‘Pigeon creates shock and awe’

The early morning ‘canine ablution’ perambulation was a mighty quick one this day, as the first deep frost of the year came as a shock to the system. It was quite obvious from their breakneck speed that each canine sought the warmth of their winter beds – from whence they came. I was more than happy to comply with their speedy exit as it was well below freezing… Fifteen minutes later I was sitting at my desk slurping scalding hot tea ‘Obama style’ (laid back in my ‘ezee’ chair with feet perched upon the desk) where I was joined by Nipper, who jumped onto the window ledge to follow my gaze outdoors. All appeared well with the world; unfortunately my view of the large wood-pigeon flying towards the window was fully obstructed by Nipper, who in turn was eyeing up a rabbit below.DSC_0030Under normal circumstances this type of heavy feathered bomber would veer off and avoid the triple glazing of my humble abode – ‘it being the only humble abode for miles around.’ But this morning’s inbound ‘Columba palumbus’ must have suffered an onboard processor malfunction, as it crashed bang-smack into the window – a classic Looney Tune collision! Which prompted Nipper to leap off the window ledge in shock, where he continued a wall of death charge around the office and promptly landed atop my chest. I in turn emptied the full cup of tea onto my lap – then also leapt up in shock to sprint around the office – dropping my jeans around my ankles en-route (whilst wailing like a screaming banshee.) Shuffling ‘at the double’ towards the shower, I quickly tore the hose from off the shower head and sprinkled down my nether regions. The effect was immediate, cooling, and blissful… 

‘Columba palumbus’ survived the impact and tarried a while, it continued with its flight program ten minutes later. Just another morning of shock and awe in East Yorkshire… Yours Aye.

‘Come on lads-I’m bulletproof-follow me!’

Medal ‘victory’ for forgotten Falklands hero as government U-turn paves the way for Paratrooper to receive top gallantry award. Corporal Stewart McLaughlin, 27, who was killed leading British Paratroopers during the Battle of Mount Longdon in June 1982, was denied a bravery award after commanders lost his handwritten citation. The recommendation was written just hours after Cpl McLaughlin’s death on the mountain overlooking the capital Port Stanley where British Paras took key enemy positions.1416697445751_Image_galleryImage_Corporal_Stewart_McLaughlCpl McLaughlin’s citation described how he had ‘fought like a demon’ and inspired young Paras in his section by charging towards enemy machine-gun fire shouting: ‘Come on lads, I’m bulletproof, follow me!’

If ever a man was worthy of a posthumous medal for bravery it was Corporal Stewart McLaughlin – 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. Justice at long last. Yours Aye.

Phylis L. Doyle-Special Operations Executive

pippa-doyle.jpgFormer British wartime Operative, 93, is finally recognised for her part in liberating France from Nazi occupation after decades spent keeping her wartime service a secret.  ‘A former British wartime ‘Operative’ will this week be recognised for her part in liberating France from Nazi occupation – 70 years after she was parachuted behind enemy lines.’
gallery (1).jpeg

As a 23-year-old member of the Special Operations Executive (SEO) – Phyllis Latour Doyle spent years gathering information on German positions and risked her life to send 135 coded messages back to Britain before the country’s 1944 liberation. For decades, the 93-year-old kept her heroic actions secret – only telling her four children about her wartime service 15 years ago. On May 2 1944, the young woman, then 23, parachuted out of a United States Air Force bomber over Nazi-occupied Normandy – ready once again to put months of specialist training into action. Now identified by the codename Paulette, she assumed the identity of a poor teenage French girl to make the Germans less suspicious.

A hearty B.Z. Phyllis Latour Doyle, wear your medals with pride for you truly earned them. Yours Aye.

Who Dares Wins ~ By Strength And Guile

SAS/SBS quad bike squads kill up to 8 jihadis each day, as allies prepare to wipe IS off the map: Daring raids by UK Special Forces leave 200 enemy dead in just four weeks.     Stock pictures used are not SF…article-2845668-2369450F00000578-441_964x424SAS/SBS troops with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns have killed hundreds of Islamic State extremists in a series of deadly quad-bike ambushes inside Iraq, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Defence sources indicated last night that soldiers from the elite fighting unit have eliminated ‘up to eight terrorists per day’ in the daring raids, carried out during the past four weeks. Until now, it had been acknowledged only that Special Forces were operating in a reconnaissance role in Iraq and were not involved in combat. But The Mail on Sunday has learned that small groups of SF are being dropped into IS territory in RAF Chinook helicopters – to take on the enemy.

Take it with a pinch of salt, pepper, sugar, or even snuff… But they have been in their mixing it up for quite a while now (as are their brothers in arms from across the pond, as well as the boys divided by the Tasman Sea.) Always go to bed with a smile on your face; unless you’re an ISIS/ISIL/IS call sign…      Yours Aye.

Ozzy Pawsbourne the Prince of Barkness

2360197200000578-0-image-15_1416590743804An English bulldog in Upstate New York is ‘pawsitively’ living up to his rock star name, quickly becoming the viral video of the week after enjoying a ride in a swing set at a park in Kingston. The pet of a die-hard Black Sabbath fan, ‘Ozzy Pawsbourne the Prince of Barkness’ almost looks to be smiling in the funny footage of him swinging. However owner Jesse Citron admitted to having reservations in making the clip public, fearing a possible animal cruelty backlash. His daughter Sophie, 5 (pictured), is the biggest fan of the video, Citron said…_39285441_ozzy_ap203  ‘Pawsitively’ hilarious: English Bulldog named ‘Ozzy Pawsbourne the Prince of Barkness’ enjoys a ride in a swing! 

The ‘real’ English ‘Ozzy’ right – minus a huge amount of brain cells…      Yours Aye.

Brigadier Rupert T. H. Jones MBE The Rifles

CBE son of Falklands hero Paratrooper Colonel ‘H’ Jones says father would be ‘proud’ Brigadier Rupert Jones pays tribute to his father as he is made a Commander of the British Empire for services in Afghanistan. Original story By Keith Perry The Telegraph_Rupert-Jones_3114253bThe son of Falklands war hero, Colonel H Jones said his father would have been “exceptionally proud” of the achievements of those who served in Afghanistan. Brigadier Rupert Jones paid tribute to his father as he was made a Commander of the British Empire for services in Afghanistan, where he led British troops in 2012. The Prince of Wales bestowed the honour on the serving officer during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Brig Jones said afterwards: “It’s a great privilege, of course. (Prince Charles) said what a good job the British forces have been doing in Afghanistan, and we had a conversation about the prospects of the country for the future. ‘At the end of our combat operations, I think what we can say is we’ve given the Afghans an opportunity. The country is transformed. And I think that’s all we can do: it’s up the Afghans how they use that opportunity. ‘Colonel ‘H’ Jones who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Crossarticle-0-000378B200000258-382_306x423 

Brigadier Jones said he believed his father, Lieutenant Colonel Herbert ‘H’ Jones VC of The Parachute Regiment “would be very proud”. “I think – in many ways much more importantly – his generation, those that served in the Falklands, would just be exceptionally proud of the successes of those who served in Afghanistan,” he said. Brig Jones was just 13-years-old when his father died during a one-man charge on an Argentine trench in the Battle of Goose Green in 1982, for which he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. 

He has spoken previously of the comparison with his father, declaring: “I have always said if I wanted to avoid the connection I should have become a bank manager.” Colonel Jones was 42 when he was cut down by enemy fire while commanding 2 Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. His valour helped inspire his troops to victory in the offensive on the Argentine stronghold. His son joined the Army eight years later but he has insisted he always knew he was going to sign up. “I was shaped by my father while he was alive,” he has said. “I was always going to join the Army and I don’t even remember making the decision to join – it was always going to happen,” he once said. He trained at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst before serving with his father’s former regiment, the ‘Devonshire and Dorset Regiment.’

I lost a few good friends around the same time in different actions, they too were buried in the same communal grave as ‘H’ Jones. One day soon I hope to travel back to the Falkland Islands and pay my respects… “C’est la guerre” – “Ce est la vie”      Yours Aye.

Always look on the bright side of life

Why thousands Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life: Monty Python tune is new favourite song to be played at funerals.1416540447061_Image_galleryImage_Paul_Hennessy00012_jpgBritain’s baby boomers are choosing to face the final curtain with a laugh with Monty Python’s irreverent hit Always Look on the Bright Side of Life topping the charts as the most popular funeral song. The tongue-in-cheek ‘ditty’ poking fun at death has replaced Frank Sinatra’s My Way as the most popular song played at funerals – the first time the song has been toppled from the number one spot since 2002.  The song, written by Eric Idle, was taken from the controversial 1979 film The Life of Brian

‘Always look on the bright side of life.’
Always look on the light side of life.
If life seems jolly rotten,
There’s something you’ve forgotten,
And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you’re feeling in the dumps,
Don’t be silly chumps.
Just purse your lips and whistle. That’s the thing.
Always look on the bright side of life.
Always look on the right side of life,
For life is quite absurd
And death’s the final word.
You must always face the curtain with a bow.
Forget about your sin.
Give the audience a grin.
Enjoy it. It’s your last chance, anyhow.
Always look on the bright side of death,
Just before you draw your terminal breath.
Life’s a piece of shit,
When you look at it.
Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke. It’s true.
You’ll see it’s all a show.
Keep ‘em laughing as you go.
Just remember that the last laugh is on you.
Always look on the bright side of life.

There are far worse things happen at sea…      Yours Aye.

Emperor Obama announces amnesty

‘You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law': Obama announces amnesty for millions of ‘anchor baby’ parents and illegal immigrant children – as long as they’ve been in US for five years2358C7EA00000578-0-image-25_1416533339065

* Obama addressed the nation to outline a new executive order that will allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the country
* New plan has enraged Republicans who say he lacks the constitutional authority to pick and choose which to deport
* Illegal immigrants can’t apply for months and no one who arrived after January 1, 2010 is eligible
* President acknowledges that it’s a temporary fix and demands help from Congress to make it permanent
* Anyone who takes advantage of the program will have to pass criminal and national security background checks, pay their taxes, pay a fee and prove their eligibility
* Two Republican aides complained about an ‘amnesty’ for people who came to the US illegally and then had children here – calling their children ‘anchor babies’ 
Obama announces amnesty for millions of ‘anchor baby’ parents and illegal immigrant children – as long as they’ve been in US for five years

Sounds like a real ‘pot-mess’ to me, but I’ll wait for you good people to comment… However; If Prime Minister Cameron announced a similar deal over the EU, he would be gone by Monday morning, and his party voted out of power in May 2015.      Yours Aye.235F473200000578-2844238-image-2_1416585232919

“We will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country,” John Boehner said on Friday during a press conference, in which he accused Obama of “damaging the presidency” and “turning a deaf ear to the people he was elected to serve.”

Police Dog Saves Officers Life

Police Dog Saves Officers Life
The driver of the suspect vehicle steps out as instructed when the Deputy observes the butt of a gun the driver is trying to get out from his waistline. The passenger door opens and the second suspect steps out into dead ground armed with a length of pipe, which is when the Deputy hits his remote door release for his K9 partner to engage the second suspect. 

Without instruction the K9 deploys from the police car and takes on the threatening passenger taking him down just before the suspect hits the deputy from behind – at the same time the Deputy engages and shoots the first suspect as he pulls the gun from his waistband. The Deputy observes the K9 attack, and then returns to the incapacitated driver and removes the gun from his hand and tosses it away, before going back and securing the second suspect.

I have said it often; there are good and bad Police Officers, the ‘good ones’ far outshine the bad, and also outnumber them on a higher ratio. Fortunately this good guy had a bloody good K9 backing him up – a canine B.Z. for K9…      Yours Aye.

‘America sneezes Britain gets a cold’

It has always been said ‘when America sneezes Britain gets a cold': UK to freeze NEXT WEEK as temperatures drop to -7C. WINTER 2014 is on track to be the coldest for more than a CENTURY with Britain just weeks away from a crippling ARCTIC FREEZE.ap956328495462_86103_990x742

A wintry scene from Buffalo where 8 feet of snow fell in 3 days…

Forecasters have in the past few hours rallied to warn a freeze is now ALMOST CERTAIN with snow blizzards, arctic gales, and record low temperatures just around the corner. After weeks of speculation they now agree a major and potentially unprecedented whiteout capable of crippling Britain for four months could arrive in just TEN DAYS. 

Airports and local authorities are being urged to prepare as the mercury threatens to plunge to -7C next week. Even the currently mild south is braced for chaos with widespread ice and frost on the cards from Monday when thermometers are set to plummet by an almost unheard of 24C in 72 hours. The UK forecast comes as the US experiences one of the coldest freezes in a number of years. Temperatures in all fifty US states dipped below freezing as the unseasonably cold blast of weather moved across the country, while heavy snow prompted a state of emergency in New York.bushmills-black-bush-main_image-250

Blast and Damnation – a curse on that global warming ‘thingymebob!’ Fortunately I have a bottle of Bushmills’ Black Bush Irish Whiskey at hand for such occasions, and what better remedy than that of a hot toddy ‘cough – cough – sniffle – n – wheeze’   Yours Aye.

2 ‘good’ shot’s of Bushmills’ Irish Whisky; 3 ‘average’ shots of piping hot water; 1/2 tablespoon of honey; the juice of one lemon; 3 cloves; and 3 thin slices of ginger. Purely medicinal and to be taken at regular intervals throughout the day until the symptoms clear.

POINT TO NOTE: If bruises appear on the knees, elbows, and chin – then cut back slightly on the Whisky! ;-)

‘Asian’ sexual exploitation gang named

Fury at police bid to protect ‘Asian’ grooming gang: Officers said naming them would have breached human rights!  It is ‘alleged’ that the individuals named are from the Pakistani community… Picture by Mark Richards-Birmingham City Council start a civil case against alleged Asian groomers.The men from Birmingham –  Naseem Khan, 30, Mohammed Javed, 33, Allam Shah, 36, and Mohammed Anjam, 31, Omar Ahmed, 27, and Sajid Hussain, 40 – have been banned from approaching any girl under the age of 18 after the High Court heard three of them were found in hotel with girl, who was in council care at the time. The landmark ruling was made despite police not having enough evidence to convict them of a crime. Yet despite the men being named and shamed police refuse to release their photos – to protect their families. One of the men said the proceedings were ‘racist’ as he left court today…Picture by Mark Richards-Birmingham City Council start a civil case against alleged Asian groomers.

Named and shamed: Six ‘Asian’ men receive an injunction from the High Court for sexually exploiting vulnerable teenage girl

B.Z. to Birmingham city council for putting the care needs of vulnerable children, ahead of these animals.

The furore now from some quarters is for the ‘violation of rights, for the men involved’. They forfeited those rights when they went about their depraved, despicable campaign of abusing vulnerable children…      Yours Aye.

Vile Julien Blanc ‘Blanked’

Vile ‘pick-up coach’ Julien Blanc is BANNED from the UK after 136,000 sign petition calling on him to be refused a visa for British ‘seduction’ seminar.1416184217189_wps_62_julien_blancVile ‘pick-up coach’ Julien Blanc is BANNED from visiting the UK  158,000 people signed the petition seeking his ban – the number grows by the hour. A vote for decency and common sense. Pity the poor fools who have been paying £1,200 for a ticket to attend his seminars worldwide (pity them my arse! I have not got one drop of sympathy for the bloody fools.) I’d still like to meet Blanc, just to shake hands with his windpipe…

Yours Aye. PREVIOUS POST: julian-blanc-creepy-odious-shit

British socialist students are revolting

234C5B4100000578-0-image-65_1416411377248Police clash with student protestors as thousands march on Parliament Square and Tory party headquarters in anger over tuition fees and graduate debt.234C5C1700000578-2841077-image-112_1416414308288Police clash with student protestors as thousands march on Parliament Square

A picture paints a thousand words… Just read the left wing placards above!    Yours Aye.

I think (biscuit) therefore I am!

02ADE36C00000514-2839710-image-2_1416337858740Eating biscuits and cakes could damage your memory – regardless of your age?

Healthy people who ate the most products containing trans fats – found in some processed foods – had worse scores in a word memory test, say University of California, San Diego researchers.thinking1

“Cogito, ergo sum.”

<—— “Buccellatum comedam buccellam panis, et ego iustus!”

I was going to type a humorous dit; but sadly it’s slipped my mind? Time for a pot of tea and a couple of McVitie’s digestive biscuits I think…      

Yours Aye.