ‘John’. He featured in a gruesome Islamic State video which showed him issuing threats to the United States and the West before killing journalist James Foley with a knife held in his left hand. Security Services are using advanced voice recognition techniques to try to identify the murderer seen in the five-minute IS video. Experts are also studying the film to pinpoint where it was filmed. SAS actioned to find the British butcher masked ISIS Jihadi who was filmed beheading American journalist

The hunt is on, and the SAS are there. “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war”.      Yours Aye.

And adding insult to injury: “We will be relentless”… Right after my vacation: Fury as Obama is seen fist-bumping, high-fiving and laughing on the gold course just MINUTES after pledging justice for American journalist James Foley.article-2730503-20B0784B00000578-849_964x479President Barack Obama reacted to the on-camera slaying of photojournalist James Foley (far left) for five minutes on Wednesday, telling a global audience that ‘when people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.’ Minutes later he began a five-hour round at Farm Neck Golf Course on Martha’s Vineyard for his seventh visit to the links, during a vacation that began August 9. Obama (left) was joined by private equity investor Glenn Hutchins (center) and Cyrus Walker (right), the cousin of Obama’s top adviser Valerie Jarrett. He also golfed with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning (bottom).article-2730503-20AC475200000578-730_634x941

The decision to hit the golf course brought a chorus of condemnation from TV commentators, journalists, conservative partisans and Twitter users – and even an unintentional slap from the left-leaning New York Times. Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters could hardly contain his anger Wednesday night on the Fox News Channel as he discussed Obama’s reactions to the ISIS terror network’s beheading of Foley, an American who had been missing since 2012. ‘There is no way the president should be stupid enough to go play golf’ after such a somber speech, Peters said.“We will be relentless”… Right after my vacation…