Lunatics running the asylum

Biden Flubs Boston Bombing Tribute by KEITH KOFFLER on APRIL 16 2014 11:05 AM 

President Obama Tuesday passed the Boston Marathon memorializing duties to Vice President Biden who, typically, screwed it up.Brainless Joe!Brainless Idiot Joe Biden Tells Boston Bombing Survivors “It Was Worth It?”     

“To those quote ‘survivors.’ My God, you have survived and you have soared. It was worth it, I mean this sincerely, just to hear each of you speak. You are truly, truly inspiring. I have never heard anything so beautiful as what all of you just said.”

It was worth it? What is he even trying to say? I assume he didn’t mean their suffering was worth it. Please God, make that not be the case, even if it’s just a mental mixup. He was probably trying to relate that the victims’ remarks made it worth it for him to come to Boston. But really? Was it some kind of imposition And why is Biden heading up the White House commemoration of this event in the first place? Where’s Obama? Holding a personal moment of silence. Maybe Joe begged for the job because he wanted to show Democratic primary voters what a healer he can be. In that case, it wasn’t worth it.?Obama-moment-silence-e1397656611218

I watched Biden speak live and my toes curled up under my feet, the man is an absolute blithering idiot… Several days ago the White House ‘warned’ Russia against further military action in the Ukraine, and then announced that “US Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Kiev on April 22 to demonstrate high-level US support. Dear Gawd, which lunatic is really running the White House asylum?             Yours Aye

WWI ambulance train

article-2605886-1D23FC4500000578-322_964x450Poignant archive pictures show the ambulance trains that transported soldiers wounded on the Western Front back to hospitals across Britain during the First World War. With their pristine white sheets, carefully-arranged tea cups and attentive teams of young nurses, the ambulance trains which brought injured Tommies back from the front could not have been further from the horrors of war the men had lived through. The insides of the specially-adapted train coaches were often the first taste of home the wounded soldiers experienced as they made their way back to Britain after months spent fighting in the trenches.  ’A cup of tea from a nurse was often the first treatment a soldier got as he headed back to Britain.’       Click on pics to enlarge.article-2605886-1D23AE5400000578-997_964x664These remarkable images of the First World War ambulance trains are now to form part of a new exhibition at York’s National Railway Museum in November. The photos show the trains which brought soldiers back from the battlefield to the French ports of Calais and Bologne, where they were transferred onto boats before being taken, again by train, to hospitals throughout Britain. But, as the exhibition will reveal, the images contrast with some reports from the time. War poet Robert Grave described his journey in one of the carriages as a ‘nightmare’ in his war memoir, Goodbye to All That and a nurse documented their ‘frightful smells and dirt’.      From Hell to Heaven. article-2605886-1D23D5B300000578-536_964x657As the numbers of those injured in battle rose, so the trains became more important and were upgraded and expanded during the conflict, leading the same nurse to later comment they had become ‘a joy after the tragedy’ for those unfortunate enough to need them. The exhibition, marking the centenary of the War this year, will feature a series of images, sketches and personal accounts of the vital role of the railways during it and other conflicts.       More Here: Poignant archive pictures show the ambulance trainarticle-2605886-1D23B10D00000578-970_964x680Even though I am not a ‘train-spotter,’ the National Railway Museum in York is always worth a visit any time of the year. I will probably pop in around November for a look-see at the exhibition, which is just one of many commemorating the 100 year anniversary of WWI.            Yours Aye.

Welcome to ‘easy street’ UK.

fml-Sinead Clarkson1.jpgMother-of-two who has never worked encouraged her daughter to get pregnant so she could get a council house and have an ‘easy life on benefits’ Mother-of-two Sinead Clarkson, 36, has been claiming benefits for the last 20 years and currently receives £1,200-pounds a month in state handouts. Ms Clarkson, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, has now admitted she encouraged her 19-year-old daughter Melissa (bottom right), who fell pregnant six months ago, to have a baby so she can do the same.

More Here: Mother-of-two who has never worked encouraged her daughter to get pregnant so she too could claim full government benefits 

The gnashing and grinding of teeth you can hear is coming from my location – it isn’t Nipper doing so! As a single pregnant parent this young girl will automatically go to the top of the council waiting list for a home, which will be two bed-roomed when granted that will also entitle her to further benefits such as funding towards a cooker and carpets; her rent will also be ‘heavily’ subsidised by the tax paying public. No wonder we have immigrants and EU citizens queuing up to get in. For Gawd’s sake bring forth the referendum soon and pull up the draw bridge on the English Channel!             Yours Aye.

Brampton phantom tyre slasher

The quaint old market town of Brampton (Est 700) is a pleasant quiet place to visit when walking around the hills and dales surrounding Carlisle, close to the West coast of Cumbria. Sadly over the past six months there have been reports of vandalism in the shape of yob’s slashing car tyres.      A place I have frequented often…bmm75For some owners it was a case of repeated slow punctures. Others awoke in the morning to find their tyres completely flat. Then Cumbria Police got the ‘lead’ they were looking for; after spending six months and countless hours studying CCTV in a bid to identify the series of attacks they identified the ‘vandal.’ Step forward Jess the border collie, who was named and shamed as the phantom tyre slasher, & embarrassed owner Edward Morgan.article-2605738-1D25877000000578-918_636x423Tyre vandal who blighted street for SIX MONTHS unmasked as border collie dog after it was caught savaging cars on CCTV

Poor Jess must have been ‘dog tyred’ after such exercise each day for six months (heh-heh!) ;-)             Yours Aye.

Ergonomics of a standing desk

A genuine question to those of you perusing this post. Are you aware of anyone who uses a ‘standing-desk’ from which they operate their PC’s or work stations from? Perhaps you are a user with first hand experience? Is it a passing trend, a designer ‘must have,’ or just plain ergonomic common sense? Of interest; the best bar height is at least six inches higher than that recommended in the graphic below, of which I have no problem with for hours on end (until it comes to leaving the pub at closing time!)stand-up-desk-alignment This afternoon on a local radio station an ‘ergonomic expert’ mentioned that “medical research has been building up for a while, suggesting constant sitting is harming our health potentially causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes!” He went on further to state that standing whilst working is far better for posture when using a PC or work station, though the concept requires a short period of adjustment.22basics-web-articleLarge Unfortunately; just recently I have been so caught up with an online project that quite often a pair of hours whizz by unknowingly, which has resulted in lower back pain and aching shoulders that then requires a good stretching exercise to rectify the problem (followed by a good walk and a pot of tea.) Tomorrow it is my intention to put together a ‘Heath Robinson’ system to test out the ‘ergonomic experts’ theory. In the mean time I would appreciate any valuable input over the pros and cons of standing-over-sitting whilst tickling the ivory’s on the keyboard.             Yours Aye.

13-year-old eagle huntress

A 13-year-old eagle huntress in Mongolia. A photographer who snapped what could be the world’s only girl hunting with a golden eagle says watching her work was an amazing sight.  By William Kremer: BBC World Service       ‘Click all pics to enlarge’_74244199_72Photographer Asher Svidensky says, “Most children are a little intimidated by golden eagles. Kazakh boys in western Mongolia start learning how to use the huge birds to hunt for foxes and hares at the age of 13, when the eagles sit heavily on their undeveloped arms.” Svidensky, a photographer and travel writer, shot five boys learning the skill, he also photographed Ashol-Pan. “To see her with the eagle was amazing,” he recalls. “She was a lot more comfortable with it, a lot more powerful, and a lot more at ease._74151933_82The Kazakhs of the Altai mountain range in western Mongolia are the only people that hunt with golden eagles, and today there are around 400 practising falconer’s. Ashol-Pan, the daughter of a particularly celebrated hunter, may well be the country’s only apprentice huntress. They hunt in winter, when the temperatures can drop to -40C (-40F). A hunt begins with days of trekking on horseback through snow to a mountain or ridge giving an excellent view of prey for miles around. Hunters generally work in teams. After a fox is spotted, riders charge towards it to flush it into the open, and an eagle is released. If the eagle fails to make a kill, another is released._74151931_76The skill of hunting with eagles, Svidensky says, lies in harnessing an unpredictable force of nature. “You don’t really control the eagle. You can try to make her hunt an animal, and then it’s a matter of nature. What will the eagle do? Will she make it? How will you get her back afterwards?” The eagles are not bred in captivity, but taken from nests at a young age. Female eaglets are chosen since they grow to a larger size; a large adult might be as heavy as seven kilos, with a wingspan of over 230cm (7′ 6″.)_74151935_84After years of service, on a spring morning, a hunter releases his mature eagle a final time, leaving a butchered sheep on the mountain as a farewell present. “That’s how the Kazakh eagle hunters make sure that the eagles go back to nature and have their own strong newborns, for the sake of future generations”, Svidensky says. He describes Ashol-Pan as a smiling, sweet and shy girl. His photographs of her engaging in what has been a male activity for around 2,000 years say something about Mongolia in the 21st Century._74245694_horse_976“The generation that will decide what will happen with every tradition that Mongolia contains is this generation,” says Svidensky, who showed Ashol-Pan’s family the photographs on his laptop. “Everything there is going to change and is going to be redefined – and the possibilities are amazing.”_74245692_family_976_74152805_compositeAnd I thought my childhood was great when I nurtured injured barn owls and a kestrel! Yours Aye.

Lady Apostle; Nigerian ‘witch-hunter!’

A Nigerian ‘witch-hunter’ who claims any child who cries is a ‘servant of Satan’ could be banned from the UK following calls to Home Secretary Theresa May that she is a risk to youngsters. Campaigners are urging for Helen Ukpabio, known as ‘Lady Apostle’, to be deported and banned from returning to the UK on the grounds her preaches are harmful to the public. The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher, who founded the controversial African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Nigeria, is thought to currently be in the UK. Nigerian fraudster Helen Ukpabio, known as ‘Lady Apostle’, to be deported and banned from returning to the UKarticle-2604932-1D207B6800000578-664_634x413It understood she flew into London where she has been holding a number of church services to promote her belief in witchcraft and offer help to those ‘under threat’ from the wizardry. A poster advertising one of Ms Ukpabio’s most recent talks – which was cancelled after the venue was leaked online – claims to offer help to people who are under ‘witchcraft attack, ancestral spirit attack or mermaid spirit attack’ and claims to help ‘disconnect’ them. However, campaigners have warned her controversial views are dangerous to children – including the belief that ‘if a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan’.helen-ukpabio-witches-on-the-runThe Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN), the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) have now written to the Home Secretary in an attempt to get Ms Ukpabio deported under the Immigration Act 1971 – on the grounds her presence here is not conducive to the public good. In a letter to Ms May, the campaigners warn: ‘Whilst the Government has moved swiftly to block entry to the UK for Islamic preachers whose presence is considered as harmful to the public good, there have been no cases of Christian pastors facing such measures.’ Home Secretary The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Home Secretary

The groups are hoping the pastor will be banned from returning to the UK once she has completed her final tour. Gary Foxcroft, of the WHRIN said Ms Ukpabio was one of a number of preachers who regularly travelled to the UK. He told the Independent: ‘The fundamental problem is that churches need to be regulated. Anyone can set up a church tomorrow in their own garden shed with no commitment to child protection or making their accounts transparent or any theological training.’ Bob Churchill, of the IHEU, also told the newspaper: ‘It is important that the UK authorities send a message to the world that branding children, or anyone, as a witch is beyond the pale.’

Nigerian; Witchcraft; Multiple ministries; Money in the bank; Con woman: Fraud! Aided and abetted by gullible Africans now residing in Western civilised countries who still believe in such ‘tosh!’ It makes my blood boil to think this woman and her followers have not been returned back to their countries of origin. I recall only too well the following, as well as several incidents similar to such practices here in the UK. Torso found in Thames identified. Five-year-old ‘victim of voodoo ritual.’ Disgusting ignorant animals. Yours Aye.


‘Lady Apostle’ Helen Ukpabio is the founder of the controversial African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Cross River State, Nigeria. The Christian fundamentalist and a Biblical literalist founded the church in 1992 and now claims to have 150 branches worldwide. With its headquarters in Calabar in Southern Nigeria, the Liberty Gospel Church has grown to be a witch-hunting church with branches in Nigeria and overseas. Ms Ukpabio founded the church to fulfil her ‘mission’ of delivering people from witchcraft attack and organises deliverance sessions where she identifies and exorcises people, mainly children, of witchcraft. The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher claims to have the power to identify and exorcise ‘witch children’ who are possessed by the devil.  She uses her sermons to incite hatred, intolerance and persecution of alleged witches and wizards. Her supporters, of which there are many in West Africa, believe she is a servant of God who has helped eradicate spiritual ailments from humankind. Her beliefs – promoted through her publications (Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft), films (End of the Wicked) and sermons – fuel witchcraft accusations against children in the region. In some of the poorest parts of Nigeria, thousands of children are being blamed for catastrophes, death, famine and branded witches.

Heartbleed or Nosebleed; an unnecessary nuisance

Much has been said about the Heartbleed Bug over the past several days (much has been rescinded by the main stream media who tried their best to initiate international panic!) Find out about the sites that were affected by the Heartbleed Bug, as well as the sites that recommend password changes, and what information might have been vulnerable due to ‘Heartbleed.’ Click the pic to go large… A ‘Mellow Jihadi’ public information feature ;-) TopSitesAffectedByTheHeartbleedBug_5348764d6fee8_w1500

Monday Darwin Nominee…

article-0-1D1BF2E000000578-554_634x734He shouldn’t be ‘tattoo’ hard to find… Man with facial tattoos wanted by police for gun crimes. Detectives have launched a search for the unique-looking Antoine Petty, who is wanted in connection with gun crimes. But it seems however hard the 30-year-old tries to hide, he will not be too difficult to miss.  As mug shots released by police go, this tattoo-covered suspect certainly stands out from the crowd. The photo was released by Prince George’s County Police Department in Maryland in a bid for information on the whereabouts of the inked suspect.  A previous mugshot (below) released by Maryland Police shows Petty has had more artwork done since his last arrest (master of disguise?)article-2604251-1D1C857800000578-814_634x622

He is accused of stealing a gun from an acquaintance last week in Largo, Maryland. He has a number of patterns on his face, including a crucifix on his forehead, a balloon on his left cheek and a smiley face on the tip of his nose. The distinguishing features also include the word ‘destini’ on his chin, the letters ‘XWWH’ before his hair-line, and facial hair. Officers said: “Our detectives would like your help in finding this unique looking suspect. He’s wanted for stealing a gun from an acquaintance in Largo on April 7, 2014The suspect is identified as 30-year-old Antoine Petty. Petty is known to frequent the Largo and Forestville areas.” It is not yet known whether he has been located.

Words truly fail me…             Yours Aye.

Beware The Enemy Within…


enemy-within1*Probe into allegations of Muslim extremists forcing out head-teachers and governors is widened to 15 schools. article-2603720-1C1D179A00000578-4_634x445An investigation into Muslim extremists forcing moderate head-teachers and governors to quit their jobs has been widened to include 15 schools. Ofsted inspectors have been sent into the schools, all of which are in Birmingham, to carry out snap inspections. Hardline Muslims have been forcing out uncooperative school leaders so they can promote their radical agendas to students, and last month a document outlining their methods was handed to a Sunday newspaper. More HereProbe into allegations of Muslim extremists forcing out head-teachers and governors… ENDarticle-2603629-11779CD0000005DC-912_306x423

*Downing Street probe into controversial London council ‘over suspected links to Islamic extremists.’ An embattled London council is being probed over its links to Muslim extremists, a report reveals. Tower Hamlets council is already under investigation for alleged fraud after mayor Lutfur Rahman (left) doubled recommended funding to Bengali-run charities in an apparent attempt to buy favour. But now a leaked government report suggests  the mayor and his finance minister, Alibor Choudhury, (below) have links to Islamic extremist groups, including one seeking to set up a Sharia state in Europe. 

A document handed to The Sunday Telegraph says that three community centres owned by the council, or by their housing authority, were used for meetings of radical groups including al-Muhajiroun, the banned Islamist terrorist organisation founded by Omar Bakri Mohammed and Anjem Choudary. article-2603629-1D13B2C700000578-918_306x423A third was used by political hate group Hizb ut-Tahrir and ‘may still be’ in use, according to the report which was prepared for David Cameron in 2013. Another cause for concern is the council’s £2million of funding given to the East London Mosque, which previously held a telephone Q&A with al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, and the Osmani Trust, a Muslim-only youth group. 

More HereDowning Street probe into controversial London council ‘over suspected links to Islamic extremists’ END

6a01156fb0b420970c01a73d85b11c970d-800wi2*Muslim Brotherhood moves headquarters from London to Austria after Prime Minister David Cameron announces terror investigation. Controversial Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood is moving its headquarters from London to Austria in an apparent attempt to avoid an inquiry into its activities set up by the Prime Minister. The alleged terrorist outfit was expelled from Egypt following last year’s coup there. It recently opened a new international office above a disused kebab shop in Cricklewood, northwest London. But this weekend, sources said it had decided to transfer its base to Graz, Austria’s second city, after David Cameron announced a joint MI5 and MI6 investigation into its membership. The group is regarded as a terrorist organisation by Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Last month, Mr Cameron said that it was important to establish what the group’s beliefs were in terms of ‘extremism and violent extremism’. END

article-0-1D13AC1D00000578-380_634x431*Tony Blair’s religious charity’s ‘links to extremism’: Adviser is claimed to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tony Blair’s religious charity has links to an Islamic extremist group being investigated by MI5 and MI6, it has been alleged. It has been claimed that two Muslim leaders, who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, are advising The Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The organisation has been declared a terrorist group in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and could be banned in Britain, despite insisting they do not have links to extremist factions. He is said to have told a crowd of Kuwaitis protesting over Palestine: ‘Israel is an evil, and we can never live with evil,’ according to a news agency report in 2000. In 1995, it was reported in America that a Palestinian terrorist group wrote to him requesting funds. Another Islamic adviser to Mr Blair is Mustafa Ceric, a Bosnian Muslim cleric (below) who has made controversial statements about Islam in the Balkan states. The former Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina has been linked to the the global Muslim Brotherhood through his membership of the European Council for Fatwa and Research.reisu-l-ulema-dr-mustafa-ceric 

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch says Mr Blair’s links to the Brotherhood through the men threatened to overshadow the charity’s work. Steven Merley, a US investigator of extremist movements, who runs Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch, told The Sunday Telegraph: ‘Many groups don’t call themselves Muslim Brotherhood but they are linked to what I call the ‘Global Muslim Brotherhood’. ’These individuals have fooled a lot of politicians, like Blair, who should know better. The very presence of people like Shatti and Ceric in the same room as him is a judgment on Blair.’ The Muslim Brotherhood denies being an extremist organisation, and has asked Lord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions, to help defend them. It has even threatened legal action against people who try to restrict their activities. David Cameron has asked the British intelligence agencies to investigate the Islamic group, after they opened an international office about a disused kebab shop in Cricklewood, London. After news of the inquiry into the activities emerged, it was revealed the group is moving its headquarters from London to Austria.  A spokesman for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation told the paper they were ‘grateful’ for the work done by the pair and described them as ‘great supporters of the foundation’. The oragnisation said they were not aware of the men’s alleged links. END2F0PJQL5FK3E6_21LBQD3U_PL_P_LS

Just a gentle insight as to how Islamic Extremism filters itself from the wild crazy’s (‘rush order of 72 vestal virgins’) to the mild and meek gentle islamic folk, whose wish is to ‘inherit the earth’ on behalf of their faith. The same problem lies on both sides of the ‘pond’ as well as around Europe. Come the next and final Crusade…            Yours Aye.

‘Disarming The Warriors’

Disarming The Warriors
“We are de-fanging our military. What’s more, is that we are taking away their basic human rights to defend themselves, their Second Amendment rights to bear arms in their own self-defense, while asking them to volunteer to defend us. Moreover, we are choosing time and time again to deny them the mental health and veterans’ benefits, while giving more money to entitlements for other communities. Meanwhile, shootings on bases have occurred multiple times, and 22 people in our armed services commit suicide daily.”   ‘Disarming The Warriors.’ Afterburner with Bill Whittle…
Bill Whittle has a way of highlighting points of procedure, and stringing them together faultlessly. It is no wonder Obama’s socialist circus dislike him immensely.    Yours Aye.

Remnants of an Army “I am the Army!”

In January 1842 the British Army began its retreat from Kabul, following the killing of the two British representatives there. The nearest British garrison was in Jalalabad, 90 miles  away, and the army would need to go through mountain passes with the January snow hindering them. Under the command of Major-General William George Keith Elphinstone, 4,500 British and Indian soldiers plus 12,000 civilian camp followers including wives and children set out for Jalalabad on 6 January 1842, on the understanding that they had been offered safe passage. Afghan tribesmen intercepted them and proceeded to massacre them during the next seven days.          Click on each picture to enlarge.20120919225756!Last-standLast stand of the 44th at Gandamak, painted by William Barnes Wollen The final stand took place at Gandamak on the morning of 13 January 1842 in the snow. Twenty officers and forty-five British soldiers, mostly of the 44th Foot, found themselves surrounded on a hillock. The Afghans attempted to persuade the soldiers that they intended them no harm. Then the sniping began, followed by a series of rushes. Captain Souter wrapped the regimental colours around his body and was dragged into captivity, the Afghans thought he was a high-ranking officer mistakenly taking the yellow colours as general’s yellow waistcoat. The remainder were shot or cut down. Only six mounted officers escaped, of whom five were killed along the road. On the afternoon of 13 January 1842 the British troops in Jalalabad, watching for their comrades of the Kabul garrison, saw a single figure ride up to the town walls…The Remnants of an Army 1879 by Elizabeth Butler (Lady Butler) 1846-1933‘The remnants of an Army.’ An oil-on-canvas painting by Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Butler. It depicts William Brydon, Assistant Surgeon in the Bengal Army, arriving at the gates of Jalalabad in January 1842. The walls of Jalalabad loom over a desolate plain and riders from the garrison gallop from the gate to reach the solitary figure bringing the first word of the fate of the “Army of Afghanistan.” Supposedly Brydon was the last survivor of the approximately 16,000 soldiers and camp followers from the 1842 retreat from Kabul in the First Anglo-Afghan War, and is shown toiling the last few miles to safety on an exhausted and dying horse. In fact a few other stragglers from the Army eventually arrived, and larger numbers were eventually released or rescued after spending time as captives of Afghan forces.

 William Brydon, was asked upon arrival what happened to the army, to which he answered “I am the army”. Although part of his skull had been sheared off by a sword, he ultimately survived because he had insulated his hat against the cold with a periodical magazine, which deflected the blow. Brydon later published a memoir of the death march. The pony he rode was said to have lain down in a stable and never got up.660405

Brydon became widely, if inaccurately, famous for being the only survivor of the entire army. In fact, he was not the only European to survive the retreat; about 115 British officers, soldiers, wives and children were captured or taken as hostages and survived to be subsequently released. Nor was Brydon the only European to survive the trek from Kabul to Jalalabad without spending time in captivity; by Brydon’s own account a “Greek merchant”, a Mr Baness, also made it to Jalalabad, arriving two days after Brydon but surviving for only one day. In addition a small number of Indian sepoys reached Jalalabad on foot over the subsequent weeks. ‘Surgeon Major’ William Brydon CB,  Circa 1864 

300px-General_William_ElphinstoneThere is obviously a lot more to the First and Second British Afghan Wars that provides a staggering and lengthy read; a wealth of information taken from intelligence and political reports, as well as daily military reports running into their hundreds of thousands.

Sadly such information is rendered useless when stored away by Government scribes, and ignored by  arrogant ‘past their sell by date’ Generals. In this case the leadership of Major-General William Elphinstone (right) is seen as a notorious example of how the ineptitude and indecisiveness of a senior officer could compromise the morale and effectiveness of a whole army (though already much depleted). Elphinstone completely failed to lead his soldiers, but fatally exerted enough authority to prevent any of his officers from exercising proper command in his place. My main reason for posting was to place the print images of the paintings relating to the monumental cock-up, with a simple brief to follow on.        Yours Aye.

‘When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains 
An’ go to your ‘Gawd’ like a soldier.’

Rudyard Kipling: The Young British Soldier

British soldier re-writes Kipling poem in damning attack on conditions 2009


A Non 24 Hypnic Jerk!


I will admit to being a ‘Non 24 Hypnic Jerk’ type sleeper that also suffers from ‘Canine Sleep Depravation’ (not listed above!)  However; I guarantee that not so much as a nose twitch shall come from Nipper tomorrow morning, in fact I will be amazed if he even stirs before 08:00 hrs due to todays epic walk ;-)      Yours Aye.    

UPDATE: Sunday 13th April 2014 arrrgggHHHHH! I must have walked the wrong dog yesterday; either that or Nipper has a twin? (I may well tie an old ‘JCB’ tyre to his harness and see if that wears him down as we bimble around the fields today) ;-)  

Chinese Boxer Rebel’s storming the walls

The Nipper alarm went off at ‘O-crack-sparrow-fart’ this morning, which is very early indeed. In fact as early morning alarms go it is classed as earlier than ‘O-daft-O-clock,’ the latter of which beats nature’s dawn chorus by a full 30 minutes. As it was Nipper that stirred and growled (& not Joss and Hannah) I put it down to his inexperience in life and all things country-wise, after all he is still a ‘young-un’ experiencing is his first British Summer Time. Had it been a growl from the old and bold fearless Joss, followed up by Hannah’s wailing and gnashing of teeth, I may well have mustered the enthusiasm to crawl out from the depths of my bed and taken a look-see. Royal Marine Light Infantry-Circa 1901-PekingA05921Having turned over I went back to fighting the hordes of Chinese boxer rebels as they stormed the walls of the British delegation; the blame of which I put down to eating cheddar cheese toasties while watching the movie ’55 Days at Peking’ the evening before!


Just as I parried a blow away from the boxer rebel’s bladed pole-arm, I shifted my body weight forward ready to ‘run me bayonet’ through the side of his chest. The low growling Nipper alarm sounded for the second time, which dragged my floating grey matter away from Peking’s bloody carnage back into the real world. Still no back up from the wiser canines as I lay motionless listening for the slightest noise (wondering about the boxer rebel who had almost been dispatched to meet his mystical spirit), according to my bedside time piece it was now ‘O-daft-O-clock.’ 

Nipper had succeeded in his attempt to bugger up my morning as I was wide awake and required a strong cuppa-char; it was time to put the kettle on and scan the outside area for the cause of his concern. First stop being the upstairs office for my ‘grab and run’ clothes that are positioned there to stop me charging around the building naked (in case of fire-or intruder.) The ‘young-un’ followed me cautiously as I entered the room, he was again growling lightly and walked toward the huge window in slow motion, cocking his head from side to side frowning as he did so. His manner put me on edge, that also pushed me to quickly jump into my rig of the day, boots and all. Only then did I gently tweak the blinds a tiny crack to peek outside to observe the cause of his agitation.  Click to enlargeFrench Partridge There before me in the field stood atop the tree logs were a pair of ‘alectoris rufa,’ or ‘deux perdrix français’ or even ‘two red legged french partridge!’ Nipper must have been blessed with a submariner’s acoustic hearing at birth, because Joss and Hannah were still pushing out zzzZZZ’s, whilst the cheeky french couple had been helping themselves to the wild bird seed in the garden (at the same time depriving an Englishman of his sleep.) I took the photograph and then spooked them both into flight-much to the annoyance of Nipper whose tail was wagging for England. His wish was to get out and play on the logs with his new-found gaily coloured Gaelic feathered friends. My wish was for a pot of tea and a bacon sandwich, and a manufacturer who makes ear defenders for young canines… Harrumph!            Yours Aye.

“Hallelujah” Father Kelly…

maxresdefaultRoman Catholic Priest’s Amazing Surprise That Stunned a Wedding and Left the Bride in Tears.

SonLight Music Ministry had just finished what sounded like a beautiful rendition of “Be Thou My Vision” when Father Ray Kelly again took the mic at the wedding of Chris and Leah O’Kane. But instead of closing the ceremony as planned, the priest unleashed a big surprise for the couple that’s destined for the pantheon of wedding viral videos.sonlight ministry

It’s not a joke or a slip-up, but a performance of epic proportions. A backing track mysteriously begins and Father Kelly launches into a rewritten version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” customized just for the new married couple. And this priest has pipes, belting out the melody with ease and even raising the key a whole step.

By the end, the stunned bride is left in tears while members of the audience offer a standing ovation. Father Ray Kelly’s sweet and skillful gesture certainly deserved it. Watch the video clip here: Big surprise for Bride and Groom Chris and Leah O’Kane… 

B.Z. Padre, you certainly made their day special …            Yours Aye.

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