Musu Qala falls – “quelle surprise!”

Musu Qala falls to the Taliban: Afghan town that British and US military died to protect is seized by insurgents making fresh advances after Allied forces withdrew.Royal Marines Musa Qala 2007 Taliban fighters have seized control of a strategically important district headquarters in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. 

British and US forces led the fight against the Taliban in Musa Qala for several years prior to their withdrawal from Helmand in October last year.  But the once key Nato position has now become the second town in northern Helmand to fall to the Taliban in recent weeks, after Nawzad.

Three thousand, three hundred and ninety-three coalition deaths (and rising,) with thousands of lives destroyed through horrific injuries – on top of countless £/$ Billions spent – squandered – and embezzled by Afghanistan’s ‘elite!’ Not one more drop of blood should to be shed over the open air toilet ‘also known as’ Afghanistan.   Yours_Aye.

She who must be obeyed…

Quick Dit: An Ex Bootneck called round for a catch up over a pot of tea, and proceeded with a detailed explanation of an ‘incident’ that happened earlier this afternoon… Every thursday both he and his svelte elfin-figured wife drive to a local supermarket to stock up on a weeks shopping. Under pain of death – he is not allowed to enter the store with his trouble & strife (wife) due to previous ‘sulky-man shopping behaviour.’ Which is the standard ’mumbling chunter’ accompanied by emotional deep sighs, and the (repetitive) one line question of; “Are we nearly finished  – good Gawd woman, how much more do we need?”  

Not for him the endless (and aimless) wandering of aisles the length of a short runway… He is now left behind the wheel with his head buried deep in a book, while ‘she who must be obeyed’ saunters off to buckle the wheels of a trolley, using the packing skills of a Nepalese sherpa. At this point I must say I admire his cunning ploy that has certainly worked in his favour – so far… 

This afternoon ‘she who must be obeyed’ returned from her supply expedition, and popped the back hatch to load up the cargo space with several days of logistics – all without a backward glance from my mate who was totally absorbed in the final chapter of his book. Upon completion the petal of his life SLAMMED the hatch down firmly where upon she fell heavily into the passenger seat. They both exchanged puzzled glances as the car gently rocked on its suspension; “Who are you – where’s my husband?” sez she, rather shocked – “What are you doing in our car?”  My mate looked at the total stranger in bewilderment, and replied; “Who are you – I don’t know your husband?”“This is ‘my’ car!”  A Yorkshire standoff quickly developed – fight or flight was out of the question because my mate had adopted the ’sit at ease’  position – belt, and zip undone, footwear discarded (‘not as lean, not as mean, but still a Marine’!) At this point ‘she who must be obeyed’ turned up with two trolleys loaded up to the gunwales (push and pull style) just as the robust ladies husband pulled alongside in their identical Honda CR-V, looking quite bemused.

After a brief explanation of events there was much joviality all around, especially when the robust ladies husband explained how he had sat and witnessed his beloved go through the whole evolution from a distant parking spot… More laughter ensued as we both shared the tale as well as a pot of tea, because you have just read the clean censored version!   Yours_Aye.

Debunking a tax myth

Daniel Hannan speaks eloquently (and accurately) over the subject oftrickle down economics.’ The result of which, will have British left-wing socialist politicians choking on their champagne. In 2012 the socialist French government started taxing the rich at 75% even though their own financial advisors warned that it would turn France into ‘Cuba without sun!’ Ignoring best advice they went ahead anyway, and promptly shot themselves in both feet – reloaded – and opened fire again. The floor is all yours Danny boy…   Yours_Aye.

Do not pass Go-Do not collect £200

Illegal immigrant workers face jail as part of Government’s immigration crackdown. Illegal immigrants will face up to six months in prison for working in the UK, the Government announces today. A new crackdown will also see late-night takeaways and off-licences facing closure if they are caught employing foreigners who have no legal right to be in the 

Details of the legislation have been revealed after the Government faced criticism for its handling of the Calais crisis and days before the release of the latest immigration figures, which could show the key measure has reached record levels. Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said: “Anyone who thinks the UK is a soft touch should be in no doubt – if you are here illegally, we will take action to stop you from working, renting a flat, opening a bank account or driving a car.

This will have the Liberal Democrats crying into their lentil soup, and the loony left-wing socialists spitting feathers over the loss of future voters. Personally I’ve just celebrated over the same story by treating my self to a large piece of black cherry pie, and two dollops of black cherry ice cream. Anyone fancy a cuppa-char?   Yours Aye.

New Broom Sweeps Clean

2BA6990400000578-0-image-a-6_1440508841857Mass amnesty in Ferguson as newly appointed judge throws out 10,000 arrest warrants in wake of damning DOJ report. Ferguson’s new municipal judge ordered massive changes Monday in the city’s much-criticized municipal court, a move he said is aimed at restoring confidence in the system and easing the burden on needy defendants. 

the-law-is-an-assChanges announced by Judge Donald McCullin include withdrawing ‘close to 10,000’ old arrest warrants and giving defendants new court dates and payment options. The new plan allows for community service or fines to be commuted for the indigent. McCullin will also reinstate driver’s license for all defendants who lost their license for failing to appear in court or failing to pay a fine, pending final disposition of the case.

No guessing who those 10,000 ‘alleged offenders’ will be voting for next time around. You may wish to call me a cynical barsteward – but I do think the decent law-abiding people of Ferguson have every thing to fear…   Yours_Aye.

The spilling of claret…

Outrage at male students’ vulgar signs for a ‘freshman daughter drop off’ where parents are told their girls will have a ‘good time.’ 2BA064CD00000578-0-image-a-6_1440437350228Parents dropping their kids off at a Virginia college were horrified last week when, right across from campus, they spotted huge banners bearing vulgar messages aimed at incoming freshmen women and their mothers. The messages, written on bed sheets, were hung from a balcony near Old Dominion University in Norfolk.article-3208541-2BA18AD400000578-765_636x382

Meanwhile 3,897 miles away in Paris. Three young American heroes of the same age as the college clowns mentioned above, represented the true youth of America… The French President Francois Hollande presented Legion d’Honneur medals to British businessman Chris Norman (far left) along with U.S. National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, and American student Anthony Sadler at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Mr Hollande told Mr Stone and Mr Skarlatos that while they may have been soldiers on that day ‘you were simply passengers. You behaved as soldiers but also as responsible men.’ 2B9E1E3000000578-3208541-image-a-5_1440400909889The pair and their longtime friend Mr Sadler, subdued the gunman as he moved through the train with an assault rifle strapped to his bare chest. Mr Norman, an IT expert, then jumped in to help tie him up. The ceremony was held as the first heroic passenger who wrestled a machine gun from Ayoub El-Khazzani on the high-speed train was today revealed to be American professor Mark Moogalian (right).

Had I been dropping my daughter off to the ‘Old Dominion University’ in Norfolk that day – there would have been much snarling and gnashing of teeth, followed by the spilling of claret…  No need to guess which set of parents would be the proudest of their son’s activities!    Yours_Aye.

The silent service – ‘We Come Unseen’

750px-Royal_Navy_Submariner's_Dolphin_Badge_MOD_45155740Youngsters don’t want to serve on Royal Navy submarines because they can’t log on to Facebook while under the waves. The Royal Navy is struggling to recruit young people as they are no longer willing to tolerate the isolation of underwater life. 

It’s part of a wider trend that has seen all the armed forces struggling to meet recruitment targets as the social media generation expect more from their employers.480px-HMS_Ambush

HMS Ambush of the Astute Class.  Hunter killer Submarine 

The news has emerged as part of research by PA Consulting which has been trying to help the Royal Navy tackle its staff shortages.

Methinks the cub reporter has grabbed the s****y end of the tosh & piffle stick! Young matelots have to undergo a minimum of 3 to 5 years ‘skimmer’ sea service – and be of good character (undetected crime) before they are even considered for the ‘Silent Service.’  Severe cut backs on pay – and manpower cut to the bone (leading to promotion through dead man’s shoes) are just two of the reasons concerning the shortage of ‘sun dodger’ volunteers. Recruiting is also down within Britain’s Armed Forces due to the governments piss poor pay scales.      Yours_Aye.

Eternal curse and damnation…

Damnation and an eternal  curse on the ‘electrickery’ company – who fail my remote humble abode each and every time a thunderstorm looms. Last eve when the storm rolled in I knew it would be a case of; “Lights out – pipes out.” Fortunately I had sufficient candles as it was too hot to flash up the tilley lamps, which is a good thing – quaffing Port in the company of flickering candle light has a wondrous calming effect. Disco legs at 04:00hrs in complete darkness is not something I would recommend, especially when sleeping dogs lie – underfoot. Yours_Aye.

US heroes avert atrocity.

Crew on Paris-bound train ‘barricaded themselves in their staffroom and locked the door as Kalashnikov-wielding terrorist went on the rampage – leaving PASSENGERS to take him down’ The Moroccan terrorist was disarmed and beaten unconscious by US servicemen and a British man after he opened fire on a Paris-bound train with a Kalashnikov. Now, French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who was on board the Thalys train during the attack has slammed train staff who he claims locked themselves in an office away from the attacker and refused to help the trapped passengers.

Erawan; Bangkok; Thailand.

Heroes pictured from left to right: Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler who disarmed the gunman on a train at Arras, France. The terrorist was beaten unconscious by the US servicemen and a British man after he opened fire on a Paris-bound train

US airman Spencer Stone,  spotted the 26-year-old Moroccan acting suspiciously and heard him trying to load his weapon in the toilet compartment. He was travelling with Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos, 22, who was on leave and travelling through Europe at the time after returning from a tour in Afghanistan. With the help of their friend Anthony Sadler, from Pittsburg, California, and fellow passenger British IT consultant Chris Norman, they managed to wrestle the attacker to the ground, stopping what could have been a deadly terrorist attack. Crew on Paris bound train barricaded themselves in their staff room and locked the door as Kalishnikov wielding terrorist attempted attack – that was thwarted by brave US heroes when they took him down and then rendered him unconscious.

Three brave young men are a credit to their country, as well as the Armed Forces. Without a doubt their direct intervention averted an atrocity.  Perhaps now the train and railroad systems around Europe will be forced to provide armed undercover ‘Marshals’ to protect the public.   Yours_Aye.

Green Berets & PC madness

Decorated Green Beret is kicked out of U.S. Special Forces after ‘shoving’ Afghan police commander who ‘raped boy, 12, and beat up his mother when she reported the crime’2B8D460700000578-0-image-a-23_1440162832444

Sergeant Charles Martland, 33, was serving in Afghanistan’s war-torn Kunduz Province in 2011 when he apparently learned an Afghan police commander he had trained had raped a boy. He and his team leader, Daniel Quinn, confronted Officer Abdul Rahman – who had also allegedly beaten the 12-year-old’s mother for reporting the sexual assault – and ‘shoved him to the ground’.

Despite Rahman walking away only bruised, Martland and Quinn were disciplined. The Army halted their mission, placed them in temporary jobs and then, finally, sent them home. Now, Martland has been ‘involuntary discharged’ from the Special Forces for unspecified reasons – sparking outrage among some Army officials and even a Congressman.

There has been well over a thousand registered sexual pedophilia assaults conducted by individuals and groups from the Afghan police/military – with an estimated several thousand un-registered deviant crimes left off the books. Sergeant Charles Martland should have pushed Rahman under a passing truck. The politically correct REMF’s who pulled the pin on Charles Martland and Daniel Quinn should have been thrown under a passing convoy of trucks. BAH! Yours_Aye.

Trump ‘cruz-ing’ ahead?

Is Trump looking for a vice-president? He talks to Cruz – and ex-aide is seen with Ben Carson’s right-hand man.2B86FC0F00000578-3204988-image-a-1_1440087179560 Two of his 2016 competitors come to mind for the position; Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Trump’s campaign said he has ‘cordial’ relationships with both men based on ‘mutual respect.’

All I’m doing is feeding the rumour mill, and fanning the flames slightly…  Hillary who?   Yours-Aye.

The old socialist disease…

2AA0971B00000578-3204464-image-m-10_1440059159521Co-operative Bank nearly trebles its losses and warns it will still be in the red this time next year and beyond. The troubled Co-Operative Bank has posted big losses in the first six months of this year and warned that will remain in the red until 2017. 07B7D68200000514-3192849-image-a-31_1439282576586 


Disgraced: Investigations are continuing into key figures in the crisis, including former bank chairman Paul Flowers ‘the rent boy addicted crystal Methodist

It posted a loss of £204.2million, against a loss of £77million in the same period in 2014. The figures come after a damning official report last week found the Co-operative Bank misled investors and kept regulators in the dark as it came close to collapse. The Cooperative nearly collapsed two years ago after a £1,5 billion black hole was discovered in its balance sheet.Food-store-300px

The socialist Labour Party is a membership organisation consisting of Constituency Labour Parties, affiliated trade unions, socialist societies and the Co-operative Party, with which it has an electoral agreement.

The old socialist disease of gross mismanagement, and then running out of other people’s money. ‘Quelle surprise?’ I wouldn’t cross the threshold of any Co-operative – I would rather use wet moss to make tea, rather that purchase a box from one of their stores.  Yours_Aye.

The hardest day – 18th August 1940

A fly past to honour the few: Eighteen Spitfire’s and six Hurricane’s take to the skies again on the ‘hardest day’ of the war against Hitler. The aircraft whizzed through the air over Sussex in memory of all those who lost their lives throughout the summer fight to stop the Nazis from invading the British shores.2B77D3EE00000578-3202341-image-a-16_1439915601586

August 18 marks exactly three-quarters of a century to the day since Biggin Hill in Bromley, south London, and other South East military bases were targeted by the German Luftwaffe. Just 600 RAF and Fleet Air Arm air crew managed to fly 927 sorties in an effort to stop 2,200 Germans who flew 850 missions on August 18, 1940.

This afternoon I received a call from my long time ‘oppo’ who simply said; “Listen!” – Which I did, just as the distinct roar of Rolls-Royce Merlin engines tore overhead. Followed by; “Guess where I am? – Before I could answer he purposely cut me off! Stirring stuff though, and it did brighten up my day.    Yours_Aye.

If you’re going through hell-keep going

20110916-20110916-L1001494-500x794A ROYAL Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan said he had to “beg, borrow and steal” to get the care he needed. Mark Ormrod said having to plead with charities for money had caused more distress than the physical injuries he suffered – after stepping on an improvised explosive device in Helmand on Christmas Eve 2007

His account is detailed in a report written by Jon White, a former Royal Marines Captain, which has urged ministers to overhaul the way the NHS and Ministry of Defence care for injured veterans.article-2097195-119C1E44000005DC-649_634x337

Mr White, 32, who is also a triple amputee after stepping on a device in Afghanistan, has called for NHS funding to be transferred to the MoD. That would allow the most severely injured veterans to have prosthetic limbs fitted at a world-leading clinic in the United States. Mr Ormrod, 31, was the UK’s first triple amputee from Afghanistan after losing his legs and his right arm. Had to raise £140,000 for artificial limbs to be fitted at the Hanger Clinic in Oklahoma City.

After giving your all for Queen and Country – having to beg for help is the ultimate insult to injury. The bean counters within the NHS and the MOD couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. The Prime Minister as well as the Secretary of State for Health should both drop their heads in abject shame. Yours_Aye


Stockton Police Department criticized for ‘excessive’ 600-round volley of bullets that left hostage dead in bank robbery shootout. The 600 shots police fired at the chaotic end to a California bank robbery that claimed the life of a hostage were excessive, with some officers only firing their weapons because other officers were shooting, according to a report released Monday.2B7337C500000578-0-image-a-21_1439855985288The report by the nonprofit Police Foundation also found some Stockton police officers opened fire with their colleagues standing right in front of them, and said a lack of planning was partly to blame for the unnecessary shooting.orDB2dlJ ‘In reviewing dispatch tapes and in response to interviews, the review team determined there was no planned response for when the suspect vehicle stopped,’ the report concluded.

‘INDEPENDENT REPORT FINDS FAULT WITH CALIFORNIA COPS IN SHOOTOUT DEATH.’ Dear Gawd – that is stating the bloody obvious!!!   Yours_Aye. 

Shia-Sunni tension-as old as the stars

Centuries-old schism began in blood and the old wounds refuse to heal

By Faisal Hanif. THE TIMES Friday August 14th

The Shia-Sunni debate is far older than anything remotely comparable in western history. The original schism concerned the question of who would succeed the Prophet Muhammad in 632AD. A majority opted for Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, his companion and closest associate, who became the first caliph, or head of the Muslim community. A smaller group chose Ali ibn-Talib, the son-in-law of the Prophet. This minority became known as the “Shia”, or followers of Ali. Their descendants make up 10 to 15 per cent of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.

In Britain there are about 3 million Muslims. An estimated 2.3 million are Sunni, while about 300,000 are Shia, according to conservative estimates – 5 per cent of the Islamic population. The remainder identify with other minority Muslim groups.

The original disagreement descended into civil war during the reign of Ali ibn-Talib, who finally ascended to become the fourth caliph in 656AD. He was attacked and wounded while praying in the Great Mosque of Kufa in Iraq, dying two days later. His son, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, would meet a more brutal fate on the plains around the Iraqi city of Karbala in 680AD. Hussain ibn-Ali was beheaded after he refused to pledge allegiance to the later caliph.

The killers of both father and son were from a group called the khawarij. Many scholars from Sunni and Shia traditions consider them precursors to the modern-day jihadist groups including al-Qaeda and Islamic State. Shia Muslims view those terrorist groups as an inevitable side-effect of the dogmatism of Sunni Islam, which has given rise to the ultra-strict Wahhabi doctrine prevalent across Saudi Arabia.

Shia Islam elevated the Prophet’s family, his daughter Fatima and son-in-law Ali ibn-Talib to sacred status. Sunni Islam also holds the Prophet’s family in high esteem but differs significantly through its reverence for all the companions of the Prophet, including the first two caliphs and their families, whom many Shia reject.

In comparison with the religious wars of Europe, Shia and Sunni Muslims have enjoyed cordial relations in the past, at least on the surface. They co-existed and grew side by side down the centuries. The splits that emerged had as much to do with political power as religious difference, however, and tension has never been far below the surface.

Sunni Islam kept khawarij ideology in check until the rise of Wahhabi Islam in the 18th century and the establishment of its political power base within the modern Saudi state in the 20th century. Saudi petro-dollars have helped to finance – and influence – Sunni literature, mosques and madrassas across the world, including the UK, and have had a major effect on the thinking of ordinary Muslims. According to the American Pew Research Centre, 40 per cent of Sunnis believe that the Shia are not proper Muslims.

From the modern-day bastion of Iran, which has led the Shia world since the 1979 revolution, to Damascus and Beirut, Shia Muslims have united to counter what they see as Sunni aggression. With the establishment of modern nation states, Shia have formed majorities in several countries including Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Bahrain. Lebanon is more than a quarter Shia and sizeable communities exist in Pakistan, Yemen, Kuwait and Afghanistan, among others.

Sunni Islam, meanwhile, has come to dominate most of the Gulf Arab states. From Turkey in the west to Indonesia and Malaysia in the east, it is also the predominant branch of Islam in the Indian subcontinent and Africa. END:

The article was taken from THE TIMES, which was part of a larger piece covering sectarian tensions within the Muslim community. Divisions within such communities are common throughout the UK, which has led to hate crimes in the shape of abuse, violence, and ‘hate’ graffiti appearing on mosques of either faction. Though we are ‘led to believe’ that such hate crime is low! ‘The divisions are increasingly reflected on university campuses where Sunnis run Islamic societies, and Shia students set up their own societies.’ And now you are aware of the same, as it is rarely reported within the media… Yours_Aye.